Ooops I think 44L box is a bit big

Ooops, I think 44L box is a bit big

  • Foot pegs have lost there springs. Rattle like made. One has a split pin. The other a circlip. Every bolt I touch wants to round. Build quality is poo

  • Might I suggest taping up your pillion pegs or removing them? A few weeks after mine lost its non-rattle-spring, the pin wore and fell out - only my gaffa tape kept hold of the peg. I'd be tempting to fit a domed allen head bolt with a nyloc nut, with a washer one side, and a domed washer the other (to act as a flat spring). This should make them stiff but moveable when needed. Why haven't I done it yet you ask...? Can't be arsed :)

  • There going in the bin. Easiest fix

  • good excuse to get some rear-sets...

  • actually, I'd love to built a 'real' MSX done properly. Similar proportions, but will all the mods already done, so that people wouldn't have to buy a bike then chuck half of it away whilst modding it.

  • Yeah would be cool. Start with a smart frame! 200cc motor. Proper usd forks with a radial brembo. Single sided swing arm. Fat tyres. Hmmmm.

  • Guess you are going to have to build it yourself Gavin! Using only the best, top quality parts!

  • Dreamer.

  • why only 200cc? I don't want it to be small! ;) I'd use stock outers, but with Ohlins internals, Ohlins rear, 13" wheels, FinBro 215cc full engine (possible 5 speed), stronger clutch parts, dump the plastic front panels and fit an ally fuel tank of similar shape for much higher capacity, braced ally swinger and rearsets, better seat, lighting, indicators, li-po battery,

  • so I'd use the stock frame and fork outers... and maybe the rear seat-surround panels...