Okay read this article and tell me what is wrong with it Yamaha DID NOT create...

Okay, read this article and tell me what is wrong with it!!!! Yamaha DID NOT create the muscle cruiser! Honda did with the V65 Magna in 1983!

  • Back around 2006, our local dealer had a customer appreciation day with free crawfish, a bike show, and among other things, a dyno shootout. I wanted to see what my old big Sabre would do, so I entered it. Problem was, they only had four classes: Big and little sport bikes, and bike and little cruisers. They put mine in the big cruiser class. There was a guy there with a Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 that ran and ran his mouth about how bad ass his bike was and how it was going to kick everything else's butt in the shootout. I thought I might give him a good run for his money, but then a guy showed up with a new VMax that only had about 2000 miles on it. Then I was thinking I might be good for second place. I had mine dynoed and it put out 97.67hp. I figured the VMax was good for at least 20 more than that, but I kept my eye on the guy. As he was in line for the dyno, he wanted his bike to be good and warmed up, so he let it idle the whole time! Who am I to judge? Sure enough, he put out 95.xxhp, and I beat him, and won 1st place in the class! My daughter still has the trophy in her room. I know that VMax lost that hp from the heat soak of letting it idle so long, but I was still a very proud mofo. BTW, I went back to a period test in Cycle or one of the other mags, and that was almost exactly what they recorded on their dyno back in the 80s. And my big Sabre probably had 80K on it at the time. I"m still excited about it.

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  • Michael McDonald that ad sounds almost exactly like the review in the May 1982 edition for the '82 V45 Sabre. Basically saying it was badass, comfortable and innovative.

  • I worked with a guy who bought a Vmax. He knew I had a V65 Magna and wanted me to take his Vmax for a ride. I did. When I came back, he asked what I thought. I looked at him and said, "I am sorry, but I think the Magna is faster". he actually agreed with me and said, "yeah, that's what I was thinking too". He also rode a V65 before buying the Vmax. He bought the Vmax because it was newer.

  • And, if I recall correctly, the Vmax was yamaha's answer to the Magna. Remember?

  • then there is the madura,any comments on the suzuki?

  • I had a Madura- really liked it. Riding position was beautifully comfortable

  • The 1200. I had floorboards on it too... Aftermarket...

  • I was in a race between my V65, CX500 Turbo, and a Madura. That CX500 Turbo is quick!!!!!

  • Some bikes are really deceiving...a buddy of mine lent me his Suzuki RE5 Wankel back in the 70's...I cranked it up and took off down the street...after a minute or two I grabbed some throttle and got little in return. I thought this bike was a dog. Every few minutes I would crack it again. About the fourth time, the bike stood straight up on the back wheel. Scared me to death. I never heard a motor change or saw any difference in RPM's as far as being 'warmed up'.

    Needless to say I stopped playing around with it.