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My New Honda CB 150.....

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  • Allan wag aabsent sa july 2 magaganda ang tukso sa bonappetea.

  • Sir Armando Pedroza, dederitso ako dyn manggagaling pa ako ng bataan in that day. baka late na ang dating ko dyn.

  • d q pagpplit c xr q hanggang umaandar p hehe khit 1kcc p yan

Who here runs progressive springs up front. Yay or nay — Honda 350x

Who here runs progressive springs up front? Yay or nay?

Sean Ridgway John Miller Wooly Booger

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  • More oil combined with 20wt fork oil makes a huge difference.

  • Can y'all expound on this more please? Sean Ridgway I have a friend whom I respect a lot and suggests I just rebuild my forks first. But I would really enjoy the "softer ride on bumps and rocky roads and trails and logs and what not. I've never jumped things before so I'm not going to notice a difference. I just bought every internal part available from that is available because I'm the kind of guy that wants to try and do things once and right the first time. Josh Cornell what do you mean about different weights? I've heard differences about weights and ATF? Doesn't it call for ATF originally? And it would be expensive to upgrade this but is the gold valve that big of a deal if you know what I'm talking about? From this.

  • I'm sure the reworked forks with the valve would be absolutely amazing but for me it would be to expensive on my trike that will rarely see the motocross track. I do ride my track with it every so often but I'd rather ride my trx250r on the track. I myself just couldn't justify having it done for what I intend to use my bike for.

    The manual does specify you can use atf which is around 10wt I believe. You can get 15wt and 20wt as well like I went with because I'm a bigger guy, 225. It calls for 9.6 oz I believe but you can add more or put in less to get the desired ride. I put in 10.5 oz of 20wt. It rides really nice and can still handle g outs fairly well for a 25 year old conventional fork.

    In the end it's all about what you intend to do with your bike. The route I went works good for what I'm going to use it for, aggressive trail riding.

This is what it looks like without the bags brackets fender bib and the rear... — Honda Shadow Aero

This is what it looks like without the bags,brackets, fender bib, and the rear seat on , such a different look

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  • Is that exhaust off of an Ace Tourer? I love the dual exhaust!

  • No Austin Poliakon is a Roadhouse Brand True Duels

  • The double barrel exhaust is neat

Photos from Matt Pirkel's post — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

here is my 95 Magna

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  • Updated v45 magna is what i see.

  • I did say "my bad" right after, it is a v4

  • Matt Pirkil, please excuse the behavior of some of the people in some of the Magna groups you will find around. They focus on things that may not be quite as important as what is to others of us. Such as how you ride, take care of your similar bike, and how you behave and treat others. For the most part its usually about fun and helping each other with similar problems, tips and tricks. And of course lying about our riding exploits. Dont be dissauded or put off, its the internet your gonna bump into all sorts~!

Photos from Collin Baldwin's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Just put on the factory fender ornament . Found it on eBay, 40 bucks.

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  • The Instructions stated 100mm from the leading edge of the fender

  • Where did you buy it? Can you provide a website? You need a closer picture for us.

  • Got it off Ebay

Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Aero

Guys and Gals, I am sorry to confess that I got rid of my Honda Aero 1100. But only to trade it for a smaller bike for my wife, a 2003 Yamaha vstar 650 classic with 1400 miles on it. And oh yes, I got cash also and a great deal. I spent 3 weeks getting this Honda in top shape and really did not want to get rid of it, but it paid off because the wife now has a bike she can ride.

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  • So what are you riding.

  • You'll love it. My dad has the same bike, but an 05.

  • If she's happy that's all that counts just bought my wife's first bike 07 aero she loves it

Photos from Marcus Cleveland's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

What do the black box's do in the tail piece of the Firestorm? Is the engine simple enough that it can be rewired to run without the box's or are they essential? I'm thinking of chopping the seat unit down and rewiring as it's not the original unit and is a bit messy. Want to tidy up as much as possible.

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  • Hamsters aside, a black box worth of lost volume can't have that much of a detrimental effect. Don't know how the volume of the airbox effects performance though.

  • The firestorm is very sensitive to airbox fettling so any hamster felching in your airbox proceed with caution...

  • Thats becaurs things in the airbox disturbes the airflow. At low rmp, so what, but if the carbs need a lot of air it needs the exact room. Especialy at high revs. For instands, if you put in a k&n air filter and you dont make a plate that the original filter has and the k&n not, you get trouble getting the right mixture above 7500rpm. So no obstruction in the airbox IS important

Ramon I. Castillo shared a link to the group: HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

I think Yamaha is on the roll. I have heard reports that they are going to release the MT-125 in the Philippines next year.

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  • sir white sticker lng yan nasa sidings.

  • magkano po palagay?

  • 250 lng sir sa caloocan 10th

Good pm po guys ask ko lang po kung may butas ba ang ang ating manobela para... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Good pm po guys...ask ko lang po kung may butas ba ang ang ating manobela para pakabitan ko ng hand guard oh kailangan nang bumili nang bago para maikabit ang handguard?Salamat po in advance^_^

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  • ah i see; wala namang sigurong problema kong magpalagay me ng boots kahit bago pa motor ko.hehe

  • wala naman trail and mx ko na sakin oks naman

  • Guys nakapalagay na ako po ng hand guard; pinabutasan ko nalang sa machine shop yung handle bar natin kaso mumurahing handle guard muna ilinagay ko kasi wala ako makita na nagbebenta original dito ko nlng po bukas picture; thanks pala sa lahat...

Side stand ng XR pwede bang palitan ng medyo maikli. minsan alangan eh — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Side stand ng XR, pwede bang palitan ng medyo maikli?? minsan alangan eh..

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  • Nung binaba ko yung front forks bumili ako ng spare na side stand at yun ang pinaputulan ko, di ko ginalaw ang original. Nung binalik ko na ang height ng motor ko pinakabit ko na uli yung original stand.

  • Sir Marvin ? ;)

  • sorry wrong post

Anyone here that s into medium to big size motorcycles I have been invited to... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Anyone here that's into medium to big size motorcycles? I have been invited to review motorcycles that an acquaintance is selling. These motorcycles range from big sports bike to standard naked bikes. Reviews will be posted on their Facebook page which is still under construction... If i get a positive feed back from this group I will post the page once it is up. Thanks.

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  • up

  • in

  • Thanks for the positive feedback guys. The page will be up and running hopefully by next week. For those looking forward to the bike thats going to be reviewed. We are looking to review a CBR 600 2004 model thats loaded with goodies, from what I have seen the previous owner might have been going for a stunt bike look. Hope that gets you interested.

Curious lang mga kapatid sa odometer ba ng Honda Xr125L natin ay in Kilometer... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Curious lang mga kapatid: sa odometer ba ng Honda Xr125L natin ay in Kilometer or in miles?

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  • i thought miles; kc nasa manual mileage...but anyway atleast now i know na slamat bro... so pwede na din me mag change oil pag 500 kilometers na po?

  • uh nakalimutan ko eh, pero parang 3 times ka makakachange oil within the break in perio..500-3000-6000km oils muna and then eventually yung oil of choice mo after break in period...choose among the most used oils dito na walang negative reklamo ang mga users: Shell AX7, Shell Advanced Ultra, Petron Enduro and yung Repsol...

  • ok po salamat, until what kilometers po ba mag end ang breakin period?

BEWARE OF THIS SELLER Chris Bechstein It was just scratch a lil There s no... — Honda 350x

BEWARE OF THIS SELLER ! Chris Bechstein ! It was just scratch a lil! There's no hinges! Kept telling some bullshit about it's just 25$ did you expect it to be perfect.! No, but being lied to is worst! Then said well ship it back but I'm not paying shipping then I'll give you back ur 10$! sure stupid dick, I'll pay 15$ in shipping to get 10$ back once item is back in his possession! So basically lose 5$ plus the tool box , that's only if he payes me back!

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  • I don't care is the spanner wrench fits or not and I don't care if it was 10$ or 200$, it's the principals! I'll sell you a rear 350x axle and tell you it's just scratch a bit and I'll give you looks of picture but just no the one showing you that the spline are completely gone! But I'll sell it for 40$ then when you get it ! I'll tell you well what did you expect from a 40$ they all go for 100-200$ on eBay! Wow people are ignorant

  • lesson of the day...if its to good to be true, it usually is lol

  • Mathieu, people are ignorant and trusting. I've gotten some bad parts off ebay. I have a "mint" condition 1985 plastic fender that was hardly that. It is the principle but you have to pick your battles. I kept the fender. It's appropriate for when I want a beater fender on the bike.

    Nice fix on the toolbox.

So the verdict is tire is to big — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

So the verdict is tire is to big

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  • Geez Tweak A. Moffitt there should be room enough for that tire, My Mag has a 150/80-16 71H rear tire. It doesn't rub on the frame there's about enough room to slide a piece of paper through, maybe not with writing on it. Haven't had any problem so far in 400 miles.

  • cant go above a 130 on that bike

  • You can't? Damn! Joe at Deublers Badcompanycycle sold me that 150/80/16 tire last year and told me it would fit. So I bought it and put it on and have run it 400+ miles with no problem. Now you tell me it won't fit? I'm bummed now!

Added a navi support Hope this works better the mounting on the left side of... — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

Added a navi support. Hope this works better the mounting on the left side of the handlebar which I had.

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  • Other people with experience?

  • Meanwhile I saw more pictures on the Migsel website but it's not so nice how the elec. connection has to be made....or you need to make holes in the plastic right?

  • Tried to make a picture but it's all blurred.. No need to drill. The cable is pulled from the battery to the front. It comes free around the head light. From that point it goes up, and is pulled trough the free space just above the RPM meter. With a small cable binder it's attached to the Garmin support. Hope this helps a bit.

Photos from Elco Verhulst's post — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

Added a navi support. Hope this works better the mounting on the left side of the handlebar which I had.

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  • My home-made installation

  • I have the same "Migsel" support. I painted it black. So much nicer.

  • It`s perfect, I have the same, you want it above the gauges so you keep your eyes on the road as much as possible.

Hey Everyone — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Hey Everyone,

So I just got my bike a few weeks ago and was happy to see it had a set of cobra pipes. Well now waking up at 5 AM to go to work, I don't think my neighbors are happy. Is there a way to tone them down some ? I was even thinking or trading for a set of stocks, and removing baffles of those.

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  • Don't worry. I like to share with my neighbours lol

  • Noise save lives and Cobras they sound like music...walk the bike to next block corner and start it...

  • My neighbors would tell me to do a burnout lol

wanted to buy or swap for bike ct110 dead or alive — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

wanted to buy or swap for bike ct110 dead or alive

any condition running or not complete or missing bits,no matter

from horsham vic need a bike to do up for the cross country coming up soon, dont have alot of money to spend but post me what you have..we may do a deal..can do swaps for something ,i have many cars here and a boat if any intrest..

thank you

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  • not really do you have a bike that its missing from ? i need a hack bike mate

  • as you would of seen form my other posts i got a whole heap of stuff

  • oh yer i remember seeing this listing on ebay mate ,pitty too far away and also a lil out my price range too hey, i just got one going and only prob it was pink and purple for 250 so hoping i can get another around that price range and closer to me

Out scrambling with my power ranger suit on with a ugly german bike — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

Out scrambling with my power ranger suit on, with a ugly german bike

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  • Car of course

  • I might go this year. Had a few years away. Just like missing the NEC bike show for a year or two.

  • Its a few years since i have been Rob , the last time i went my mates joked it would be funny if my brand new bike had fell over . It had , mirror had broke off bugger

Hello my Shadow friends — Honda Shadow Aero

Hello my Shadow friends.

Question.. Want to take off my back tire on my 750 Shadow Areo to take to shop to put on new rubber.

Looking at shop manual looks like a pretty straight forward job.

Anything I should look out for? Any adjustments to brakes putting it back on?

Thanks Rob

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  • Center stand the bike or jack it up to get the rear wheel off the ground ,loosen the rear axel nut, take out the bolt, knock out the spacer on the brake panel, unhook the brake cable , unbolt the bar going to the brake panel, grab the wheel, and slide it sideways away from the final drive. The wheel should slide right off the spline of the final drive and roll out the back under the fender. If the wheel wont slide past the final drive let the air out of the tire. Be sure to coat the spline of the final drive with moly60 paste from your local Honda dealer when reassembling.

— Honda 350x

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  • Whats wrong with a Goki Mark? The one on your bike give you troubles?

  • And secondly, I wasn't aware anyone other then Goki made a kit?

  • Eric Barton I was thinking about buying the Goki @ one time, but there is so much negative feedback about them I declined. I have NEVER heard of anyone that was happy with the Goki starter that actually rode hard. as far as I know Goki was the only one to make a starter for the 350x, Shit if I had 2 bikes and extra parts I'd give it a go too, since I've had my 350x I've broken the bottom right side pedal bolt twice from kicking it over and the second time I put a grade 8 bolt in, I would love to have a electric starter, that's when I had the 13 to 1 compression piston and it was a 430 stroker......too much compression, it's like what I heard about the Goki applied to the 430 stroker " works good for a couple of months then, you know".......

Photos from Rob Cuffling's post — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

It's not every bike night that you see one of these.

"Just Jane" doing a taxi run , in bomber county . Lincolnshire. East Kirby.

Maybe 7-800 bikes there, but only one CT.

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  • Yes

    A Lancaster Moreno. Not able to fly again yet, but all funds last night went towards the restoration. £5 per bike entry fee.

  • The Buell had a loud exhuast, as I followed it there for 15 miles.

  • I have a passion for the airplane of second world War.. Expecially English.... Regards

Now my head bearings are done so i got the forks out and i wonder if it got any... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Now my head bearings are done so i got the forks out and i wonder if it got any use to replace the forks oil. Its from '97 and the front is realy, realy soft. And no, got no money for new Springs

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  • Release the tension on the springs and you'll be fine

  • Well, put W15 in it and what a difference. I can recommend it to anyone. Cost 16euro and it is a easy job to do

  • Level of the old oil was as it should be

I think the rear shock on my Sabre V65 is going to need replacing What is the... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

I think the rear shock on my Sabre V65 is going to need replacing. What is the consensus as to the best option? I have looked at aftermarket with little luck in finding something other than Hagon but not sure about them so need some advice. Thanks

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  • Bob Hill I had best luck at email.

  • Just emailed him- thanks

  • Well looks like I am going to have to look for another source as I can't get a return call or email from him.

hey friends so on my big 800 miles trip the right battery cover flew off and... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

hey friends - so on my big 800 miles trip the right battery cover flew off and almost knocked my riding buddy off his Triumph. We went looking for it out in the Buena Vista valley but it was gone.. I'm looking up the part over at a parts shop but they have a bunch of options for selecting your actually motorcycle: what I have is a 2002 US Shadow Spirit VT750DC but once you get to the drop down list they have options for VT750DC A







How do I find out which one is mine so I order the correct parts?

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Olá somos do Brasil. Muito obrigado por nos add — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

Olá somos do Brasil ! Muito obrigado por nos add...

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  • Thanks, all the best for you too, but, let me ask you, what is the most beautiful motorcycle? The your or the my one?

  • That is an unfair question :) It's like you're asking me if my wife or your wife is better :D There's no way to answer that question, is there?

  • Until they are equal machines ... kkkkkkk up the bags ...

— Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

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  • Good night! Yes Mark Andrews... the road is wonderful ... impossible to portray the beauty ... Hugs ...

  • c'est ou ?????

  • c'est ou ?????

Jack Corbett shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

The result of years of thorough searching, these are the 30 best motorcycling roads in Ontario

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  • Up in and around Picton is beautiful as well!!! A few wineries to stop at as well!!! LOL

  • I like hwy 41 also.

  • Bedford rd from Sydenham to the Desert lake rd has amazing hills and curves.

Tipped over in my drive way this morning. not really sure how I did it — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Tipped over in my drive way this morning. .... not really sure how I did it. ..... it wasnt even a big crash. .. it was a slow motion plop to the ground. .... have to say i love my crash bars. Lol

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  • I remember the second day with my bike, I came off the right side quickly remembering no kickstand on the right...... Timberrrrrrrr!

  • Ive had it almost a yr. It was actually kinda funny standing over it. Luckily hubby had just gotten in his truck so he came and helped it up :)

Thanx for accepting Im planning to buy this bike pag uwi Tips naman po fir... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Thanx for accepting. Im planning to buy this bike pag uwi. Tips naman po fir new user. Regarding break in

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  • Thanks sa mga feedback. Glad to know from you guys.

  • Imo hard breakin just speed up the breakin process.

  • I suggest taking it slow muna. Babysit your bike, avoid lugging and over revving...

Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Aero

This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

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  • No I haven't. Actually I have never heard of it. Is it in WV?

  • Its a great place to cool off in the summer.. 1 mile hike under ground with a little stream through a cave. Highly recommend it.. I know I will be there that weekend

  • Looks wonderful. I must have been close to it when I road the Monogalia National Forest on a weekend trip. That was the same time I went to Spruce Knob.

Photos from Aaron Ster's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders


My first bike is finally a reality;)

2004 shadow spirit

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  • nice bike :)

  • nothing against you my friend......................but it looks like a harley...................and i love the shadow :-) hard feelings!!!!!! :-)

  • Albion Richardson it is a batwing fairing! No idea who makes it though... Will have to investigate...thanks everyone for your comments... Loving the shadow spirit spirit;)