• Omg I have rode my new 2015 grom 140 miles in total and I can t stand the seat

    Omg I have rode my new 2015 grom 140 miles in total and I can't stand the seat. My ass gets numb and it hurts.....wtf can I do to fix this without buying an expensive after market seat.

    It sucks so bad I do want to ride it anymore. If you have the same issue, if and what did you do to fix this. Thanks in advanced

    • You'll get used to it.

    • If you was gonna go for a seat option I have a Noi seat, it's no improvement soft wise but because of the shape of the seat it's makes it a lot better but the Corbin seats are the best but you will pay a lot, I'm gonna get a seat cover to go with my aftermarket seat

    • I've herd mix feelings about Corbin seats. Some like em and some say it's a waste of money

    • Oh really, well I've never actually tried the Corbin seats tbh I was just going on word of mouth lol

    • Firstly remove the strap. That often digs in your arse and makes it worse. Takagawa seat cover makes a small amount of difference for not much money.

    • Thanks for the opinion and another option

    • Gary is right. I ride 50 Miles everyday. I barely even notice it. Sit a bit further forward.

    • Yeah the first thing I did was remove that strap, I've tried sitting in every position but it still hurts. Yesterday I went 60 miles and it killed me, my tail bone is still sore

    • I was the same at the start. Couldn't go 50miles without being sore. Now I can go all day and I've no issues.

    • So everybody agrees that your ass gets used to it... Riiiiight

    • I put flatter bars on which throws more weight over the front and stop the pressure on ya bum works for me

    • I used 2 hate my seat but soon got used to it after about 1k miles or so do around 400 miles aweek

    • Take ur seat cover off, shave down the hard edges with a sheet rock knife and drill a bunch of holes in the foam with a small drill bit to allow the foam to give. I shit u not world of difference

    • Worth a try

    • I did it to my original seat and it was great, sent my seat off to be professionally re done and regret that. Was better the way I did it

    • Haha often the way

    • Awesome I'll give it a try