Ordered mine today. . Should be able to pick it up next Friday all being well


Ordered mine today :-) Should be able to pick it up next Friday, all being well.

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  • That's my 5'5 gf on it haha

  • What colour did you go for ?

  • Blue & White - the only colour ;-)

  • This the one

  • Nice, but I still prefer my Silver one

  • White and blue all the way 8-)

  • My first bike was an S-Wing but had 2 PCX's since. Love the MSX and if I had room I'd have one. It'd look really small sat next to my CRF250.

  • L plate on the front has been removed and made smaller and put inside the screen until I can get a stick on one and trim the L off and stick it on the front fender haha

  • ...or simply just pass your test :D