• Ok y all last night my wife s bike a 14 420 elec shift was goin through a...

    Ok y'all last night my wife's bike a 14' 420 elec shift was goin through a little mud and all of a sudden stopped motor would rev it sounded like gears would change but wouldn't move pulled it back to truck washed it off let it set a minute and now it goes again!!?? WTH

    • Jessie Cartlidge he said it revs, sounds like it could possibly be the wrong oil causing clutches to slip?

    • My 2010 did that same thing. Brian Kellem

    • Very could possibly be hunter. either that or a sensor telling the bike its in neutral.

    • Shift angle sensor maybe or maybe a bad connection on the battery?

    • That's what I was thinking with clutches plus cooling fan seemed to be kicking on a lot but if it's wrong oil it's dealer bcuz I had it's first service done at the dealer you could hear it sound like it's shifting into gear and I noticed when shifted it the tires looked like they would try to move but after that second nothing

    • Mine would shift gears but wouldnt actually go into gear. changed the solenoid and it works fine now

    • Oh ok yeah like I said I could hear it shift and once it cooled down n got hosed off it seemed to go fine

    • But it might not have fully engaged idk once the rain stops ima inspect a little deeper

    • My 2014 AT has gotten hung up in gears evert now and then. Usually rock it back and forth and switch it from auto to ES and it comes back. Guess it's just a honda thing

    • Shift angle sensor.