• Omg


    • Fuck sake

    • Sold a zx9 one time and dude did the opposite. Launched it from under him in my driveway, then laid it down as he pulled out of my driveway lol

    • Whoops! Apparent this guy not cut out to be a biker! Mater any kind of driver/rider.. Stick to walking dude.. Maybe slower but hopefully you ll get there!!!

    • How the fuck did he pass his test

    • Lol I d like to know that too! Maybe not taken the test! Risking it.. Cos who ever passed him needs looking into!

    • Andy Barlow or he was drunk

    • Some people are just not able zo ride a bike. Better they crash it right away than making it into traffic

    • Lewis Bracey possibly..

    • Video????

    • Video? Wtf he just got it.

    • Jeremy Davis lol

    • he's probably getting another.

    • You gotta be shitting me..

    • I think he said next week. Gonna get a raven this time.

    • You not just another grom, even better a 50, preferably a bicycle...

    • Either raven r3 or matte black r3

    • Smdh