• One to watch out for guys has happened to me twice now my fan stopped working...

    One to watch out for guys has happened to me twice now, my fan stopped working due to a small stick getting stuck between the motor and blades. Mines a streetfighter so probley more prone to this happening.

    • thanks for the advice mate

    • thanks !

    • ive had a problem with my fans they haven't turned on at all does anyone know what temperature they are supposed to kick in mines gone to 107 degrees c

    • Mines a 97 with only a needle to show tempture. With mine i can take the wire of the thermostat and touch it of the metal part of the thermostat if the fan comes on you might have a problem with the thermostat. Hope this makes sense.

    • I dont know if this will help.. the fan has never come on by itself on my storm..on motorway or in traffic alike.. however, when I have run her on the spot making a effort to get her hot the fan kicks in at a fraction over half way on the temp gauge.

    • mine comes on at about 103 and goes off again at 100

    • Karl Fox, the fan will always turn on when you touch the wire to earth, you are switching the fan on, this just shows the fan is working, or the temperature /fan switch is not working, not the thermostat, which diverts coolant to the radiator when the coolant reaches running temperature.That works independently of the fan.