Ok so I m riding my CT70 w Lifan 125 this morning and I look down to adjust...

Ok, so I'm riding my CT70 (w/Lifan 125) this morning and I look down (to adjust the choke) and saw that the screw holding the flimsy choke handle on had come unscrewed...a lot. I look back at the road for a couple of seconds and when I looked down again to try to put it back, it had already come off.

Are these carbs that come with these Lifan motors just complete junk or what? Do I have to go through every single screw on the thing and put non-permanent lok-tite on everything to keep this stuff from happening? Anyone know what size screw that was that I need to replace? And where to buy another choke handle? Or maybe save up for a carb that isn't a piece of garbage??

I am beyond angry right now...

  • Ok, well I got it from T-bolt, so........

  • I believe, factually, Honda is one of the most dependable products made.

  • Agreed. But that doesn't mean other products can't be incredibly dependable as well.

  • True

  • The majority of Hondas that I have purchased all had motors that needed repair. I don't like when people use the phrase that Honda motors are bullet proof...they're not...nothing is...Honda makes a great motor...Lifan makes a great motor...if Honda offered motors for sale they would cost 3x the amount of a Lifan...Lifans are affordable and reliable...I have had no problems with mine...many vintage Hondas are back on the road thanks to Lifan motors...to say Lifans are junk is ridiculous

  • I have had good luck with Sheng Wey carbs...jets are available...easy to adjust...sensibly priced

  • Get a mukuni and dont look back.

  • Any idea which model fits the Lifan 125cc? I'm not sure what the intake size is on it...

  • A vm22, vm24, or vm26 would work. The smaller ones will be easier to get dialed in when tuning. I'm not sure if the flange-type carb will bolt to your intake... a new intake may be in order as well. I'm running a spigot mount vm26 carb and intake myself; on my lifan 140.

    I went through more headaches with the clone carb than I care to admit. It's worth the effort.

  • Ok, well it looks like that's the best solution...I was eventually going to have to change out the jets to get it running better at the top end...sounds like that will be a little easier with the Mikuni.

  • Thats a clone for sure. Expect to pay $80-100 for a real one. Unless you can find a used one.

  • Those Mikuni 22 clones are known to be good carbs and are actually authorized by Mikuni so not just some brand rip off. But not made in Japan like its higher priced brother.

  • Tuning the fuel screw on this carb can be real tricky. It's underneath and you have to put your hand dangerously close to the head (depending on where the intake is rotated.

    That said, when I had one, it was a good running carb.

  • Nut and bolt tightening is a regular maintenance i go through, saves grief out on the road.