Okay guys to anyone running El Diablo apes with Krator spiked 2 risers did...

Okay guys, to anyone running El Diablo apes with Krator spiked 2" risers, did anyone have a problem with them seating properly? Not sure if I forgot to order something or what, but I feel like I'll strip the threads if I tighten the bolts anymore. Risers are a little wobbly and won't close completely around the bars.

  • Stripped the threads in mine. Had to drill & retap for a larger diameter bolt.

  • I had the same risers and the same problem..

    Just get longer bolts.

  • I had a similar issue when i fitted my Z bars. A bit to much play at the risers even with the bolts tightened right up hard. Was told i needed new bushes.. New ones were from memory only available pressed onto new risers and a cost of about $200. i ended up achieving same result by placing a washer underneath where the bold goes in to space it out a bit. Worked perfectly good.

  • You sure you have 1" bars and 1" risers?

  • Yup. The bars are 1 and a half with a 1" mounting section, the risers are supposed to be 1". They aren't far off just enough to not seat properly.

  • I was just about to order this exact set up lol

  • I've seen a few guys who didn't have problems. I was gonna do the black, but I figured the coating would have raised the tolerances giving me the problem I'm having anyway lol

  • You get it solved let us know what you did

  • Will do! Should hopefully figure it out by tonight.

  • Dremel tool, and not being a pussy when you tighten it down haha took a little while, but the rounded step from the mounting portion to the the 1 and half was stopping the riser from closing. Rounded out the riser and it seats fine. Washers on bottom bolt sturdies them up.

  • Awesome man! Now I'll know what to do

  • Put thin little spacer made out of thin sheet metal around then then you will b ok

  • They are junk riser i just tossed mine