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Just had a set of Michelin PR4's fitted. Ordered from (great price and quick delivery) and got my local guy to fit them.

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  • My CBF is a 2008 and the tyres (BT57's) were both date stamped 2007 - 7 year old rubber! When I bought it 2 years ago it only had 1700 miles on the clock, its now got 5,500.

  • Expect around 15,000 miles from BT57's if your not hard on them.

  • I hope to get at least 8k out of my new tyres, as I'm not a knee down person. However when I have an open road, I will make rapido progress!

Photos from James Van Buskirk's post — Honda 350x

WTS (WTT for Yamaha BW350) 1985 Honda ATC 350x has been restored. The bike has lots of work put into it to have it fully restored new Maier plastics re-upholstered seat. The bike runs perfect. Purrs in the mountains and on the dunes. The suspension has been rebuilt in the past month. Brakes have been upgraded to cr80 brakes giving the trike brake lights and upgraded stopping power. The trike has new tires all around and a set of paddles on bead lock rims so you can run low pressure at the dunes. Please feel free to call or txt me at 707-496-8386 with any questions. Located in Rexburg Idaho. $1600

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  • That looks awesome! And it's such a good price! Wish I had the cash.

  • Still have. 402 860 9240 greg

Go ko ba ito o Stop. I need ur input guys — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Go ko ba ito o Stop? I need ur input guys :)

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  • Pa pm ng date of purchase at real name tol pra pag napadaan ulit ako :)

  • Kevin Charles Tan oo if ever may mangyare sa isang ofw

  • Ako di ko na maalala ung insurance ko nung nag saudi rin ako hahaha di ko n tinandaan kasi wala ako balak iclaim

350X riders 1 of my X the clutch seems fine while riding it but once u let it... — Honda 350x

350X riders 1 of my X the clutch seems fine while riding it but once u let it sit over nite or a couple days. I can't get it in gear without it dieing and jumping forward if I rev it real high it sometimes will take gear. Cable is adjusted rite and clutch does not slip, it seems very Notchy while shifting also. Is the plates just glazed over? Any ideas?

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  • Thanks for the help guys, it's really appreciated.

  • Gotta the clutch out, this motor was a crate motor been on the 3 wheeler about 4 years, the plates have deposits from the fibers like stained on them. I take it's from sittin over 20years. The clutch cover has never been off it appears and factory gasket with the honda gray glue. So new clutch kit should fix it rite up. Thanks again for everyone's input.

  • Aha! Told ya sittin over time makin them stick :p

just a casual 100km ride. shame it s the BMW touring car test day today — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

just a casual 100km ride ! shame it's the BMW touring car test day today. !!

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  • how often do the manuals need adjusting ?

  • If done correctly no more than valve shims. At 18000km my valves were within spec.

  • id be up for the GOR

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Interesting? Electrifying??

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Buddies. i ve got two queries — Hero Honda Karizma

Buddies...i've got two queries

1. Is there any body using K&N filter in Karizma/Hunk/Xtreme(as all the three shares the same carbs)? If so have u upjetted yur carbs? Whats t jet size u r using?

2. Whats the ideal carburetor afr tuning for karizma to get balanced power and pickup?

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  • Tune it to 1500 RPM and you won't regret it.

  • zzzzz....asking abt carburetor tuning

  • AFR screw at 3 to 3.5 full turns is ideal.

Anyone in the Virginia area We are planning a trip in August to the north end... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Anyone in the Virginia area? We are planning a trip in August to the north end of the Blue Ridge Parkway, riding on Skyline Drive, and taking a day in DC to see the monuments. We were going to ride back to Cherokee, NC, but have decided that we would rather find new roads instead of going somewhere we can ride on the weekend. So any suggestions on some pretty scenic roads in the Roanoke or Front Royal or even South of Roanoke areas?

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  • Liking the sound of Alleghany Highlands ride...

Need advice mga master s anong pweding alternative speedometer cable sa xr... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Need advice mga master's, anong pweding alternative speedometer cable sa xr natin walang stock dito sa cebu. Kasya kaya yung sa xrm? Thanks

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  • Salamat po sa advice, oder nalang ceguro ako kaso 1 month pa bago makuha...

  • pahanapin m ung driver ng truck na naka atras ng motor mo.

  • TMX 155 speedometer cable

HELP — Honda 350x


Recently bought a cheap 85 350x that was rebuilt and has low compression. Was able to get it running by popstarting it and had it running a few minutes. He had jug professionally honed for the new n piston he bought. Any clue on why it has low compression?


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  • I asked if it started any better hot or was the same not wanting to start hot or cold?

  • It didn't want to start when warmed up. I'm only 400 into the trike and came with a few parts motors. I don't have alot of time, so if it's gonna be alot of work, it will be up for sale soon. Or go in the garage with the rest

  • Were the valves recut??? Build up of carbon and like all others said your timing may be off due to stretch cam chain. Did you use brand new gaskets??? It makes a huge differance. And did you properly torque the head bolts. Or just crank them down which causes cracks in the head which may be why no compression. And is the spark plug the right one???? Properly torque???

Hello everybloody after a bit of advice again not that I don t know my way... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hello everybloody.. after a bit of advice again... not that I don't know my way around my bike but just want to make sure I have everything covered... Hour or so ago had a slight punt up the rear end while stopped at a junction... no biggie though does seem i'm jinxed... painted the bike last year and 6 weeks later it was knocked over then painted it again this year and about 4 weeks later bump up the ass end... hmmmmmm Anyways.. light enough bump which just shoved me forward a few feet, no slipping off or dropping the bike. Main impact was the tyre although he did catch and damage my right side exhaust can (kinked the can around the support band at rear foot rest) can't see anything else that I should be worried about but was wondering if there was anything that I should look closer at or any weak spots i should know about. Guy looking to pay cash rather than go through insurance which suits me fine... but want to make sure I don't miss anything when working out a price I want to put bike right or miss something that may bite me later. Cheers.

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  • I can check the bike... just want to know if there are any points of interest that I should be looking at in particular. As it is I can't see anything to worry about other than obvious bent exhaust. Can't be bothered running about with the bike, just want to work out a price so he can check me some dosh. Either way I will come out on top.

  • Don't forget the whiplash!

  • Third party ins been in touch.. will send them some photos over weekend and start ball rolling on Monday, will wait and see what they say... as long as my bike is fixed that will do me.

I ve been finding that at least in my area of the country that there is... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

I've been finding that, at least in my area of the country, that there is unfortunately almost no market for these bikes. I'm selling a really clean, 7,800 mile, great running 1984 Sabre 700, and a friend is selling an even cleaner 1,700 mile 1982 V45 Magna - and neither of us is seeing any action after several weeks of listing. Each of us has had a couple of emails, but they're just the typical Craigslist lowballers offering 50% of the asking price.

Is it just our area, the economy, or do the Sabre and Magna have an extremely limited audience?

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  • Lol yes Bill... $3300.00 and he rode it that summer and then parked it inside and didn't touch it.... Lol

  • My thoughts on the fact these are 30+ year old bikes is their legiondary shock and awe value. Seems everybody thinks they have to have a Harley these days and most of us know how much power chrome will produce. Secondly is the "rugged individualism" of a Harley, after all 15 Harleys roll in some place and the noise smoke and bluster clear, what do you see? 15 cookie cutter bikes that all look about the same. Then in rolls an old Magna (the machine that had to be regulated to keep Harley alive). People tend to step back and gawk. It's the people who know the reputation that are most respectful. Like an old guy told me back in my hot rod days, 'watch what you say around us old guys and our old machines, you might have one hand you your shorts after your spankin'.

  • Guess it's just a timing thing. Sold my Sabre tonight....

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Latest exhaust system , super short :-)

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  • I've modded a broken set of headers by welding a plate over the hole that used to feed the right link and can forcing both cylinders to use the remaining left hand link and can, sounds a bit weird and has the flat spot hence I need to find a new link

  • thanks for the advice, i'll sort it myself

  • What brand linkpipe/ exhaust do you have?

    In uk there is a company selling high level pipes through eBay

Question Someone told me not a reputable source that the eagle shown below... — Honda Shadow Aero

Question: Someone told me (not a reputable source) that the eagle shown below is gold plated. Does anyone know anything about the golden eagle and know why it is not listed as a part on Honda's parts book? Thanks in advance.

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  • Most likely available somewhere. But not in the Honda Catalogs. Best bet is to Google search gold eagle made in USA emblem

  • Thanks fellow riders.

  • Try JC Whitney?

still gotta a problem with my v65 sabre i d be riding down the road and the... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

still gotta a problem with my v65 sabre...i'd be riding down the road and the bike would lose power and the tach would jump around....i bought new ignitor boxes from i rode it today and the bike is still losing power, and now it's starting to back fire..i still need to change the spark plug wires. not sure if the boxes were just plug and go or do i need to do something else...

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  • Check carb intake boots and exhaust

  • Ok i'll check that out.thanks

  • Have the boots ever been replaced? Seen a post somewhere, may have been Pete Springer, that said radiator hose cut in sections, makes a good replacement.

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The final touch on the bike. First pic is the before carb sync. Second is after they are adjusted. You can see they are level meaning they have the same amount of vacuum on each carb. I have to admit this was not a simple task. The adjustment screw was buried.

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  • Yes I did. Smoother response.

  • Very cool.

  • Those people with 750's are lucky with only one carb. Nothing to sync.

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250php per METER +50php for 3pcs CLAMP.

meet up AREA: PQUE=weekdays And MARIKINA HEIGHTS=weekend..

SHIPPING: will be shouldered by the buyer.

text me via SMS for inquiries.. HINDI PO KASI LAGI ONLINE.Thanks.:)

Carlo Zerna

Globe #-09067522621

Smart #-09983604812


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  • im on SALE pm me for inquiries :)

  • still on SALE!!

  • papano po mag order?

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Met up and went out today with Pete (Blumeeni from the forum) . Who now lives in Lanzarote. I was keen to swap with him after only a day on the GS, but he sadly declined :-(

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  • No Seb. I am on the

    hired GS for 3 days.

    No one can ever complain about the standard CT seat.

  • gs seats are horrid in fact i think the gs is a very overated bike for a lot of reasons.

  • Pig ugly the main one oh and common as s#@t another one

How much of a hassle is it to change exhaust systems on a 2001 1100 Shadow... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

How much of a hassle is it to change exhaust systems on a 2001 1100 Shadow Spirit? I bought another one with Vance and Hines on it and thought I liked it but it's kinda loud and thinking about swapping my old stock pipes to it

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  • You haven't heard loud yet, I blew a baffle out of my 1100 today....Holy crap lol

  • I usually run open headers

  • I'll take the vnh off your hands

admin pa post lang po Sa mga ka XR kung sino sa inyo naka encounter na... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines post lang po! Sa mga ka XR kung sino sa inyo naka encounter na nabusted mga ilaw with in 6 mos. mula sa pag purchase nyo sa xr nyo. pm nyo sa akin...engine # nyo at kung saan na purchase....nagcomplain kc ako sa batangas plant.. regarding sa mga ilaw na madali lng ang buhay nito. para malamam nila na ....

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  • Busted headlight

    DOP april 7 2014


    Truimph jt fairview

  • Yung XR ko hindi ko naranasan ang pg ka pundi ng ilaw almost 7/8 months na laging long drive pa. triumph Caloocan.

  • ako ung ilaw sa ibabaw ng plate numbe wala pa dalawang buwan busted na, tapos pinapapalitan ko sa motorcentral dahl under warante pa pa sbi ng tao dn wala daw cla stock ng ilaw ng ganun, kaya papalitan ko na lng daw sa lbas.

I m using Karizma since last 2 months done 5 900 km s till now the only... — Hero Honda Karizma

I m using Karizma since last 2 months, done 5,900 km's till now. the only problem is engine over heats soon. :/ I can feel the heat to my legs as well... Is engine heating problem common in all Karizma Engines ???

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  • even I wnt to fit a leg-guard for my zma but without removing that fiber

  • jst try fully synthetic motul 300v double ester 10 w40

  • Yes.....its common because all 200 cc byks covered big domes but kaizma not covered thats y heat touches in ur legs.....

Photos from William Beitz's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Finished the motorcycle rider training two weeks ago and finally got my 2007 Shadow Aero 750 baby on the road. Done 750 miles so far. A few pictures of my travels.

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  • Congratulations

  • Well done,

  • Congrat's on the course .Have a great riding season and enjoy the nice bike.

— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • Love the white! I have a 2009...happy travels.

  • Thanks. The adventure is just beginning and I'm loving it!

Just picked up a 2003 vt750 shadow spirit its has oil in the side breather cove... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Just picked up a 2003 vt750 shadow spirit its has oil in the side breather cove what could it b

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  • As long as it runs good a small amount of oil in the breather is perfectly normal.

  • Agreed, a tiny amount comes from the engine breather

  • OK ty

What kind of power gains will I get with a DG exhaust Will I feel the... — Honda 350x

What kind of power gains will I get with a DG exhaust. Will I feel the difference from stock? I'm already running an open air box, 400 ex carb that's been rejetted. Thanks

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  • Will Licea hit that on the head lol

  • Cool , sounds nice, Mine is stock all the way, 1 kick seems to run great, but always could do more for it. But I do want to run a airbox with lid and stock exhaust or if I could find a quiet aftermarket

  • Right on... I'm working on building a custom vilocity intake for mine

kanina sa parking lot ng office habang nagsusuot ako ng gears nagtanong yung... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

kanina sa parking lot ng office habang nagsusuot ako ng gears nagtanong yung katabing mc bakit daw may natunog sa XR ko eh di ko pa daw pinapaandar, lumapit siya ng unti at nilapit ang tainga sa makina, nagulat siya na nakaidle na motor ko at umaandar na pala.

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  • Tahimik talaga manakbo xr...

  • haha

  • ako din d ko marinig minsan kaya pihit ko silinyador bago ko e-start kapag feel ko namatay kapag nagwawarm up ako.

Off topic Anybody knows a Palm Oil Plantation in Luzon Kahit iyong small... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Off topic: Anybody knows a Palm Oil Plantation in Luzon. Kahit iyong small scale 50 trees lang? We are planning to join a photo contest and part of the proceeds will go to kawang gawa funds. Maraming Salamat. :)

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  • wala na kasi ako sa KL, kung andun pako pwede kayo tumuloy sa tinitirhan ko. ditto na kasi ako ngayon sa Singapore. wala kasi ako nakikita ditto na mga palm oil tree.

  • magandang pagkakitaan ang palm oil meron akong nakausap na Malaysian malaki kinikita ng palm oil farmers sa Malaysia. maraming coconut plantation ang nag convert sa palm oil plantation, sinuportahan sila ng gobyerno.

  • Marami dito sa cagayan de oro at bukidnon. Meron kc refinery dito nang palm oil

Oh eto para sa mga mahihilig magbackride baka gusto niyong pumunta — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Oh eto para sa mga mahihilig magbackride baka gusto niyong pumunta. :) nit_ref=suggested_events

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Need na pala register ang Givi Box natin. Baka pag na check point hanapin sa rehistro ang bayad sa Givi Box.

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  • Same din s 4 wheels, ksama s lto reg ang top load carrier,

  • Tayo ba dapat mag register, oh yung pagbilhan natin ang mag register po?

  • afaik sabi ng mro isolated case lang ito

Anybody running stiffer eBay shocks. How are they — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Anybody running stiffer eBay shocks?? How are they??

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  • I used to, they were fine I thought. I run rigid rear end now.

  • Did you run them with stock front? Being stiffer did the bike lean forward at all??

  • Ive flipped the top triple clamp plate in the front end to lower it 2" with shortened standard springs. Rides fine up front but stiff in the rear haha

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Rite guys , seriously thinking ov selling my vtr. It never gets used. An the funds would cum in handy. . Shes coverd 41tho an sounds sweet as a nut. I have Evry mot its ever done. With some history and recipts , Coverd 26tho in its first 3 years. Last year she barely coverd 1300 miles. Serviced last winter when i striped it dwn for paint an clean up. As u can c from the piks shes a tidy bike. Custom link pipes blue flame end cans. Loads ov polished bits an bobs. Adjustable steering damper , skidmarx bellypan , under tray . Personal plate , proberly more that ive missed.11 months mot 5 months tax. Only advisory was rear tyre . What sort ov money do u think i shud put it up for. Or is any1 interested on here ??

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    Another question When I come to a stop the blinkers stop blinking and are just... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Another question. When I come to a stop the blinkers stop blinking and are just a solid light (unless I rev her) as soon as I start going going again they blink like normal. Any ideas? Haha.

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    • Hah mine does this sometimes, I don't bother fixing it LOL. Mines a 1993 model. Somwtimes my indicators and horn won't work. So I turn it off remove key, put back in and start. Then they work fine. Either temperamental or somethings up LOL

    • Haha nice. Gotta love em! As long as the cops leave me alone...

    • Battery ....gone... need a new one..

    Attachment Unavailable — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum


    Not the way I wanted to travel home from a weekend in the Netherlands! At least I got as far as the port at Calais before she broke!

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    • CMW in Chichester have a van and will drop it over as they picked it up from my home to have a look over it.

    • Well the bike is now in the hands of Crescent Honda in Lowford, Southampton. Very Nice chaps and they are also checking out my topbox & mount as that was an outstanding Factory Update on the bike!

    • Got the bike back yesterday afternoon! Fair play to Crescent Honda they did what they said they would and no problems with dealing with them! I'm sure being President of the club that organises the largest weekend rally in Hampshire has nothing to do with the level of service I got - not that I'd give them bad publicity or anything;-)