• Ok thanks for all advice given I have now got sprag clutch out is there...

    Ok thanks for all advice given I have now got sprag clutch out is there anything I need to check befor putting new one in. Still praying this was the starting problem

    • Yes mate is there anything I can do to check it. I have turned the bike over and all cogs r spinning

    • They can crack. Inspect it very carefully.

    • Will do cheers

    • The sprag clutch is often not the problem.

      T he transfer gears can't be checked off the bike, but if you leave the old sprag clutch on, and try to start the bike with the alternator windings and cover off, you can just about see the starter motor and first gear rotating but the sprag clutch and crank stay still.

      If that happens, replace gear set.

    • I did that and it was turning the sprag half a turn then just spinning. U got me worried now spend money on sprag cause everyone I spoke to said it was that

    • Should have read up on my thread on starter problems on www.vtr1000.org in the workshop stickies....

      I have a spare set of transfer gears if you need, could post am tomorrow, unless you can collect from Sevenoaks or Clapham, SW London

    • Will not find out till tomoro when I put srag back on. But will let you no. How much. And r they easy to get out mate

    • Not easy but doable, it's on my thread as posted.

    • £30 posted

    • Will let ya no tomoro mate cheers