• Ok so I m probably being boring now

    Ok, so I'm probably being boring now.

    But I learnt from my last mistake.

    What's in the box ?

    • Butt plug

    • You callin me an a**ehole ?

    • Just arrived. Wonder what it could be? ;)

    • A pair of slippers and a pipe ?

    • black mamba!

    • The snake or the exotic latex ?

    • More exotic power tool haha

    • Anyway Karl, this is my game. Start your own

    • Brake levers

    • I'm like a kid at Christmas, can't wait.

      Already said a big thanks to Claus Kaspersen, for the advice. But when it's good advice and works, it's worth a second mention.

    • As well as stronger it is painted all over too. Mine looks rough

    • Looks sweet.

    • Nice I was going to say starter your such. A bad influence Kevin

    • Rampant Rabbit?

    • Not a clue what you're sayin Paul, but I'd like a pint of what you're drinkin

    • google it lol

    • Just did ..... Lmao

      Does it come in black ?

    • Looks sweet and it's the nuts.

      Anyone who gets a BBK and has trouble starting up ..... Highly recommend this.

    • Nah only regular-sized.

    • I can't believe how light it is!

    • Could we call it featherlite ?