• Ok then boys and girls do your rides have NAMES

    Ok then boys and girls, do your rides have NAMES?

    Mines called NOBBY

    • My dad and other pals at work decided to nickname it 'the Gomm grom' as my last name is Gomm

    • Little Dragon

    • Mine is wee beastie.

    • Surprised how many different names you all got. Can see the boys that ride their bitches hard

    • Last owner said just before handing me the keys he called it Rick because of the registration, found it pretty funny so it stuck.

    • They're all dirty bitch

    • Anyone got a name for mine? The last letters of the plate are AOS

    • You gotta name.your own

    • Giftzwergli (swissgerman)

    • Bastard, ... as in "come on ya bastard" and "whats up with this Bastard".... lol