Okay guys and ladies for the boob bike I will be traveling all across...


Okay guys, (and ladies for the boob bike), I will be traveling all across Arkansas, parts of Texas, and Oklahoma not this week but next. We are going to little Sahara during spring break and we'll be staying in Tulsa. I have decided that my collection is way to large. I'm going to bring a 18" dove tail trailer full of bikes. Everything is for sale for the right price. Some would rather be sold than others of course. Along with that, I will sell any parts along the way or bring any parts bikes for sale. The bikes are as follows (kinda): (2) liquid cooled R's, (2 1/2) 350x's, all run. Complete air cooled R minus motor. Tons of extra air cooled parts. Complete and running 200e, 200es, 200x, custom autox, 250x, 185s, 125m. I have parts and complete non running bikes for 110, 125, 185, 200s,m,x, 90, 200e, and a few 350x parts such as frames and triple trees, ect. If you're looking for a specific item, message me or give me a call 1.870.612.4792. If you're looking to buy a bike running and ready to go I'd like to know so I can have it on the trailer.

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