Operation Bright Spark. Debrief

Operation Bright Spark: Debrief!

Before: My bike was a bugger to start cold. The engine would turn over slowly. Idle was rough. And 5 and 6 gear cruising was almost impossible as it just wasn't happy sitting between 3-5k rpm. Don't talk to me about carb farts! Having no previous v twin experience I figured this was just how they were; rough and lumpy.

After: So this afternoon I had my first ride since doing the stick coil mod/upgrade over the weekend. It's like a totally different bike! Engine turns over at least twice as fast. Starting is so easy now. Idle is smooth. The pickup when opening throttle is much better. Overall the best way to describe the difference is smoothness. The engine now cruises along in 5th and 6th quite happy.

I will add that I replaced the plugs at the same time. It had NGK Iridium plugs which had seen better days and I replaced with the same. Also I fitted 2 new throttle cables as they were sticky and a HRC quick throttle while I had the airbox off. Grips were changed too to Renthal Medium Compound race grips.

For those thinking about doing this, don't hesitate - just do it! Honestly feels like I bought a new bike.

  • Probably the plugs that have made the most difference to be honest. Also I know you've put it all back together but with the hrc tube you should take the return cable off ;)

  • Mot failure though?

  • They don't check that, they just check there isn't excessive play. That the throttle snaps back sharply and that when you turn the handle bars the revs don't rise

  • Hrc tube? Henry Rea is this war time code?

  • And what the heck is it gonna do?

  • In a nutshell fuck all. But if your lazy like me you will appreciate not having to regrip when going full throttle

  • Oh lol, lazy ass

  • Makes the bike more lively. Basically increases the size of the bit the cables wrap around in the throttle so less travel to full throttle. Does make a difference.

  • Guess it'll make the throttle lighter too

  • You make sense Mark Riddell, sold, you failed to sell it Henry Rea.

  • Lol I run my own business so I sell to people daily.

  • I'm really unimpressed with quick action throttles. They just don't really do anything for me other than reduce wrist movement

  • Ohhh, Henry Rea, but do you have one fitted?

  • I have the one that I linked you too installed, also had one on my cbr beforehand.

  • Iv made one before too out of pic pipe

  • Benefit on a track day, i guess if your time lapping.

  • When your chasing those seconds then it does count not having to regrip the throttle

  • Not that worried tbh, you win. No sale

  • Wallet back in the pocket

  • Lol.

  • James Vtr Firestorm