Okay I have a licensing choice to make


Okay I have a licensing choice to make

The situation at the moment is my CBT will run out ~1.5 months before I can do my A2 licence meaning I will have to sit my CBT again (not something I really want to do again) and it costs £110 at my local test centre which I would be pretty much just paying for a certificate and not get much out of it. Or should I do the A1 licence now on the MSX which with theory test mod 1 and 2 in total works out at £115.50 and have the A1 licence for life and not worry about having a valid CBT before sitting the A2 licence

What would you do?

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  • Jesus it got complicated. When I was young it was take your test at 17, 33hp til you're 19 then take the washers out.

    Or direct access if you were over 21 (25?).

    And that was considered complex by the previous generations. My dad just had to manage to not run over the examiner who jumped out in front of him with a clipboard.

  • Yes, Carrie, if you have a valid theory test (less than 2 years old) you can take A license. I have to redo my theory because it's been over 2 years since I passed the theory. It's so stupid.

  • I did a DAS 10 year ago, CBT, theroy, 3 days and test then ride what you want, my daughter will have to go through all this when she is 17 as i won't let her on a 50cc.

  • It is f'ing ridiculous Karl! I better do my big bike test soon then as there's no f'ing way I'm doing another theory test. Robbing bastards!

  • If I had taken my A1 test a couple of months earlier, my A1 license would have automatically upgraded to A after 2 years. But they changed the rules. :(

  • But back on point - good luck Tudor, sure it'll be a piece of piss anyway. When are you booked?

  • Tudor do what ever is chespest, if both are exactly the same then go with the one with the most gains

  • 27 June theory test Paul :) and yeah the whole systems so restrictive on people trying to get in just thinking about it by the time I am 21 I will have taken 3 theory tests, 3 mod 1's and 3 mod 2 tests crazy aint it?

  • It's absolutely ridiculous Tudor, my second CBT is next week. However best of luck!

  • From what you've said there for an extra £5 might as well go with the A1 even though you'll be doing your A2