Ok so this is my electrict shift motor I have had problems with my 2000 rancher...


Ok so this is my electrict shift motor I have had problems with my 2000 rancher 350 es once I start riding it and fire ting to higher speeds it stays in gear I have to turn it off and back on so I did some research on the Internet and seen that some people put some dielectric grease on there angle sensors so I tried that (no change)

So I did a little more looking and I seen that people cleaned There Elctrict shift motors as I did here it had ALOT of carbon on it so I went over the copper ring there with 600 grit sand paper and then 1000 grit and then polished it with some pollish (still no change)

So would that be the angle sensor bad ? I got into a little more detail in to the plugs and noticed the plug on the angle sensor (the one on the harness) and noticed one of the wires is skinned a litte bit so would that make effect on anything and what is wrong with my rancher ? Angle sensor ? Please help any help is greatly aprecheated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I'm not gonna say for sure but I've got a buddy who's replaced about 10 of those and it fixes it I would go ahead and replace it

  • Replace what ? The shift motor ? It shifts perfect it just gets stuck in gear from time to time

    Turn key off and back on and rock it and put it in neautrul I'm almost positive it's the angle sensor I'm gonna buy a new angle sensor and go from there

  • That's what I'm talking about it angle sensor.

  • Yeah I'm about to order one right now