Okay so my bike died underwater yesterday got milky oil Changed it out twice...

Okay so my bike died underwater yesterday, got milky oil.. Changed it out twice so far but it won't start spark plug is getting fire seems like it's not getting fuel its a 2014 420 rancher.... Anyone know what's wrong with it???

  • Boats are for quitters Honda are the new submarines

  • Yeah you get a bigger audience around you on a wheeler ... hoping you sink your brand new ride so they can get a good laugh.

  • Buddy Miller this is back when I had my scubacon lol

  • I would have loved to see that lol

  • It was an experience lol trying not to drown and drive at the same time

  • Actually, no one laughed when it "sunk" in that hole. As a matter of fact, people actually help you get out of the hole. They know how much time and money is spent in some of these bikes.

  • You see, that's what it's about. Riding with your friends and meeting new ones along the way.

  • Yea people do all kinds of things with their friends our thing is sinkin 4wheelers lol

  • Been there done that. Used to go ride every other weekend , that was 10 years ago. Groups got bigger , ruts got deeper people wanted to go to the next deep hole and watch each other go through it. Kinda boring to me , then someone breaks something and ruins his ride as well as whoever had to help him. I bought my wheeler to ride and use , not to use as a boat to play in the water. OP wanted to know why his 2014 wheeler won't crank after he sunk it in deep water , on purpose no doubt , well it's not made to do that. Paying a note on a broke wheeler now.

  • The reason I avoid water filled while a lik wAter that fine but not a fan of water