On my way to motorcycle class today

On my way to motorcycle class today

  • You can ride it like you stole it on those 250 bikes and no one would notice any difference haha

  • That's true Lance .. tried to pop a wheelie in my class .. instructor was NOT impressed ..

  • So far so good! I made it through the first day!

  • GA rider.

    The class is two days from 8am -6pm. Most of the first day was on the bikes (mostly 250cc). They focus on skills development through the use of road drills. Turning, emergency stopping, curves, safety, etc. Basically all the individual skills you need to ride a bike. Then they start putting them together. Day 2 is the next level of basic skills. Classroom instruction is a couple of hours.

    The book they use is:The Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course. You can download it for your iPad, PC or Android in PDF. It will also upload to Kindle.

  • Who's your instructor? I took mine in GA and I had Sigerfoose and Theresa.

  • Don & Steve in Conyers

  • Ok, I haven't met them.

  • I passed the class! Licensing on Tuesday.

  • congrats skye

  • Thanks, Ronnie Goodluck! And thanks to everyone for the good thoughts. Really fun!