One question guys i changed my oil yesterday and with 3 liters oil level seems...

One question guys ... i changed my oil yesterday and with 3 liters oil level seems full but the manual says 3.5 liters with oil filter change ... i took it for a small ride in order for the oil to circulate inside and then measured it after a few minutes ... should i trust the oil level ??

  • Same for me , 3L

  • You must check oil without stand!!!

  • Unless you shake the bike a bit and lean it, some always stays in; did you swop the filter as well?

  • Yes filter as well

  • Τα λαδια τα κοιτας με η χωρις στηριχτιρι;Χωρις πρεπει να παταει ξατω στα ισια για να το δεις.

  • Στο ορθιο σταντ ... σε ισιο επιπεδο βεβαια ..

  • Le niveau se fait sur la béquille latérale non ??

  • Le vélo doit être complètement niveau lorsque vous vérifiez le niveau d'huile. (Google Translate: my apologies: I don't speak French :-) )

  • Si tu mets 3,6L sur la béquille latéral tu es au niveau max

  • Oil capacity is usually quoted for a "dry" (no oil in it at all) engine. Misleading really.

  • D'où l' utilité de laisser couler une nuit entière et de souffler dans l' orifice de remplissage

  • I've always found that it the level drops after a few rides and I just keep an eye on it and top up accordingly

  • I think this is the most correct solution ... Always refill after checking

  • & make sure you re-check level 1st thing in morning when engine is stone cold & not been started since day before.

  • Οχι χωρις σταντ

  • Θα τσεκαρω ξανα χωρις σταντ ... παντως οι πιο πολλοι 3 λιτρα βαζουν

  • esta perfecto , asi

  • will be OK, just check level before each ride. Text book is theory. Depends on the level before you changed it & how much you managed to actually drain!