Omg I dunno what to do I m moving jobs so will need to commute now I m just...

Omg I dunno what to do. I'm moving jobs so will need to commute now. I'm just not sure whether I should sell the MSX and buy a bigger CC bike or just use the Grom as a commuter.

  • If the max speed on the roads is 50mph then you'll be fine. I'd only think of using a different bike if the roads were 60mph+ for a reasonable distance of my commute

  • I was commuting the grom about 88 mile round trip every day and the service intervals are just too small to warrant it. it was fine with the filtering and the sitting in the slow lane. but with a 2500 service interval you wrack them up so quickly its not worth it. I'd say keep the grom as your fun bike and get something cheap and in the 500 range to mile munch

  • The msx is the world's best commuter

  • MSX is great fun to ride but let's be honest there are more comfortable bikes to commute what is actually (25 miles each way) a decent distance on. I'd be wanting at least a 250 for that. They still get 80mpg and the slight inconvenience of bigger size will easily be outweighed by comfort.

  • I've managed 468 miles in a day on an msx and I could still walk when I got off

  • I can't really afford to do both. Has to be one or the other

  • A Honda sh 300 was a great commuter comfortable 85 mph and regularly got 90 mpg but dull as dish water my msx is the best commuter keep it rag it like I do everyday

  • I don't rag I treat her like a lady ;)

  • I treat mine like a high end escort I get my money's worth

  • But then things will get saggy. Holes will get bigger more money will be spent and then you'll be like. Was it worth it. :)

  • I commute on my grom 40 miles a day...its perfect..better than my gixxer 1000 for commuting

  • Keep the Grom I was doing 30 mile each way daily commute I miss the little Hondas fuel economy

  • That new Forza is a great commuter but expensive.I have a customer who does a 50 miler a day road trip and prefers it to his 600 cc

  • I think the Grom is more fun must be rubbish for new riders now to have ride a 300 . So glad when I passed my test the 400 imports were the bikes to have