• Okay not going to say who someone recently removed but I got a message

    Okay not going to say who, someone recently removed, but I got a message. I was told I was the smart ass of the group for posting some the stuff I have posted. Thought some the stuff I said was harsh and uncalled for. Felt I owe them a public apology along with the group.

    Well I got something to say Kiss My A--. I was asked to step in and admin this group and have tried to do my best. I look at each and everyone of your pages and decided you were legit. Yes I accidentally let in a few that dissapointed me so I tossed their Butts out. I will never sugar coat a thing to or for anyone anytime. I take my position seriously outbid respect for the man and group that asked me to do it. I can handle a few cuss words as I see us as adults.

    I will not tolerate any activity, nude post, harassing another, or anything else uncalled for. If you want a site to post your old lady naked or such ask and I will make a private one. It will not be here plain and simple. If you want to call me a Asswhole or Bastard you better put mister in front of it. I am a biker and can take it like a man. I will give respect to anyone who in my book earns it. I have become friends with alot of you. And many know my full story and how I have come to the attitude I have. I mean no insult to anyone unless there is a reason for it. If you don't approve of how I try to run this page then ask the main admin to remove me. He knows I have utmost respect for him and will step down if asked. Until that day I will do my best for all of you to keep a piece full atmosphere for all to enjoy.

    • and i'm canadian

    • Man we ain't talking about wiping it. Lol that is an accomplishment to be proud of. However my work has been in the Smithsonian, on the cover of numerous mags, and won numerous awards smart elleck. And when won't even go on how many nights it made me lucky hee hee.

    • https://www.facebook.com/group s/10886345366/ This one John M Nighthawk Smedley Jr.

    • Add me if you will sir. I will behave

    • I come with good references, and a pedigree LOL

    • Methinks you won't have any problems :)

    • Would i

    • Yes

    • Wait I would be a problem or wouldn't

    • Show your buttons and you would lol.