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A couple of people asked me what I used to bring my bike down on Sunday, well it was this. A Honda SM-X minivan. Just take the rear bench seat out and you can just squeeze the MSX in.

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Summersale following VTR parts used and or new pm if interested so i can give... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Summersale following VTR parts used and/or new, pm if interested so i can give price incl shipping. (Not all available parts are listed)

- swingarm (2)

- subframe

- frame

- stay (front subframe)

- cdi unit

- ignition coils

- windscreen (OEM Honda)

- windscreen dark smoke (after market)

- windscreen clear ( MRA )

- chain case (drive chain)

- rearshock *** SOLD

- connection rod rearshock

- sidestand *** SOLD

- top yoke + stem

- airbox + filter

- thermohouse with sensor

- rear fender

- front fender (oem italian red - R-157)

- seatcover (oem medium blue B-162M)

- handlebars left+right

- front brakes with braided hoses and reservoir/brakemastercylinder+lever *** SOLD

- rear brake with braided hose and reservoir/brakemastercylinder

- front head (2)

- rear head (3) *** 1 SOLD

- VTR engine complete running order (2)

- seat

- wireharness

- standard belly with brackets

- kill switch with wiring

- rectifier/regulator (NEW)

- BMC race airfilter (NEW)

- HID bi-xenon with slim ballast 6000 K (NEW)

- Cylinderhead gasket (NEW) *** 1 SOLD ***

- Inlet valves (NEW)

- Exhaust valves (NEW)

- Valve seals (NEW)

- Gear indicators Red (NEW)

- Zero Gravity Double Bubble Dark Smoke screen (NEW)

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  • Shock SOLD

  • Stand SOLD

  • Rob, could you pm price on the race air filter? Is it just a performance part?

I just spoke to honda i was not aware of the side stand cut off so im... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

I just spoke to honda i was not aware of the side stand cut off:-( so im hoping thats what it was:-)

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  • :-)

  • I've disconnected mine.

  • it's fine until the you a) forget the kick stand or b) the spring goes and it falls down on its own. Then you get thrown off at next corner. I bypassed mine once, but only because the switch fell off on the way home once. It was bypass it or push it! :)

— Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

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  • Happy to hear that is nothing serious :-)

  • Me two, i was thinking the bikes going home on a low loader:-(

  • No worries :-)

Mga bro okey lang ba na ganitong ilaw ang lagay natin sa xr125l natin kase... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga bro,okey lang ba na ganitong ilaw ang lagay natin sa xr125l natin kase masyadong malaki ilaw nya eh na stock eh.

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  • Ok lng marami pa nmn ibang pag kakataon pag meron ulit sabihan kita baka sakali maka jumping ka nmin hehehe

  • Sir Rafael Samson, for safety reason mas ok ang stock natin na signal light. madali kasi makita ang ilaw lalo pag araw.

  • Lagay na ko nyan dati sirain din hina, sa eagle eye ako naniwala tibay led kasi cguro

Eros Panem shared a link to the group: HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

sa mga wala pang plate dyan na katulad ko. huntingin na natin ang mga dealer natin.

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  • Baka ang sinasabi ng mga dealaer "Sir, wala pa sa amin nasa LTO pa." <- Kasi hindi pala nila kinukuha. Hehe

  • kahit sana OR/CR muna para wala penalty sa checkpoint

  • ang akin four months na .wala pa rin tinawagan ko dealer kahapon.Mag antay antay lang daw.

Trying to find a replacement tank for the 1986 450 Honda Rebel I am restoring — Honda Rebel Riders

Trying to find a replacement tank for the 1986 450 Honda Rebel I am restoring. Anyone have any ideas where I can find one in good condition?

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  • You could also try but don't hold your breath. A good condition tank can fetch up to $500....

    There is a company that sells ones for 250's on Ebay, the tunnel has to be widened a bit to fit on the 450 backbone but people have done it.

    Or, as a last resort, taking the old tank to a metalworking place and get them to copy it (could be expensive!)

  • I have an 87 and bought my tank on eBay

  • Ha.. in your dreams...

I love my Shadow but it has a lousy seat very uncomfortable I had more... — Honda Shadow Aero

I love my Shadow but it has a lousy seat...very uncomfortable. I had more padding put into it and that has helped a little. I would like too buy a new Mustang seat but they are too expensive. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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  • Be sure to get a mustang that can double as a solo.

  • Thanks for all the advice.

  • It is expensive but one of the best investments you can make in your own comfort.

This is my 2004 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100C that I purchased a few days ago for... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

This is my 2004 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100C that I purchased a few days ago for $500. Installed a new battery and it runs and rides great.

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  • I knew the problem would be in those switch clam shells. Mine only had to be cleaned with contact cleaner and no more problems with the light

  • Try seafoam, should clean the varnished carbs...

  • Wow.... you stole that !!!! good for you :)

Photos from Christopher Foster's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Here she is.

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  • Looks aside, a 'storm is a 'storm! The ride, power & eagerness to go ballistic at will is why I will never own anything else. I adore my 'storm & genuinely couldn't give a golden rats ass if noone likes mine either. I love her!

  • That's how it was when I got it ... The cans

  • Désolé je pensais que c'etait ton choix ce style et ces couleurs.

I m trying — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

I'm trying

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  • Once I get better at 1st gear wheelies I want to do second gear bump ups from the rear pegs, I assume they will be more stable with more speed.

  • Can always put a 14 tooth front sprocket on and will give a taller first gear.

  • Will make the speedo a bit inaccurate though.

Anyone know if I can change the colour of the background light on the dashboard — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Anyone know if I can change the colour of the background light on the dashboard? If it's just a bulb or something else? The bike I ride at work is a CB500F and the clock is pretty much identical but the background light is blue, if it's case of swapping the bulb then I'm gonna try that.

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  • Cheers mate.

  • U oduct/product&path=108_137&product_id=159

  • Sweet.

Well on my first run tonight i got 64mph. — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Well on my first run tonight i got 64mph :-)

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  • I was on country roads thats all there is round me:-(, unless someone sticks at 50 i have to do 60:-(

  • But you should run it in you don't wanna blow it up, it should be ok but it's better to bad safe then sorry

  • I would keep the revs down to about half for about 400 miles then up it a tiny bit till 600/first service just to be safe

Gracias por aceptar mi solicitud soy de Argentina no tengo una Honda pero es... — Honda Rebel Riders

Gracias por aceptar mi solicitud, soy de Argentina, no tengo una Honda pero es una réplica de la Rebel, la marca es Mondial y el modelo HD254A

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  • ¿Qué año es su motocicleta?

  • Muchas Gracias Kelly, Dodi y Nahuee. La motocicleta es año 2013

  • I don't have a clue what your saying......but I'm really diggin those rims

I m wondering if anyone can help me I have a 98 aero and the problem is when... — Honda Shadow Aero

I'm wondering if anyone can help me? I have a 98 aero and the problem is when it's been on the road it starts to bog down on me. I replaced the battery to a sealed one two years ago. It's not taking a charge, all fuses are good. If the battery dies will it stay running or is the alternator no good or the fuel pump bad? There's only 6k on it.

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  • Good luck,

  • Thanks

  • Check your voltage regulator.

Photos from Jack Dempsey's post — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Coupe of photos from today's monkey run, was fantastic and great to meet everyone, really enjoyed it. 14 MSX'ers and a ton of money bikes resulted in a great rip round all the sights in London, never had so many people cheer and take photos, the 3rd photo of all the bikes together was all the bikes that went on the run so numbers were very big! We all sounded like 6 hours of rolling thunder! (Sorry for everyone that was behind me, didn't realise how loud it was until Luke Mcleod moaned on the way home

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  • Im gutted too and as admin i should have been there but work commitments have to be dealt with:-(

  • James Jenkinson, get the fueling checked on a dyno & wideband - we've had no end of problems with people melting pistons when the 'tuning boxes' weren't good enough.

  • I will be doing when I save up for one

Woohoooo. finally stopped for lunch after 120ish miles — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Woohoooo... finally stopped for lunch after 120ish miles....

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  • Almost 200miles now I got wind burned lips :(

  • I keep chapstick in both my bike for the same reason lol

  • Yup I will now carry it always. Just don't know about my cheeks my son was convinced I was sun burnt...

My husband is on call this weekend so we haven t been able to go for a ride — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

My husband is on call this weekend, so we haven't been able to go for a ride. :-( Today the weather was just too nice to stay inside. I washed and waxed both bikes, and cleaned the leather. Next weekend I'll probably get the chrome polish out for finishing touches. They haven't been broken down and CLEANED since last year... boy were they dirty! That's what happens when you spend more time riding than cleaning, I guess. LOL

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    Photos from Jeff Knowlton's post — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    sprayed 10 mins prior to pics the old fashion way lay it on heavy. No wetsanding or buffing needed. Pics do not do justice. The parts besides my tank are for a 1984 v65 magna will have for sale in a week

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    • and what are the results of bad flashing?

    • Tom understand that the volatiles (VOCs) WILL "flash off". If you don't allow this to happen, remember the volatiles WILL flash off, and not thru the surface they are applied to. Be patient and be attentive to what you are working on.

    • Flash times are critical for adhesion, gloss and dirt control. If you walk away for an hr lunch between coats when the flash time is 15 mins you are allowing more time for dust and more likely you will have adhession problems like blistering clearcoat down the road. Hope this helps..

    guys hv anybody replaced carburettor in ur r if yes wts dt price my... — Hero Honda Karizma

    guys hv anybody replaced carburettor in ur r....if yes wts dt price??? my carburettor cylinder has got damaged.....,,thank u in advance

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    • oh k den wt should i do wth dt parts inside d red mark .....tell me clearly wt to do bro pls@ashwin

    • Don't do anything. Ask mechanic if everything with it is fine. Don't mess it up.

    • But, its not related to your carb problem.

    Photos from Brent Cordray's post — Honda Rancher Forum

    looking to trade this 07 xcf 250 for a rancher ether 350-420 if this isnt allowed feel free to delete just need another rancher, bike has lots of new stuff an have extra stuff including a fmf powerbomb header an titanium 4.1 exhaust not in pic its still being shipped to me in excellent condition has newer rims,seat,graphics,levers,guards,hoses,radiator guards,tires,grips,skid plate,pads,rotor guard,battery,all fluids motorex an evens bike runs awesome sounds great elec an kick start, have title for it too Morgantown WV would travel sum to meet if worth atleast 2500-3300$ with all i have on an for it bike will speak for itself

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      Pro s and con s the DCT — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum


      Pro's and con's the DCT?

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      • The only con I can imagine is the price tag when you buy the bike new. But, if I look at my dealership`s figures, the DCT is the most popular version. Out of 10 CT`s he sells, 7 are DCT. Those figures are even higher when you look at the NC700-750 figures, DCT is becoming popular really fast.

      • 100% pro. I've had a NC700X dct and fell in love with this system. Always the right gear, easy to use, and safe in usage. The combination with the 700cc was already good, the 1200 V4 is even better. Never want anything else.. Con? What J-P says.. the price.

      • Agree with both of the above. The extra price tag can be out weighed by the ultra smooth gear changes that the DCT gives you,and without any fear of a low speed stall allowing the balance of the bike to become unsettled. Along with the fact that for a pillion rider the DCT makes for a very smooth ride for them.