• one thing i miss about my old bayou is the articulating axle these ranchers are...

    one thing i miss about my old bayou is the articulating axle, these ranchers are strictly up and down, no flex whatsoever. really limits traction a lot.

    • Its fun watching my little brothers 220 on the trailer compared to 3 Foreman's and a fourtrax that sucker bounces like crazy its more than just there axles its also the shocks there soft but springy that's what I wish Honda had because I got a few back problems so long rides hurt like a bitch

    • well Zak Lynch my bayou was also a single rear axle but it articulated, this one is strictly up and down. it has 6 suspention links including the 2 shocks, this rancher has 2 links including the shock. when im pulling the feed cart , even with the 4wd rancher, i get less traction than the bayou because about 60% of the time i only have 3 wheels on the ground, with the 2wd bayou i got more traction because i had both driving wheels on the ground at all times.

    • If you pull a trailer with a SRA you have all both rear tires touching the ground, I pull a trailer all the time. How can you have three touching the ground, what happens to the fourth one?

    • Load wise, a SRA is superior to any flexible type suspension setup.

    • well on challenging terrain, and this rear axle not articulating, and the IFS is sprung tighter than a pigs ass, there is no flex to allow all 4 wheels to touch the ground at the same time. but on the bayou it was fine, because the SRA on the bayou was able to articulate in relation to the chassiss.

    • to explain it better, the bayou was the " semi-independent" SRA and the rancher is only up and down, there is no latitude articulation in relation to the chassiss whatsoever

    • The reason your Bayou articulated is because it lacked sway bars. In IRS machine with tight sway bars will act like a SRA. I removed the sway bar from my IRS Rancher and it articulates quite nicely. But is "roll-y" in turns. SRAs are not made to flex much again because of load. The less flex you have when pulling a load, the better. More power is transferred to the ground, that is why trucks made for pulling a competition sled and drag racers run no suspension. It's just axle bolted to frame.

    • how many times do i have to say it, MY BAYOU IS A SOLID REAR AXLE!!!

    • the rear axle on the bayou is held on with 6 different flexible links, allowing it to pivot both longitudally and latitudally, byt the ranchers axle os one swing arm, 2 points total holding the rancher axle on, making it only articulate longitudally.