Ok. something strange has been happening to my Rebel lately

Ok. something strange has been happening to my Rebel lately:

I turn the key, headlight on, and, when I push the start button I hear a "puff" and my battery is completely drained ( or so it seems).

I charge it, and the moment I try to start the bike, the same "Puff" followed by a completely discharged battery.

If I push-start the bike, the battery remains charged. When I ride, it seems like it will not charge, not even the horn will work, I come homeback with an empty battery.....but,( and here comes the really strange part):

Couple days ago I park it, dead battery, contact is on, head tail/light are turned on but (obviously) not lit, not one bit.

10 min later,all by itself: all is good! Headlight is bright, as well as the tail light, bike e-starts without hesitation, and so it has been for 2 days, untill this morning: Pushed the start button, I hear the dreaded "puff" and...we're dead again

Any idea on what the hell is going on?

  • Sounds like a sketchy connection somewhere. Check batery cables for tightness and corrosion.

  • whats the age of the battery? is it holding a charge?

  • 'bout a year old? It does hold charge

  • possible loose earth. one is to the rear engine casing the other is to the top frame rail under the tank as far as i know

  • Thank you so much, I'll check all those and hopefully that'll be it

  • have a feel round for a loose connection and give all your terminals a blast of wd 40 or something similar

  • Check underneath the ignition switch for corroded solder. I have had a similar issue with my 450 previously.. was a bitch to ID the fault.