Opinions on what to do please got integrated turn signal light but no brake...


Opinions on what to do please? got integrated turn signal light but no brake lights do I get this or just go back to stock light and micro indicators ???

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  • For less than a fiver

  • Why do youbhave no brake light ? Is it on all the time and doesnt work when press brakes ? If so check your wiring as i had to swap a wire over for it to work

  • What wires did you swap over mate and yh think it's stuck on

  • Erm ill try get a pic in 2 need to get bike out anyways

  • You geeza

  • It is one of the chinese intergrated lights isnt it ?

  • I canna get a pic but wires are :

    Black to black

    Red to red

    White to green

  • Cheers dude

  • I just choped wires and used male and female spade conectors

  • I chopped it from the light side of the connector

  • Will they not just pull out of the connector?

  • Im not sure i didnt wanna break the connections so i done it my way/ the easy way for me

  • Yh good point, Cheers for the help dude saved me a lot of hassle

  • Hey dude iv got the sf model and the wires on the other side of the connector are black, green and a green with a yellow stripe any chance you know what to do?

  • I plugged the connecter in as it comes and chopped the wires going from the light plug to th light colours are on the light ? Tbf it may be different colours but either way 2 wires are in the wrong place

  • Im pretty sure your black leads to black alreadt you need to swap other 2 over

  • I used these they were or8 til they stopped working a month down the line

  • If I plug it in blacks on red red on green and whites on green and yellow

  • Hmm i had to play about with mine id probs leave the black and change other 2 its trial and error i have the old shape