OTB Cam Covers


OTB Cam Covers

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  • I love this

  • Yea Stock Head Fitment

  • I allready told a friend to do me one off these, whith the msx logo

  • I do like those. Seen a couple of them. It's $80 though. Hard for me to pay that much for something that doesn't do anything other than look cool.

  • It's all about looking cool

  • Here my frend do this for 20€

  • I will buy

  • Whith the MSX logo engraved

  • No just plain

  • If it looks anywhere as good, using the same materials then I will eat my own arm.

  • Will be tested first, when the final product comes out i will post here to everyone see it. And if you guys like it, i will able to ship them out

  • Lol. Never hurts. The cam gear really needs a swirl painted on it.

  • When when when ? Don't do waiting

  • Yesterday i whas whith him to do the molds, now i am just whaiting to him tell me the prototipe is ready, try it out. And iff all is good, start producting the final product.

  • Message me when done, I see this thing quite often and nothing ever comes of it will look forward to seeing

  • Sure, no problem

  • Some off his work

  • Pedro Castro im juz worried of it to crack under high pressures of temp n vibration..

  • Rezzie Razzie, that is why i will test it first and only then we are going to produce them. He show me the material, and It is very moldable. And like you can see it whas allready installed on other bikes and they continue rolling like a champ.

  • Pedro Castro thkz Many many hehehe!! Sexited!!

  • Pedro Castro i mean excited ahahhaa

  • Hehe, i will post here news, soon is done.

  • Pedro Castro okie dokie Boss hehee

  • just a smaller version of my vmax, nice

  • Does it fit the 4v head

  • not quite ,would need a bit of machining

  • my spelling is getting bad

  • No so you should swap my 2v head for your 4v then you can have a clear cover

  • Ben Harman said they are doing the for the 4v head so I will have to wait Karl Waldron

  • James your loss mate you could've been one of the first but never mind it'll be old news by the time you get it

  • Can just about take that

  • Jordy Byker