Okay so my honda has just arrived and I ve had a go for a few hours but N seems...

Okay so my honda has just arrived and I've had a go for a few hours, but N seems to be hard to find and changing gears seems really clunky, is this me being a noob or is there need for concern?

  • Mine is slightly clunky and a bitch to get into neutral sometimes, but that's the bike and you get used to it, they didn't make the gearbox as smooth as they could have.

  • Welcome to the club officially too Dean Sidlow! Congratulations

  • Haha okay and thanks Jack Dempsey Osborne

  • Enjoy it

  • mine was clunky last week, oil change and chain adjust cured it.

  • It is worth using either the little manual that comes with bike under seat (or the full technicians service manual in PDF form in files tab at top of this page) to check some of the basics. Oil level (there's a right and a wrong way), clutch adjustment, chain tension etc. Dealers ARE NOT perfect.

  • Gavin Davies ad a mate come was the clutch just needed a tinker haha

  • Ooooo vee rubber

  • BTW, the 'ooooo vee rubber' is code for "those tyres are beyond shite, they're down right dangerous, change them for a set of premium tyres (such as Michelling City Grips) NOW, because you neck is worth so much more than the cost of getting a new set of tyres (about £80 for tyres, then fitting, often £20 a wheel)". Just thought I'd translate that for you. Really, they are dangerous.

  • Gavin Davies yea already got some on order, just waiting till i get paid this friday :)