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What do you do with your bike when Winter comes?

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  • South Florida here. The coldest is might get in the Palm Beach area is down in the 40s or 30s late at night. So I get to ride all year long. Especially looking to riding once in gets colder here (still in the 70s and 80s right now), since it's been such a warm summer and fall.

  • She did not want to start today. Been over a month. But she finally did.

  • Snow very rare here, unless you want to go to the mountains.

My bike will be in storage until spring — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

My bike will be in storage until spring :(

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  • I ride all winter and summer I never leave my bike I own a truck but its been sitting for a few years now without being taken out once lol

  • we can get up to 2feet of snow at once it makes it hard to get the bike through that and it get down to -20 degrees c with wind and colder you have fun but here its not even possible even though there are days here and there in the winter when the roads are good enough

  • Lol I also live in Arizona so that might be another reason

— Hero Honda CD 100

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  • Tomas Räumschüssel: Yaeh !! First CD100 rolled out to the market on 1985 .... had many Made in Japan parts, but completely Manufactured in India

  • It also had made in Japan embossed on the magnet cover.

  • Nitesh G Patidar!! Thts the perfectionists touch

Need some advice team Woman pulled out into my path from a cross street and to... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Need some advice team! Woman pulled out into my path from a cross street and, to avoid hitting her, I swerved and crashed. It wasn't a big crash, but my legs got mangled up a bit and the bike is damaged. We exchanged details (except for her insurance details) and all was cool... but NOW she says that she won't give me her insurance details... cops won't get involved and I only have 3rd party insurance (so my insurance guys won't help either!)

What do I do? Just want her to fix my bike!

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  • It's black and white my friend. Because you did not connect with her as in hit her, then she is not involved, you might as well have had a solo accident cause you did. Without any marks on her car to show she was there/involved then she wasn't "in the eyes of the law" and your good intentions are going to kick you in your own ass. Then people start saying, you should have been going at a speed were you could stop safely and bla bla bla. Bottom line is, you have to connect with them to involve them to blame them. it happens every day my friend.

  • U could learn how to stay upright, ya meathead

  • what damage is done to the bike? I've stacked a few times and other than broken mirrors there's not to much you can break on a postie.

I have this vehicle from 1998 until 2011 now I change the model and the face... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

I have this vehicle from 1998 until 2011 now. I change the model and the face of my motorcycle. of kenalpot, carburetor, wheels, tires, seats, standard middle, the engine cradle, rear footstep. I am from Indonesia who are members of a community. community are: CB INDONESIA. All users, especially motorcycles honda cb collected in a container with the given name of the CBI or CB INDONESIA. we only have one name in one country. add my facebook. we share our experiences and stories about the honda cb. is there anyway to communities throughout the HONDA brand users will be merged into one name is HONDA COMMUNITY.

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    I ve got a fuel leak where the petcock goes to the tank I ve replaced the o... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I've got a fuel leak where the petcock goes to the tank. I've replaced the o-ring and inspected everything and I can't seem to figure out why it's leaking. The leak is a slow drip, probably a drop every 2-3 seconds. If anyone could help me out with a solution that doesn't require me to pay $56 for a new petcock, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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    • replace it.

    • what year?? check with your dealer, some years were recalled for the petcock - may get it fixed free.

    • I'd start with calling the dealer.. have the vin # handy, they should be able to look it up.

    Just putting a feeler out there This may be going on the auction block next... — Honda 350x

    Just putting a feeler out there.... This may be going on the auction block next week. Only things wrong with it are: piece of cooling fin that holds one of the exhaust bolts broke off. Does not effect a thing, but I do have a spare head, and B/N OEM studs. Or, if you can weld aluminum, it's a 10 minute fix. Also, I do not have the original tank. I have the 3 gal. IMS (shown), and a Maier tank, both like new. I have ALL of the original parts, except for the tank. I also have a boatload of extra parts including 2 exhausts, a head, new carrier bearing in plastic, new timing chain, grab bar, and a pile of OEM hardware, and fittings. New chain, sprockets, wheels, tires, along with the originalwheels, and tires. (Original tires have 40 - 50% tread). This trike is a true 8 out of 10. I paid $2760 for it, plus I have $2000 worth of new, and extra parts that will keep this thing running for another 26 years. She is a POWERHOUSE! Whatta ya think?

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    • That thing is very very nice!

    • OMG its super nice

    • Great

    Hi all I am interested on hardbags and I like the Tourer and how it fits on 98... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Hi all......I am interested on hardbags, and I like the Tourer, and how it fits on 98 Shadow ACE, But I have a 99 Aero VT1100 C3, My doubt is if they fits on my bike? and if anyone knows websites that sells it??

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    • You can buy the bags and brackets for an ACE tourer and mount them on a aero. I too have a 99 aero and looked at this. The cost is astronomical though. National Cycle makes a pair of hard bags for an aero, cost is around 800.00. And you can paint them to match. This is the option I am going with for mine. The 1100 ACE and the 98-02 Aero share the same frame and engine.

    • They have some nice hardbags on ebay for around $500

    Just back from another awesome ride on my shadow Beautiful scenery great... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

    Just back from another awesome ride on my shadow :) Beautiful scenery, great weather, and not much traffic on roads = very enjoyable ride!!!

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    • Ive never seen snow, riding all year round where i live ( Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia ) I will keep you posted on my rides while you hang it out for the snow to clear. Thanks Narelle and Tazeer, i like her too :)

    • haven't seen snow either, (Sunshine Coast Queensland ), it never get too cold to ride here, though the brakes did stick a bit last winter :) Enjoy your snow guys :)

    • i lik olso bahk rader im olso raser in pakistan

    Hey we re looking at getting some sort of a GPS nav system for one of our bikes... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Hey, we're looking at getting some sort of a GPS/nav system for one of our bikes, now that the wife is riding, too, and we'll be going on longer rides.

    So I don't know if anyone is familiar with this, but there's an activity called geocaching (look up that is like a worldwide scavenger hunt by participants in the sport, and you use a GPS system to locate the exact lat/long coordinates of these hidden items, usually sign a piece of paper to say you were there, on a log, or exchange a small prize in a watertight tube with another little trinket.

    So my wife and I want to get involved with this geocaching, and need like a handheld GPS to do so, but also want a TomTom or Garmin to travel on the bike with.

    Do the automotive nav systems also contain latitude/longitude coordinate GPS features in addition to the driving directional systems??

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    • drinking and driving is bad

    • yeah but coffe is ok, lol

    • Be careful with the coffee. You have the right cup with the wind flowing over the hole just right and it'll suck some out if it's full. I know this personnally.

    Wonderful day for a Thanksgiving Day ride in Wisconsin It was a heatwave of... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Wonderful day for a Thanksgiving Day ride in Wisconsin. It was a heatwave of 50ºf. Anybody else go for a Thanksgiving Day ride?

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    • Road with my wife (newly licensed, she has my 750 now, me on my ACE T 1100) down to friends' for Turkey Day. Beautiful day in South Florida, about 75 out with partly sunny skies. Laid out by the pool a couple days before.

    Please can someone confirm Tire size. Fr and Rr. I have a 750 Aero 2004 model — Honda Shadow Aero

    Please, can someone confirm Tire size (Fr and Rr). I have a 750 Aero 2004 model.

    I have a Fr 120/80 17 and Rr 160/80 15 but am think Fr one must be 120/90 17. PLEASE CONFIRM.

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    • that is from the manual for a 2005 Aero

    • 2004 sorry for the typo

    • Thanks ..... then my homologation documents are wrongs

    Hey all a question here about RPM speed — Honda Shadow Aero

    Hey all, a question here about RPM speed:

    I recently got a really cheap RPM gauge, since the bike/s don't have a Tach, and wrapped the wire a couple times around one of the sparkplug wires to get a reading, so I can adjust my idle cable for an accurate speed.

    Well it was down around 1000-1100 RPM, but my manual says 1200 plus or minus a hundred. Now I thought maybe that was high, so I looked at my car with automatic transmission and it idles around 900ish to 1000.

    So is 1200 really as high as the moto needs to be??

    Also, as long as the engine isn't dying or struggling in idle, what's the harm in leaving it a little lower? (I know there IS harm, but enlighten me). Too high and you're unnecessarily using more gas and overrunning your engine, but what are the problems with too low? And does too low at idle ALSO affect engine performance at speed??

    As always, thanks for your input. I'm relatively new, and wish I had the experience to be able to listen and tell EXACTLY what my engine needs. But I hope I'm learning. :)

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    • hmmmm. Bad idea Honda had leaving that important device off the bike.

    • Idle to low, and you run hotter in the combustion chamber. The mixture is to lean and will cause damage eventually. Cars can run s lower rpm because they have more mass to keep themselves running, but they also have mass air flow sensors, o2 sensors, speed density formulation, and fuel injection. Computers calculate how much fuel is needed based on air flowing Into the engine. Setting your curb idle to low can have drastic effects on performance. You may see gains, but that is generally due to a lean fuel mixture, which will melt ring lands, piston rings etc. I learned this the hard way years ago, before I started wrenching for a living. Had a v-8 Chevy truck that got 24 mpg CITY ........for three months.......that is how long it took to melt the ring lands on 3 pistons, all because I wanted a lower idle and more response off the line. My advise.......if it ain't broke, don't alter it.......

    • And isn't always better....... A cheap tach may not be calibrated to the degree a quality built tach is. I can buy a half inch drive ratchet from Sears for $30.00 or spend $140.00 and get one from Snap-on tools. They both do the same task, but the latter has much higher quality, and therefore will be the better deal over the life of the tool. I am a cheapskate in some areas.......but neither my tools nor my transportation fall into that category. One reason why I have over 300k on one Honda, and 220k on another........... Just sayin....

    amigos cuanto puede salir una rebel 250 modelo 96 — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    amigos cuanto puede salir una rebel 250 modelo 96 ?

    en pesos argentinos o dolares??

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    • ni pensar algo 250

    • lo malo q aca no hay modelos tan nuevos podes llegar a encontrar algo pero hasta el 2000 como muchos

    • desde ya juancito y pablo muchas gracias y seguimos permanentemente comunicados como dice un amigo

    my 86 350x. not too stock anymore — Honda 350x

    my 86 350x... not too stock anymore

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    • Some people want that factory look. Some people want that modded look. But what I want, is a factory look with aftermarket performance. Like a good quality color scheme, (Ross your scheme is great, the seat really pulls it together.), but with wider rear end, and flatter tires. You know, better performance with a genuine look.

    • I hear ya. The seat is a hi flight. I had a good seat pan but the foam and cover were trashed. They have a ton of colors and styles to choose from. I agree with you guys on the exhaust too. It had a supertrapp on it but it was busted up. I figured id give the dg exhaust a try. Its ok but looking back, wished i would have gone with supertrap

    • I'd like to get a supertrap on mine someday instead of the stock one i got. Something rattles inside my muffler when its running. Drives me nuts!

    salmaan khan japanese cd100 sky blue — Hero Honda CD 100

    salmaan khan japanese cd100 sky blue......

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    • Bt. This. Modal. Made in japan"" hero honda. Nd. Japan" collabration" cd100. . 1984" to. 1992.

    • ok! that's why, the older ones are the japanese versions, mine was a 1997 and I thought it was old

    • Ohh rlly" tomas.

    Forgive me fellow Shadow riders. I sat on a Victory and I liked it — Honda Shadow Aero

    Forgive me fellow Shadow riders. I sat on a Victory, and I liked it.

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    • My son says the same thing about his 750, my 1100 Aero doesn't have a problem cruisin at turnpike speeds and will easily reach 90+.

    • Top speed of 80?? Something sounds amiss ......... I haven't a problem with my 1100 either. I was a bit upset when Honda downsized the bike in 03.........

    • Never catch me on a HD..... The bike does something that simply turns me off........ Or maybe its the fact that everybody has one, and everybody has one for sale. If they are such grand bikes, why get rid of them?

    anyone riding in NJ today — Honda Shadow Aero

    anyone riding in NJ today?

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    • nah, only about 36 now. Will be close to 55 later.

    • starting out at 60 today

    • yeah, i know. GREAT day for riding to nowhere!!!

    Guys pls take a look here — Hero Honda Karizma

    Guys pls take a look here..

    I need ur vote to achieve my one of the big dream..

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      having fun then it all went wrong lol — Honda 350x

      having fun then it all went wrong lol

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      • Finally watched ur video, sounds like the top end is about to fall apart, was a funny way to dismount the trike though, but I guess when ur in a hurry it works well..

      • great way to start my morning laughing my butt off and yes i have been there wrecking my 3-wheeler with many watching Lol

      • thats why i posted this vid xD

      Ivan Jazo shared a Page to the group: Honda Rebel Riders. — Honda Rebel Riders

      A ver chavos y chavas, para todos los que piensan que solo los busco cuando necesito algo, están ustedes en lo cierto. Así que ayúdenme a ganar un concurso de fotografía dándole un “I Like” aquí y después un “I Like” en mi foto participante: 6861993&set=a.10150359668926993.345011.11790547699 2&type=3&theater

      Y para los que no me dieron su apoyo para que me fuera a la inauguración de estadio de las chivas; esta es su oportunidad de redimirse.

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        Ivan Jazo shared a Page to the group: Honda Rebel 125 250 & 450. — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

        A ver chavos y chavas, para todos los que piensan que solo los busco cuando necesito algo, están ustedes en lo cierto. Así que ayúdenme a ganar un concurso de fotografía dándole un “I Like” aquí y después un “I Like” en mi foto participante: 6861993&set=a.10150359668926993.345011.11790547699 2&type=3&theater

        Y para los que no me dieron su apoyo para que me fuera a la inauguración de estadio de las chivas; esta es su oportunidad de redimirse.

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          Ok Shadow Aero friends if any of you buy parts new or used or upgrades for your... — Honda Shadow Aero

          Ok Shadow Aero friends, if any of you buy parts, new or used, or upgrades for your Aero on Ebay check this out. motorbox07 is a seller on ebay. I bought saddlebags from him 2 years ago. This sept while on a poker run, one of the locks fell off the bag. Contacted him and told him my problem. MOTORBOX07 STOOD BEHIND WHAT HE SOLD ME 2 YEARS AGO, and got me a new set of locks! So if anyone buys stuff on ebay PLEASE check out what he has.

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          • Now that is a rarity....the dealer looks the other way normally...

            >________________________ ________

          • Yeah, your not kidding. Usual story is to bad, so sad, not my problem!

          Como medir el nivel de aceite de mi rebel 250 con la moto totalmente vertical ó... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

          Como medir el nivel de aceite de mi rebel 250, con la moto totalmente vertical ó sobre el caballete lateral, con la varilla enroscada ó con la varilla al ras sin enroscar????????????, cuantos litros de aceite reales lleva????

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          • te lleva un litro y 3/4 te recomindo el motul saludos...

          • moto totalmente vertical y con la varilla sin enroscar . 1,5 litros

          • Gracias!!!

          Pic of stopper mod — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

          Pic of stopper mod.

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          • did ever happened that rear chain tentioner pops?

          • When mine did go, it took out all my valves as bent to fook! I got a replacement head almost new incl valves for £90 as used as my source for national breakers etc and my Dave did all the work and made the stopper mod for pennies...The rear ones rarely go as they have more oil to them etc..We did this stopper mod for a mate in Jan who had just bought his VTR and only had 15k on clock, you can never tell when it wil lgo but mine sounded like a bag of spanners going round in the washer..Pulled over and restarted...nothing ,click click fooked!! Better safe than sorry I say!

          • Dave made ours cost pennies really to make the stopper mods and end of issues full stop, you'd never know even if the spring did go! Luckily for me, Dave knew whht he was doing and did all the work himself on my bike (in the kitchen!!) so when I paid £90 for an almost new head incl all valves, quids in! thank god! So, he did his stopper mod for his bike right after mine,just in case. A mate who lives in Lower Gornley has a mate who had just bought a VTR,so when we were down there last Jan, we did his bike too,just in case! So Trevor, if you're reading this, I still have the single malt as Dave don't drink it!

          CCT. Cam Chain Tensioner. Fail Safe Mod. aka Stopper Mod — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

          CCT (Cam Chain Tensioner) Fail Safe Mod. (aka Stopper Mod)

          (1) Set-up the valve timing on the engine. The cylinder you're working on needs to be on the compression stroke at TDC aligning all timing marks just the same as if you were replacing the CCT's. See this link for setting the valve timing:- viewtopic.php?f=31&t=8326

          (2) I made up a copy of the Honda locking key, details from the Haynes workshop manual. Using the key turn the worm in the rear CCT clockwise 1/4 of a turn and lock off, then remove CCT. On the front CCT turn the worm clockwise 1/2 a turn and lock off, then remove the CCT.

          (The difference of 1/4 turn for the rear and 1/2 a turn for the front CCT is due to the fact that one CCT tightens up and the other slackens off when in use. So basically I've allowed 1/4 of a turn free play, allowing for expanding/shrinking of the different metals etc as they get hot when in use.)

          (3) Next I removed the plunger pin so you can remove the plunger head see diagram below.

          (4) You then need to work out what length rod you need to fill space 'A' see diagram. I used a piece of aluminium rod only a fraction smaller than the inside diameter of the plunger itself.

          (5) Once you have the correct length rod you can then put it all back together.

          pic to follow:

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            Alex Smith created a poll in Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

            Have a regulator rectifier problem any tips is it easy repair to do myself ?

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            • am going by that website, so will be looking for a r1 replacement so, am away and wont be back till weekend so should have parts sussed by then hopefully

            • cool cool. ;)

            • NOTE:-

              If you do decide to follow my instruction's you do so at your own risk!

              As far as I can be sure you won't have any problems if you follow them correctly, but I can't be held responsible if something did go wrong as I'm sure you'll appreciate!

              The problem with not removing the cam covers (well one cover anyway) is you may be at TDC but not on the compression stroke, in which case the cam chain will jump over the cam sprockets and you will then have a lot bigger job on, than just changing the CCT's, as you will have to re-set the valve timing!

              The following imo is the quickest and safest way I've found to replace the CCT's

              (1) Remove seat.

              (2) Disconnect block connector on end of wiring from fuel tank (located under-seat in front of battery box).

              (3) Unbolt fuel tank, turn fuel tap off with 8mm open end spanner and disconnect all hoses noting where each one goes first (use masking tape and write on it if you won't remember) then lift off tank (easier to do when tank is nearly empty).

              (4) Remove air filter box lid and air filter, then remove the two air intake trumpets, (noting where each one goes as they are different lengths) cover the intake holes of each carb with a clean rag so nothing can fall in there, next remove the screws holding the air box to the carbs and disconnect the breather hoses then remove the air box itself.

              (5) Remove the spark plugs and cover holes with clean rags

              (6) Remove the two caps from the alternator housing (left-hand side of bike when sitting on it) be very careful removing the center one as it's made of very soft material.

              (7) Using a socket and tee bar in the center hole of the alternator cover turn the engine over (anti-clockwise) until the timing mark 'RT' lines up with the mark on the alternator cover which can be seen in the 2nd hole of the alternator cover.

              (8 ) Remove the rear cam cover (it's much easier than the front one) also note models with the pair system will have a metal locating dowel between cylinder head and cam cover, not applicable on UK models.

              (9) Now looking at the camshafts, the lobes should be facing to-wards each other, if not turn the engine over one full turn (360 degrees) until the 'RT' mark is re-aligned, they should now be facing to-wards each other and the marks RI and RE on the camshaft sprockets should be level with the top part of the cylinder head and will be facing away from each other, you are now ready to remove the rear CCT.

              (10) Unscrew the small bolt in the end of the rear CCT and remove it along with the alloy sealing washer. Next turn the screw head inside the CCT clockwise two full turns, lock it off in position using a locking key. The Haynes Workshop Manual shows you how to make a simple locking key. Tape the key in place once you've locked the tensioner off, as you don't want the key jumping out. Next undo and remove the CCT. If you are using this guide to fit manual CCT's you can lock the tensioner in position without retracting it first (using a locking key), to give you a measurement that can be transfer to the manual CCT before fitting it.

              (11) Clean off mating surfaces, fit new gasket and new CCT, (they come already retracted) once fully tightened up you can release the CCT plunger making sure it unwinds slowly until full tension is released, then remove tensioning tool and re-fit sealing washer and bolt, then re-fit cam cover. REMEMBER TO TAKE THE METAL CAPS OFF THE OLD CCT PLUNGER HEADS AND FIT ONTO THE NEW ONES, AS THE NEW ONES ARE NOT SUPPLIED WITH THEM!!!!!!.

              (12) Now turn the engine over anti-clockwise 450 degrees (one and a quarter turns) until the 'FT' mark lines up with the mark on the alternator cover, you are now ready to remove the front CCT using the same procedure as the rear, without the need to remove the front cam cover.

              (13) Re-fit everything else in the reverse order of removal, I use a little thread lock on the screws that hold the base of the air box to the carbs.

              Once you have finished re-fitting the CCT's, before putting it all back together turn over the engine 3 or 4 complete turns using the socket and tee bar (anti-clockwise) just to make sure everything is turning freely before you start the engine!

              I hope that info is helpful to you!


              (A) I think it best if you try to see if you can undo the center cap in the alternator cover first before starting to strip the rest (remembering what I said about them being of a soft metal).

              (B) Make sure you only turn the engine over by hand ANTI-CLOCKWISE otherwise you will be putting extra load onto the CCT's which you really want to avoid.

              (C) Also don't forget to turn the fuel tap back on when re-fitting the tank! The later 19ltr fuel tank models don't have a manual fuel tap.

              Hope this helps, but yeah, I've emailed it to you alex ;-)

            i love ma bike — Hero Honda CD 100

            i love ma bike.................

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            • ghost rider ka cd100(dinesh)

            • hmmm

            • joooooordaaaarrrrrrrr........

            bro i jst touched 116mk in mah zmr for only 2 3 minutes b4 d 1st srvc will it... — Hero Honda Karizma

            bro,i jst touched 116mk in mah zmr for only 2-3 minutes b4 d 1st srvc... will it affect to d my bike prfrmnce?????? :-(

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            • bro.. i didnt get u... plz explain... :( Ankur Chopra

            • means in run in period you can mold your bike's performance..if u'll open throttle of your bike few times(though not very much), your bike will perform gud but mebbe u'll get lesser mileage in later period but if you won't open its throttle much in run in period then it'll return you better mileage figures but it won't perform like in first case..its like you have to mold your bike's engine like the way u want in run in period..extract better performance or mileage from it..its in your hand..

            • i will go fr better prfrmnce rather dan better mileage.... coz, prfrmnce matters yen u r on road & yen u r infrnt of hot & sexy gals.... :) :P Ankur Chopra

            This may be a dumb question but whats the MAX bore you can go on a 350x with... — Honda 350x

            This may be a dumb question but, whats the MAX bore you can go on a 350x with out boring the cases?

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            • better off just byin a 450r motor fucking trike will be retarded there already like 13:1 stock

            • if i remmeber correctly micheal its like a 430 around there does that motor have a stock head if so just have that head ported thats will wake her up lol

            Necesito de la Honda Rebel 250 87 la tuerca campana que entra al carburador que... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

            Necesito de la Honda Rebel 250 87, la tuerca campana que entra al carburador que viene del chicote del ahogador, es de plástico... ¿saben como conseguirla soy de México... saludos!!!

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            • talves la puedes hacer un adapatdor de metal..asi yo la remplase...saludos

            • Por Favor enviame una foto de como te quedo... Gracias!

            possible 600x project i just blew my 350x and want something with a lil more... — Honda 350x

            possible 600x project!! i just blew my 350x and want something with a lil more umff! anyone ever done this swap with a xr500/xr600 or xl600?? advice would be sweet

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            • oh xl? sorry i ment what you said.. hows the wirring on it? im pretty sure the xl600 is pretty much the same..

            • I heard that a motorcycle motor isnt balanced as good as a 3 wheeler and will crack the frame

            • well it dosnt have the counter balancer installed in it but look at it this way, if the xl600 motor didnt crack the xl600 frame then why would it make a difference since im using the xl frame? the only thing i have to change is im making the sub frame but i know how to weld so that should hold up good to and im probably going to gusset most if not all of it

            There were only 6 of these ever produced and 4 of them adorn my walls — Honda Shadow Aero

            There were only 6 of these ever produced, and 4 of them adorn my walls.

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            • These were commissioned by Honda, for none other than the temporary office site above what is now Honda Aero Inc in Burlington NC. The six signs were to be destroyed when the offices moved into the new plant. But, as luck would have it, I ended up with 4, and the other 2 adorn someone else's wall in NC. I wonder if I could get away with putting one up at the engine plant in Anna............. hmmm

            REMINDER I know at least 98 of you already know this but for the 2 that don t... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

            REMINDER: I know at least 98% of you already know this, but for the 2% that don't, I hope to save a lot of money and a trip to the mechanic shop next riding season. It's turning cold, and those that aren't blessed with year round riding weather are fixing to get that last ride in before parking it for the winter. Winterize Your Ride!!!! This is very important for a great start of the next riding season. This should include things like adding a proper amount of fuel stabilizer to the tank, run it enough to get thru the carbs, drain the fuel out of the carbs, fog the engine, Changing the oil and filter,(then changing the oil next spring never hurts) disconnect the battery, ect. Check with your local dealer or manufacture for the proper winterizing procedure for your bike. A little Preventative Maintenance this time of year saves money and less down time next season... Just a friendly tip, Ride safe everyone.

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