On takegawa uk site BBK 143cc vs BBK 181cc hyper s which once is better im...

On takegawa uk site - BBK 143cc vs BBK 181cc hyper s!, which once is better im looking for top end speed but ive heard mixed opinions about both

  • 143 does not really effect top speed, only really a torque increase. If you want top speed increase you want the 181

  • cheers! 181 it is, also any idea about the chain and sprockets above? ^

  • 181 kit doesn't increase the top speed either you'll have to change gearing for that

  • Yeah bbk with gearing changes obviously ^

  • By gearing changes do you mean sprocket sizes or the kit that give you 5up?

  • Sprocket changes

  • Get your chain from Ben Harman. He's got chain and sprockets in stock I believe

  • Both will help but you need other changes to improve, speak to Karl Waldron he to me is Mr Grom!

  • 5up is that like 7up but diet

  • Cheers

  • Gavin Robinson

  • Standard chain is 420 pitch / 106 links

  • Ryan Carter the gear box I get you now , final ratio on the box is same as stock

    4speed one they do has better final ratio

    But easier and cheaper to change sprockets

  • Gavin Robinson ahhh this is all making sense now :) cheers

  • Jack Dempsey is the 428 conversion better than a stock chain

  • Yeah 428 upgrade is a thicker chain so less adjustment. But it's a bigger heavier chain so you might notice power loss. Get a heavy duty DID and look after it and it should be OK. I'm still on 420 after 29k miles of all weather riding

  • Jack Dempsey alright will look into it thanks

  • My 181 with big throttle body is slower than my 143 and is getting changed back to a 143 so I may even have a 2nd kit available

  • What did you run when it was a 143 Karl Waldron

  • 143 kit 2015 ecu DNA filter big taki air box snorkel 35t rear sprocket

  • I can dust a dt 125 from the get off with my 181 and he can't keep up on stock I hit 72

  • I have the 181 fitted and I just love the torque it has don't need more top speed as you'd of already left what ever was behind you at the lights

  • So what sprockets do you run on 181 ? And i may be wrong but someone said you need bigger exhaust header i believe ? Something to do with pressure

  • I didn't fit my 181 till my Yoshimura rs2 came for that reason you need your engine to breath better , I'm running Stock gearing till I get a speedo healer then I can play with sprockets , but I'm happy with all the torque plus don't need extra top speed till weather is better

    Plus I've fitted a kitaco clutch cove to reduce weight off the crank

  • Gavin Robinson brilliant thank you - im looking into saving up for this stuff , cant afford bigger bike with price insurance around here

  • Bike bike has cost me more in mods than another bike would of but I'd definitely do it all again

  • haha id love to get another bike im sure its cheaper but being 18 years old its certainly not !

  • You bought the wrong bike if you want to go fast