• Other Bikes Owned or Dreamed of Owning

    Other Bikes Owned or Dreamed of Owning

    So till I can afford a new bike, I'm riding my CMX250. Next it's a toss up between the

    H-D IRON 883 or

    Triumph Thruxton.

    I refuse to purchase on financiing and gotta wait till the $ is in my hand.

    Completely different bikes, I know. What would you get? If you could have any bike what would it / they be?

    • I'm happy with my 2007 Rebel!

      maybe someday bigger -- but I really like what I've got!

    • I am also happy with my Rebel 250, but I think I will get a Shadow vlx 600 or a vt750 in a couple of years. I am from Nicaragua and if you want to check the website of our club rebel250 you can go to http://nicaragua-rebel250.es.t l (the info is in Spanish) God bless you bros.