On the 1998 shadow 1100 how do these bikes charge At idle or do you have to...


On the 1998 shadow 1100 how do these bikes charge. At idle or do you have to cruise the bike to get them to charge the system

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  • Idle

  • Ok thanks, we rode all day yesterday start and stop different places go to start the bike up to put away battery would not crank over had to jump it battery is 2 months old a AGM battery I know Honda system are not the greatest at charging fast

  • It Could be the stator not charging possibly...

  • Kevin Doyle I will have to check that ohm test it and see

  • If you were riding and stopping, it should have been charged up.

  • Kevin Doyle one thing I did do at the last stop left the led fog lights on and it started right up maybe it didn't charge all the way

  • Maybe a bad connection somewhere

    Sometimes working and sometimes not...

  • Idle check the three yellow wire plug connnection under the seat. If the wires or connector look brown and crispy solder all three wires together. Will be the best fix youll ever make. Even if they are not burnt do it anyway. Its a common cause of problems on the honda shadow line.

  • Really all 3 wires what does that do

  • The three wires carry AC voltage... think house electricity to regulator/rectifier which converts it to DC voltage that charges the battery. Due to vibration and heat, elecrricity current, generates heat, the metal part of the plugs loosen and arc, spark, and begin to burn. Over time the wires, plastic and plugs get brittle and fail. I had 1 of my three yellow wires break away and when i pushed on it to check it checked good. When i put it all bavk together and rode it became bad and wouldn't charge. First check would be to use a volt meter across the battery while running volt should be 13v DC or better at idle when you rev up to 2500 or better it should be over 14v DC. If its not then go hunting the wires. If it is good in that range, then maybe you have a weak battery, low on water or bad cell in the battery that wont charge.


  • Carl Chiaramonte that was my 1st move tonight check the battery while running I have a AGM battery there is no fluid to check if I have to connect the yellow wires together I know there are three off the stator is there 3 or 2 off the harnessed does the stator wires tie into the regulator

  • Yes. Three wires from the stator to the connector from the connector to the regulator

  • Carl Chiaramonte connect to make one wire

  • NO. Remove the wires from the 2 white connectors and elim the connector yellow to yellow. Still 3 wires just no connectors.

  • Carl Chiaramonte ok so 3 individual yellow wires

  • Yes. Seperate the connector, open the connector. Then clip one wire from one side and one from the other. Solder them together and protect. Do that 2 more times. You will have 3 individual wires with no connector. Dont worry there is plenty of wire to work with. It maybe easier to work and tuck away with the battery out. While your doing the repair remove the battery and recharge it. Then reinstall and check voltages. Bike. Off battery should be in 12.2 12.6. Running at idle 13.0 ish.off idle should be up close to 14

  • Carl Chiaramonte ok cool thanks

  • Mine killed batteries . I changed the regulator and now is perfect plenty battery power

  • Thanks Carl Chiaramonte that is the problem all fixed

  • Boot cover

  • Glad i could help. Were you able to solder them?

  • Now on my 97 shadow i put in yamaha f1 reg rectifier. 5 wires only. Power to battery, a ground and 3 black wires that go to the three yellows. This thing charges 13.9 at idle and 14.3 off idle consistently. Its an awesome piece. I also slowly changed all lighting to LED to lighten the load on the system.

  • Yeah I let my father do it I would have made a mess

  • Iam not going that crazy I just run a lil amp and speakers I looks like it's been going on for some time

  • I got it fixed it was the stator and reg plug

  • Yeah youd be surprised how much current those little amps need. But youll slowly do it. We all have a need to tinker and make it different and better. Im getting ready to change handlebars again. Lol.

  • Learn from him. I am a mechanic by trade but learned 90%of my early career from my father too. Learn learn learn. You will save a ton of money.

  • Carl Chiaramonte I do a lot of the work my self Iam 35 I work and paint on cars and bikes and maintenance dad wanted to jump in and get dirty lol here is my other kid 67 beetle was my great grandmother I painted in 2001

  • Sweet...shouldve sent you my tins...but i have a guy too...

  • Carl Chiaramonte long shot pipes v&h

  • Not sure i got it with the bike. 2nd owner. I think they are mac pipes.

  • Carl Chiaramonte are u running baffles

  • Sort of...lol...theres no packing left in there. All it is is a metal sleeve with louvers cut in them

  • I never run that packing shit last 100 miles I copied the OG baffles and just drilled 4 rows of holes all the way down the pipe it's sounds great

  • This is nice to know...