Okay so I have a question I bought my 99 arrow about 6 months ago and it had...

Okay so I have a question.. I bought my 99 arrow about 6 months ago and it had two little dents in the tank so what I'm wanting to know is, is it safe to fill with water and freeze it to take the dents out? Or what other options do I have?

  • Learned to accept that some dents are permanent installs

  • Ben...how on earth did that one even happen?

  • Love those chrome side covers. Wish I could find a set. I think they quit making them for the 99 aero though.

  • Tanks aren't double metal, the just require more push/pull power than a 12$ lifter can provide.

  • Previous owner knocked it over in the garage, I'm just going to weld-pull it and repaint the whole bike. I'm thinking of Orange with gold flake, and a "wet" black down the middle

  • Same thing happened with the previous owner of mine they dropped the bike and from the looks of it the handlebars put the dents in the tank. Thanks for the advice everbody I think I'm just going to get the whole tank redone. And possibly going with a different color theme for the whole bike I'm thinking green and white

  • This is an A.C.E, but love the white and green

  • I was messing around with editor and I was thinking more along the lines of this color

  • It's gonna be hard for motorists to say, "I didn't see him"

  • Joseph Reed, can you do that again with navy blue where the white is? LOL SEAHAWKS!