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Little Ariana in all her beauty, getting some new parts tomorrow

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  • Belly pan + seat cowl

  • O yer just in time for Sunday

  • Yep:)

Don Tocher shared a link to the group: Honda CrossTourer Group Forum. — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

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  • Fitted one of these to my 2014 bike (not just for 13). Really well made, fits perfectly, does what it says on the tin - recommended!

  • I've painted this black. It's also a Givi. But hardly to get.

  • Fits ok. Good choice! :)

Kahit pala ini istart mo ang XR every 3 4 days tapos idle for 30mins to 1 hour... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Kahit pala ini-istart mo ang XR every 3-4 days tapos idle for 30mins to 1 hour pero di mo siya pinapatakbo , nadidiskarga ang baterya. Kanina I tried starting my XR, nagwhine lang ang starter pero ayaw tumuloy. I charged the battery for 1 hour. After 1 hour start ulit, 1 click na. :)

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  • ang pagkakaalam ko po diyan ay nagdidischarge talaga siya kahit nakatambay lang.

    as long as connected siya.

  • ang pai-start ng every 3-4 days ay maintenance sa makina ... di po ata sa battery. :D

  • hindi ba nag seself charging ang ating baterya kung umaandar guys?

Hi guys new on here electrics playing up indicators not working then working... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi, guys new on here, electrics playing up indicators not working then working, losing all trip info on dash then keeping for a few days. 2003 with tail tidy high rise pipes. Will get photo up soon.

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  • As Jon Orton mentioned, check the rectifier/regulator. Very common issue onthese. You want to purchase yourself a finned type one opposed to the original flat type. I bought a cheap $13 Ebay one and have not had an issue in 3 years yet.

  • Even the cbr125 rectifiers work

  • My brother in laws blade was doing this last week check the back break spring hasn't come of. He had the same problem maybe a quick fix ;)

Help The storm failed to start or turnover this morning Ignition lights on... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Help! The storm failed to start or turnover this morning. Ignition lights on, stand light on (& goes off when stand up) headlights work, horn doesn't. No starter relay clicking, just nothing.

Had to abandon & use car for work

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  • The plot thickens!! Home from work, pushed bike out of garage. Horn works, bike turns over & fires first time. Start stops with key & kill switch. All working. No faults found, no repairs done. Bike fully working

  • If it's an intermittent leccy fault do you have recovery if you can't start the beastie away from home?

  • Yep got cover. 1st & only time any problems. Hope its all ok

Hey all I had a short comments conversation with a lady who sells parts... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hey all, I had a short comments conversation with a lady who sells parts particularly looking for a headlight switch but I can't find the conversation anymore, so calling all purveyors of postie parts I need a headlight switch and mirrors

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  • Jeremy Eva Brown we r postie repairs and located in south east melbourne so have most parts for a postie in stock

  • $9.60 posted for mirrors on eBay, paid for mine on a Thursday, here on the Tuesday, from hongkong or china

  • Thanks everyone, I'm sure it was you Susan

Where can I get matching paint for the postie Does it have a code Spray can... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Where can I get matching paint for the postie? Does it have a code? Spray can type preferably

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  • There is a rectangle of Killrust painted on the frame in this shot. Pretty bloody close :)

  • 'delicious red' is the name

  • Bloody rippa!

Estimados Camaradas debo contarles que me he desprendido de mi noble Rebel 250... — Honda Rebel Riders

Estimados Camaradas, debo contarles que me he desprendido de mi noble Rebel 250 1987 y he pasado a una Shadow VT 500 C 1983. espero me de las mismas satisfacciones que la Rebel. De todos modos, seguiré pasando por aquí cada tanto y sepan todos, que quienes vengan a Argentina, tienen un amigo! Paso libre y pista seca por siempre!

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    Jack Corbett shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    Helpful stuff.

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    • They say when you drive a car you have to anticipate every other drivers actions...on a bike you have to BE in every other drivers heads!!!

    • Before I retired the company I worked for assumed every accident was preventable and it was very difficult to prove you did everything possible to prevent it . This was annoying to some but it probably helped to make us better drivers and helped to keep us alive as we were taught defensive driving from day one.

    • They never taught us anything about motorcycles and I don't think they really liked us riding them as our medical plan covered off duty accidents.

    — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

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    • Yep that's right Rob, the roads round there are incredible.

    • The view from there ain't too bad either .

    • It should be great also with that Yellow Porsche! :D

    — Honda Rebel Riders

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    • You will love it!!

    • I'm excited, i have always been on the back seat! ready to ride :)

    • Same here!!

    1987 Honda Rebel 450 I purchased recently and have added windshield backrest... — Honda Rebel Riders

    1987 Honda Rebel 450 I purchased recently and have added windshield,backrest,saddlebag supports,bags and tool pouch.Also a hard to find tank bib.Just had all regular maintenance done and I'm ready to enjoy this blast from the past!

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    • love the seats

    • I am working on restoring one. Engine is up and running, just need a new gas tank. Any Ideas?

    • Check Ebay.I see them pretty often.

    So I lost the bags and back seat I like the look except for the scuffs on the... — Honda Shadow Aero

    So I lost the bags and back seat. I like the look except for the scuffs on the fender and a hole/bolt where the back seat bolts on. Still...

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    • Thanks for the reply

    • My 04 with only the solo seat. I like the cleaner look. I had some scratches and used some polishing compound on them.

    • Heres my 2000 without the passenger seat

    Nakiki uso lang din got my givi box 27ltr wala ng dahilan para hindi ka... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Nakiki uso lang din..;) got my givi box 27ltr ..wala ng dahilan para hindi ka mamalengke "mrs".. tepok :)

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    • saan po ba kayo sir jairus?motoworld po pinakamalaking distributor ng givi.meron po sa pampanga cebu manila etc.chek google sir.sakin sir shad triump caloocan po ang bili.

    • siya pa nga nagkabit sa isang gasoline station eh hehehe

    • Currently, dito po me Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley asar nga po wala pang motoworld dito...

    For any Biffa s in Kent or near by a group of us are meeting at the Airport... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

    For any Biffa's in Kent or near by, a group of us are meeting at the Airport Cafe at 10.15am next Sunday, just past Sellindge, and then onto Vintage Bike racing at Lydden Hill circuit. £15 online for a ticket. I'm the only CBF rider, but hell, not my fault the others have no taste!

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    • Bit far for me I'm afraid ( Ayrshire Scotland ) lol

    • For me too , Brussels Europe

    Next question regarding my 02 Rancher ES 350 — Honda Rancher Forum

    Next question regarding my 02 Rancher ES 350"

    It will start and idle, but after it warms up it dies at low idle. The carb is clean.

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    • Yes to the Sea Foam. Great compression (extremely low hours on this vehicle). Sparky works great at low/cool idle and higher rpms, or at least, it does not appear to be an issue.

    • Sounds like just an very sensitive adjusting. Carbs are so temperamental when they need some love.

    • Google symptoms, there will be a similar question answered already on Honda forums by a Pro.

    Photos from George Cross's post — Honda Rebel Riders

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    • I have seen bigger bike that looks similar,,, also white and such fantastic contrast,,,, it was of course white and chrome and of course black tires etc, and saddle bags etc in the studded black,,, it stands out shining right at you,,,,, I fell in love with it,,,,, so I wish my Rebel was white, but it's not,,,, so tryin to think what to do with it

    • just like houses look better with more than 2 colors,,,, they look better with 3 or 4,,,,, in the same way I think the white black chrome combo looks great,,,,, really tryin to think how to brighten up my all black,,,,, my daughter says she thinks black looks sleek,,,, I wonder, like what, a black panther? yeah right,,,, so I really gotta do something with it,,,, but some love the Jardine pipes on mine,,,,,, I love your bike,,,, may you enjoy it!!!!

    • White a good color mine is the pearl white a paint job would probably cost a little bit I want new handle bars I'm 6,5 so I think I want ape hangers and I want a flat seat on it

    hi guys i just brought my first firestorm on ebay. waiting to pick it up — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    hi guys i just brought my first firestorm on ebay . waiting to pick it up . now im probably guna be slated for this but i got it for £840 and its done 50k miles . but looks really clean . anything i should look out for mainly?

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    • where the best place to buy new cam chain tensioners? and are they easy to change? im a car mechanic not a bike mechanic lol , are they auto tentioning etc etc?or do i need to set a tourque?

    • Rob de hoo sells them and there's also an idiots guide to fitting them on here or you could join

    • I can supply manual ccts as well.

    Comparing to the cruiser I had that was an easy and fast cleaning — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

    Comparing to the cruiser I had, that was an easy and fast cleaning.. :)

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    • That's lovely, it's exactly the same DCT CT that I'm getting next Tuesday, can't bloody wait :-D

    • That good to hear, Colin.. I know for sure you'll enjoy it. This is the best bike ever..

    • Yeah I know Elco Verhulst this will be my 2nd one, fantastic bike!

    Photos from Mark Bruton's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Out for a scoot in the big tree's of Goldstream park, Victoria, British Columbia

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    • Vance and Hines long shots, very loud even with baffles installed, wish they were not so loud

    • I like the long shots alot..I want some..right now I have the drag pipes with no baffles because I blew one out on the highway so I took the other one out

    • Where's the LOVE button :)

    If my brakes are leaky what kind of rebuild kit do I need The caliper or the... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    If my brakes are leaky, what kind of rebuild kit do I need? The caliper or the cylinder kit?

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    • Rebuild is quite different from 'fix leaks'. For both brakes and forks. Seals and dust seals for forks will address most leaks when it comes to forks but that isn't a 'rebuild'. The wear items are the fork bushings and the springs. As long as you have them apart to replace the seals - rebuild them. It will only take about 20 min. additional per leg. As to the brakes - year and make specific is the best way to be sure you're getting the right parts. Stick to that.

    • Thanks man. The problem isn't time, it's money. I can spend $30-$60 on parts but not $150-$300 per part...

    • You'll be able to rebuild both calipers and the master for right about $100 total for parts and brake fluid. Shop around.

    How many of you guys have ridden long distances I d like to take her down to... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    How many of you guys have ridden long distances? I'd like to take her down to serpentine (about an hr and a half away) but since she only does a max of 85kms I'm not sure how'd that would go with Perth drivers :p

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    • Thanks for yr advice, I'm keen to do a fundraising run like the one on at the moment in the future, might have to diet too!

    • Jeremy Eva Brown I put a pod filter on and drilled the main jet out from 0.69mm to 0.8mm. I removed the horizontal internal pipes/baffles in the exhaust. It was very loud.

      I didn't check if it was lean or rich but it ran fine, maybe a bit hot/lean.

    • The thing I find scary about a postie bike is the quick turn in on corners. Coming from a bigger bike it always gets me. The speed is fine

    Photos from Matt Killin's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners


    Honda VTR 1000 V Twin Firestorm 1999 in very good condition

    Heaps of power from low end to top end great on the highway and handles awesome in the hills or the twistie roads

    47000km on the clock

    Staintune high rise exhaust

    Pirelli Diablo tyres still lots of tread left

    New brake pads and rotors

    Chain and sprockets still in very good condition

    Carbies have #48 jets and have been synched and balanced

    New air filter

    K&N oil filter and new synthetic oil just done

    Flush mount indicators on the front and smaller LED indicators with resistors to keep flash rate normal

    Paint is in really good condition hardly a scratch on the whole bike

    After market levers are on there way

    Tinted screen

    Just paid 6 months rego RWC can be supplied on sale easily can be made into single seat rego about $220 a year

    Has rear seat cowl

    located sunshine coast qld happy to help transport $4200 ono

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    • That's cheap ay..

    • Free delivery????? :-0

    • Free delivery in Australia for $4200