• Opinions on backfiring some say it s normal some don t

    Opinions on backfiring, some say it's normal some don't.

    • Bikes come from factory tuned lean for emission. Having a lean bike causes popping. So technically it's normal on a Honda. But can and should be fixed....in my opinion

    • Not normal. Also embarrasing

    • Is just adjusting air gas mixture happen in any bike

    • Low grade gas will cause that sometimes

    • No bueno! Had to bring mine in after new cobra pipes were installed.

    • Do u have drag pipes?

    • Poping on decel, mostly in second. Bike has cobra pipes, hit 30K and am gonna have the carbs synced. Will the carbs being out of sync cause that?

    • Look into torque cones. They will help with the popping.

    • Mine pops but I like it. My bike has 52k on it

    • Cobra drag pipes loose the back pressure to the motor hence the popping. Torque cones add the back pressure back