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Team red are in the pub

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  • is that the one by the canal at Camden?

  • Go team red show the yellows how it's done lol

  • I'm in team red too

Anyone ever replace the stator or rectifier before my 1100 won t hold a charge... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Anyone ever replace the stator or rectifier before my 1100 won't hold a charge is it a hard job or easy thanks for any tips my bike is 1998 spirit 1100

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  • Sounds good I will get my bike fixed fast love to ride

  • I found a rectifier on E-bay for $25 (y) its from China but it been year two and working great so far. If you do change it out make shur to get some heat sink compound as well.

  • is the heat shrink for the wires or to cover the plugs Tommy Lee. I bought my rectifier from bond a week ago and now they tell me this Thursday this Honda dealer sucks. I paid 85 for it

Photos from Colin Clark's post — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

colour changed engine bar and aux lights from factory silver to Matt & Satin Black to match blacked out engine and rear swing arm, quite pleased with results even if i do say so myself ;-)

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  • yep look better in black!!! what were they thinking at honda factory???

  • Yes . Nice job Colin,they look a lot better.

Just wondering what people s thoughts are on a rigid rear end — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Just wondering what people's thoughts are on a rigid rear end ???

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  • I've thought about giving it a go myself. Haven't yet. Interested to see what people say.

  • Done mine rigid with no big hopesbut actually isnt as bad as I thought to ride, seat takes allort of the bumps so keeping it rigid now, also dropped the rear as low as I could get it and added a suiced shift aswell so im not exactly going for practical

my friends have a cbf 1000 2010 by 2 months and sofre of schimmi the handlebars... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

my friends have a cbf 1000 2010 by 2 months and sofre of schimmi, the handlebars does not stand still if the soaking, this happens even without bags, is not that someone can give me advice thanks

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  • Had this one time on cb750, tire was mounted in wrong direction. Usually tire ore ballancing problem.

What are people s thoughts on this headlamp — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

What are people's thoughts on this headlamp?

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  • Nice layout, but I don't like the colours. That's an easy fix though

  • I'm changing the green on mine soon to something else so would keep the green until then, I'm looking into getting my panels done with hydro graphics at some point.

  • And the wheels painted.

when it comes to planning routes for rides what do you use os maps or the... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

when it comes to planning routes for rides what do you use? os maps or the online maps ?

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  • i have just been looking on the apple map thingy on my computer :)

  • Should come down matlock there's a few lads from chesterfield I meet up with always a good laugh

  • Yes matlocks close too me and chesterfeild even better:-)

Nicholas Lee Cowling shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club. — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Free online route planner to map and share your routes for walking, running and cycling. Accurately map and measure your walks, runs and bike rides with route directions and elevation profiles.

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  • very good, but will take a wile to get used to, I'm sick of these map planners taking me the main way, i want to go the really quiet roads off the beaten track :) more exploring then :)

— Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

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  • I'm still talking about the piston guys...

  • In America you can own one of any length, but in the UK now it needs to be at least 12" long, and also a long counter weight to help you handle it.

  • Still pistols of course...

Naipon yung dumi. kklinis ko lng nito eh d kc kalsada sa lugar nmin putikan — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Naipon yung dumi . :( kklinis ko lng nito eh d kc kalsada sa lugar nmin putikan.. :( huhu

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  • Alikabok siguro naiipon lng

  • Pwede laya butasan ng maliit yan? Para hindi tigilan ng tubig. Baka ma denge ka hehehe.

  • May butas na tlga yan na ipon lng tlga, anyway wala nmn diperensya kahit maipunan yan ng dumi at tubig basta wag lng ung sa taas na part nya yang may air intake :)

Sold set of polished downpipes rectifier used fronthead various manual... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Sold set of polished downpipes, rectifier, used fronthead, various manual tensioners, gear indicator, dynokit, leovince low mount cans, Zero Gravity double bubble dark smoke screen, a BMC race airfilter and some small used parts in just a couple of days, so busy shipping times ahead and most important: VTR owners happy again :-)

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  • theres a few ways of doing it, for the best results, i'd suggest taking the headers off the bike, then attack them with a power drill with a wire brush attachment, followed by wire wool then wet n dry, then finally polish them with a quality metal polish, it takes the best part of a day and it's boring as hell.

  • Although Stainless Steel down pipes look nicer, the stock steel pipes cope better with the repeated heating/cooling process of exhaust pipes. To restore them, remove them from your bike, use a wire brush + drill, 400 sand paper, Autosol and elbow grease. To keep them in tip top condition, as a routine wipe them with a coat of light oil or WD40. It will burn when you start your bike so don't alarm if you see smoke rising. Your pipes will remain clean, smooth, and looking good.

  • another option, one I've used in the past, leave the headers on the bike and use a dremel/rotary tool, with the correct attachments, you can achieve good results, but you won't be able to get in the awkward area's, so it's a bit of a half arsed job, but still better than the yucky brown, as Edward says, use wd40/gt85/acf50 after a ride and the finish will last a lot longer.....

Has anyone experienced problems with the petcock not closing I found that when... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Has anyone experienced problems with the petcock not closing? I found that when applying vacuum to the petcock it opens but it either doesn't release the vacuum at all or very very slowly. And that is with a stiffer spring. Went for another test ride yesterday but she wasn't all too happy...this morning she was flooded so badly that the intake ports under the carbs were even filled up...engine wouldn't even turn from it creating a lock. Pulling the tank off I closed the petcock test after I had it off I open and fuel just flows!

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  • You can use other kits as well depends on what you need, i have used a certain Honda GL1500 type of petcock diaphragm :-) (less expensive )

  • Thanks guys. You see, for me to buy anything other directly from Honda would take 4 to 5 weeks before I have it due to shipping. Even though a little more expensive it will be easier and less stressful for me to order the VTR specific parts.

  • I buy from main distributors, can check leadtime for you

Well first commute to work since picking the bike up from Crescent Honda — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Well, first commute to work since picking the bike up from Crescent Honda (with the new generator fitted) and it's so much more refined than commuting on the 600 Hornet! Glad to have the Biffer back! :):)

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  • Is your's a blue 08 plater?

  • 09 red (minus Topbox for a trip abroad as the Dry Bag is larger!)

  • Nice, trying to find the blue 08 plater locally with the same reg series as mine.

Elbert Navarro shared a link to the group: HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

My trail ride to work :3

Sorry for very very poor video quality. Still haven't bought poor man's gopro hehehe :3

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  • Lungsod po hehe. Weekly lang. Next next week pag punta ko doon sa isang barangay na super hirap ang daan kunan ko din video :3

  • Sana wag n ptagilid >_<

  • Upload ko next next week hehehe.

Mga kapatid — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga kapatid,

Ito na pala yung hand guard na pinalagay ko sa motor ko. Bale yung handle bar na stock parin pinagkabitan, pinabutasan ko nalang sa machine shop kasi walang butas ang handle bar natin...thanks pala sa mga sumagot sa tanong ko reparding this...happy sunday and God bless to all!...

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  • San ka nakabili sir at magkano? ayus,,,,

  • Carl Rodriguez dito po sa amin sa isang motorcycle parts dealer. Bale mura lang po siya kasi hindi original; 450 pesos po pinambili ko...

  • Ganda tingnan. (y)

Ok here she is my wife s 08 Spirit 750. Got a question. It needs a new battery — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Ok, here she is, my wife's 08 Spirit 750. Got a question. It needs a new battery. It just won't hold a charge. Had to "bump start" it several times today. When I went to Auto Zone, they had a battery that the specs were right, but it was about an inch taller than the one I have. Will this work, or do I need to go to the dealer to get a battery?

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  • I have a "carquest" battery in mine you have to take the little plastic tray out and it fit fine. Hubby said the walmart batts are excide's brand.

  • I had the same problem i made them open boxes until they found the right one with the right was for a suzuki in there system

  • I bought my battery in 2008 from the Honda dealership. I paid $110 for it but it was fully charged so I could start riding as soon as it was put in. I could have gotten the exact same battery from them (without being charged) for about $30 less but I was itching to ride!!!

Thinking of riding Hy 1 from Santa Barbara to Monterey Ca Any thoughts on how... — Honda Shadow Aero

Thinking of riding Hy 1 from Santa Monterey Ca. Any thoughts on how long it takes and gas stations along the way? I can go about 130 miles on main tank.

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well could not resist taking the bike for little spin tonight wow much faster... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

well could not resist taking the bike for little spin tonight, wow, much faster than i thought, its like a little rocket, felt just like being on a dirt bike, and the noise wow, dont think my street will be happy lol :)

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  • Yes :-)

  • was shocked my cars power is gradual but that msx is instantaneous

  • ¬¬!! cheecky beach!!

so we have jack who is admin lives in the south of the uk and me who is from... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

so we have jack who is admin, lives in the south of the uk and me who is from the north of the uk, where a bouts are we all from on here?

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  • We are looking to do a meet soon in Rutland who's interested in meeting at Gavin Davies then going on a ride out

  • James did you go past the tea hut at blackheath on Friday? On a red one? Wanna meet for a ride at some point maybe go meet the five msx owners in dartford?

  • Wasn't me... and yes group meet soon, once i have mine

— Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

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  • Nice job, was it hard to fit the new tenisenor. Was it easy to get the old ones out, and last how do you know you have the right tension on the chain. Cheers Steve

  • There's a write up on easy job to do . Take off the cam covers . Time that cylinder to tdc. Cable tie for extra safety. The undo old tensioner. The write up say there should be about 5mm of play in between the inlet and exhaust cam . I followed this and it worked well .

  • my good friend carl did that cct write up, he did a very good job, the pics in the write up are from my spare

So as I ve been in training for the last 8weeks I ve decided I m going to get a... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

So as I've been in training for the last 8weeks, I've decided I'm going to get a bigger bike so will be selling my msx pretty soon as I'll be commuting bigger journeys.

How's the demand for msx's now, it has less that 1200miles on it and was purchased last December.

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  • Oh :-(

  • stick msx, they awsum bigger bikes can only get into 3rd gear in uk lol

— Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

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  • awsum thats 1 swiss person and a french, we are global :) welcome all :)

  • Stealth it

  • Mirko Mix Rimoldi switzerland power...!!!

Photos from Shah Moynul Hussain's post — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

2013 Ace Cafè monkey run!

I've had surgery on my right hand/wrist removing a massive cyst last week and it still hasn't healed properly so I might not be able to join u guys tomorrow :( but if I feel up to it I might just make my way to Ace and see u guys then head back home.

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  • Lol. Yeah there were loads of us but only 2 MSX's that were completely stock apart from Gavin Davies putting on some stickers lol. I hope my hand isn't to painful cos I really wana see all the modded up MSX's and owners!

  • Hey, I'd taken the strap off my seat and added a +1 front sprocket! Radical mods them...

  • Raaaaaad! Lol



Hi all, I was just contacted by Gavin Greenall who is the owner of Jap4performance, His company specialise in supplying us with all our Tyga goodies in the UK. He noticed that we have just started a this group, so spoke with me and said he would like to set us up with a discount (for group members only). All you have to do is order the parts direct through their facebook page Jap4performance, or over the phone, you can reach them on their office number 01616136600 if you do not like ordering through Facebook.

Discount Code - JAP4MSXUK10 and this entitles you to 10% off any purchase you make with them.

The vast majority of their stock gets sent out next day, and also the vast majority of the time delivery will be free, items may vary.

*Please note this does not apply to eBay purchases*

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  • Depends if it's a small part or big part but maximum cost of £35.00 tracked shipment

  • Adrian ST Trevisani

  • Ben Smith

Photos from Jack Dempsey's post — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Would anyone be interested in buying one of these branded Honda msx125 owners club shirts? When we start making them they will cost around £6 + p&p

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  • If your down for shipping to the states, I'm down to buy one!

  • Go on then, ill have one when they're ready. Like the black with red/white writing on.

  • I'm in. In US also.

Hi someone experiences. positive or negative. with the Kaoko Cruise Control — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum


Hi, someone experiences (positive or negative) with the "Kaoko Cruise Control"?

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  • Yup I have the kaoko cruise control on my CT - works very well, simple to use...can't complain money well spent

  • Like wise. Good bit of kit. Great for Touring on motorways. Fix it and relax!

  • How much it?