Some of my chrome covers are milky dull does anyone know how I can get it to... — Honda Shadow Aero

Some of my chrome covers are milky dull, does anyone know how I can get it to shine again?

  • The chrome starts wearing off over time and becomes dull is what he's saying. Once that happens its just too late.

  • The Turtle Wax All Metal Polish really shines it up like it was new - it's not too late!!! Really does work :)

  • It's too late for mine to be saved.

My 03 spirit 750 Anyone know about changing the stock handle bars to the T... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

My 03 spirit 750!! Anyone know about changing the stock handle bars to the "T" bars or dragg bars with the risers already built on them? I'm 6' 1" and the stock ones are just to low and my shoulders hurt after a long ride! Thanks!

  • i spun my risers 180. it pushed the bars out

  • I have the opposite problem.... I've got tendonidus and artheritus in my left shoulder, just rotated mine downward a bit hoping that will help. (Ok, I can't spell either). Been riding this most of this year with my left hand in my lap...Hurts to raise my arm, but hurts more not to ride.

  • Got the same bike Im 6ft. Original is good

Different Anybody got em. Reveiws Pro s Con s. I love my Longshots — Honda Shadow Aero

Different , Anybody got em. Reveiws, Pro's Con's. I love my Longshots

Sorry couldn't get the picture to link

http://www.canadasmotorcycle.c a/vance-and-hines-bagger-dual- exhaust-system-19403.html

  • Look pretty cool...interesting to put on!!! LOL

  • I've always wanted those on my 750 but I'm pretty sure no one makes them

Can an 84 V45 engine fit on an 82 v45 magna frame — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Can an 84 V45 engine fit on an 82 v45 magna frame

  • V65 is a mechanical speedo, but the gearing in the front hub is different from year to year regarding the speedo.

  • V65 sabre has an electronic speedo, that is part of the reason their complete guages are so damn expensive compared to a v65 magna

  • The ignition advance, carb jetting, and primary gear ratios between the VF700 and VF750 Magna models are different, so you would need to use those items from the year engine you use, but engine will bolt right in. The V45 Sabre is not as easy to convert, 1982 carbs and airbox are completely different config.

— Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

  • Agreed, years ago a friend had a Yamaha B-wizz with green U.V bar underneath the foot plates and was always getting stopped.

  • B-whizz is a called a Yamaha Zuma here.

  • His one was a real old model, he had it in 1998 and it was a few years old then.

Have a question I have completely rebuilt my rebel It now runs open exhaust... — Honda Rebel Riders

Have a question. I have completely rebuilt my rebel. It now runs open exhaust an a open air K&N air filter. I can't find any jets for the carb so I am having trouble adjusting it I don't want to just drill the jets an wind up to large or to small an have to do it again any suggestions

  • This is the bike

  • Just put a shim on the needle... that's what I did with mine. Works a treat :)

  • A shim ? Please explain more if I hold the "byvalve" choke open it runs great so I am sure it needs more fuel but on a non-adjustable carb how

  • a shim is a small washer that will lift the needle and allow more gas through.

    This vid is for the 450 but the concept is the same for the 250... v=7bDE9NnONbA

  • Thanks I knew what you ment just not so much as to where to shim it

Photos from Derek Patterson's post — Honda Shadow Aero

For sale : 09 Honda shadow aero vt750 with a little over 10K miles on it absolutely nothing wrong with it ... It's ready to hop on and ride asking $4000 firm located in Pennsylvania pm if you need more info

  • Yea the color def determines the speed of the bike lol

  • Yep it's the color

  • I love the color!

Photos from Jack Dempsey's post — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Dad let me ride his VFR today, and to be honest I would be lying if I said it didn't scare me, 14,000rpm in 3 gears was enough, hit 100mph like nothing, the constant power and the raw speed bikes like this have is unbelievable. I'm hooked.

  • speed is addictive, but the important thing is it being fun at a speed that won't land you in jail. I've had a few big bikes, and most have only been fun at highly illegal speed. I just can't wait to be able to afford track days again.

  • Inbox me Lee Bridger

  • I went on a vfr750 which my uncle has still got:-)

The on and both working — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

The on and both working!!

  • Halfords! How much and do you need a new relay? I've got the tyga rear ones fitted with the tyga relay.

  • £30 and no they work with the tyga relay

  • I think I asked you before but I forgotten, what did you use to cover the holes left when you took the stock indicators off.

Bigay sakin ng anak ko sinubukan ko ikabit masikip kelangan ba tanggalin... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Bigay sakin ng anak ko..sinubukan ko ikabit..masikip...kelangan ba tanggalin yung rubber na nakakabit pa sa shifter?

  • luma na un pareng ferdie ky Johnson na ang gamit ko ngaun

  • Akala ko 3 flowers! Hahaha..

  • ok dn un pre medyo mabango double purpose un kasama na gagaling pag may sipon ka

Surely an MSX was built to sound this way lol What an awesome difference to... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Surely an MSX was built to sound this way lol?? What an awesome difference to the stock exhaust? Are they worth anything by the way or bin job? Muchas thanks once again to the jap4performance boys!

  • Sure Mot don't check for emissions in bikes. I've never changed any of my bikes exhausts back to stock for MOT. And here in Northern Ireland our MOTs have to go through the government test centers which are more by the book

  • Right everyone just forget what I said then lol

  • generally speaking, cars made with a cat must keep their cats. In addition, they must also pass the emissions test for cats. Bikes are subject to neither of these rules that I'm aware of. I did have a flick through the official MOT manual the other day, and I don't recall anything about actual emissions tests for bike. A few cars fall into a grey area. Those made with cats but before cats became the law. These a supposed to retain their cats, but are tested as if they didn't have one. So if you remove it the car may still pass the emissions test, but the mot centre could still fail it for not having a cat. I did this twice and got away with it both times.

Photos from Pete Testara Pete's post — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

thought i had put these up already but cannot see them ,sorry if they have been removed ,if im clogging up the pages ill remove at anytime,just hope some of my progress and hints may help others.

go the post rebuilds cheers ;)

  • Looks good mate, haven't seen the post before!

  • Shiny

  • its keeping the page circulating, keep it going Pete :)

Best setup for a vtr1000 for track cuz my bike handles like shit and front... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Best setup for a vtr1000 for track cuz my bike handles like shit and front wheel keeps wanting to wash out!

  • Karl - i run a 1998 standard storm on the track , and recently purchased a GSXR 1000 K1 . They are way different handling bikes ! The only upgrades i have done are - dropped the forks through the yokes by 10mm, Put a spacer in the rear shock to jack it up , which means it turns in quicker , race spec brake pads , and put metzler race tech tyres on it . Tyre pressures set at 30psi front and rear . There isnt much that will go round me at cadwell , silverstone or snetterton until i get onto the straights when i get blown away by newer bikes ... i just laugh as i pass them in the corners again lol

  • If you have dropped the forks by 5mm and put a 6mm spacer, which will lift the back by approx 20mm (not 100% sure of linkage ratio) it sounds to me you have way too much weight on the front and it will wash out. Get forks and shock serviced, NEVER use progressive springs for track use, needs to be linear load rate. Spend the rest of your money on tyres and track time. The cheapest go-faster is practice and track time.

  • Sounds like you need to sell your storm and get a gixer,, could be a number of things, get to someone and get your suspension set up properly, what tyres are you running? I ride my storm low and fast on the twistys and never had it even twitch on the front end, maybe a fork service at the minimum might make some difference

Glen Johnson shared his photo to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Think its time to get her back on the road. She's been sitting in the dark since the last turn of the key in 2011.

  • What mini do you have?

  • 76 leyland

  • Nice I use to have a 77. Got the postie because I figured it was the mini of the motorbike world.

  • i wanted a mini since i was about 10, picked up the postie to rebuild and sell (kept it) and sold my harley to fund the mini

Pete Testara Pete uploaded a file in the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

can anyone give me some advice on if or were we can get some postie bike rubber bits from??? iv come across a few spots were the battery box the speedo and the kick stand need new rubbers bits, and have no idea were to look ? any leads would be fantastic ;)

  • Buy new direct from Honda. That's what I used to do (albeit not for about 12 months). Also, search enough on the web and you can find Honda parts lists/diagrams/numbers.

  • genuine honda ! whoooohoo!! now thats what im talkin about :)

  • im onto it Richard Smith thank you

Photos from Colin Clark's post — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

For Sale Arai Tour X3 (large) Helmet for sale:- A nice condition helmet. All removable inserts removed, freshly laundered and refitted so interior of helmet is fresh and clean. Exterior has also been cleaned and polished. There is the odd minor mark consummate with a used item but never crashed and these are not picked up by the camera. 5 x adjustable air vents. Benifits from additional dark pin-lock visor insert which stops fogging of visor and helps with sun glare. Double D Ring chin strap. Overall a nice bright clean used helmet which I am selling due to lack of use. Comes with Arai cloth storage bag and a Go-Pro Camera Mount (this can easily be removed if you prefer) These are online anywhere from £240 to £360:00 so grab yourself a bargain here on FB CTF before I pop it on eBay. I'd like £125:00 plus £15:00 p&p costs so total of £140:00. Please PM me if interested.

Many thanks ;-)

  • wonderful helment the tour X4

    is it noisy?

  • Hi Daniele Nenna, in actual fact I find that it's a cosy quiet helmet, have had cheap helmets and expensive ones and to be honest you get what you pay for and Arai are nearer the top end of the market where fit, finish and quality are measured than many others available ;-)

  • Ok thanks for you review! I had Arai for 5years and it's excellent ! But maybe next time I'll test SHOEI ones, it seems to be even more reliable and more quality in particular for plastic parts! We'll see :)


How many of you stormers have ever adjusted the rebound damping — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

How many of you stormers have ever adjusted the rebound damping ?

  • I always set my bikes up one up or two. Front &rear suspension well planted in any corner. Keep on storming.

  • Take youre tools and go riding. You can make changes and try it on the same route. My way of adjusting

  • I'm in the middle of reading the Race tech bible on suspension. Very interesting especially about what you can actually adjust on a stock shock. For instance the rebound adjuster on both front and rear only affects low velocity movement. If the shock needs to travel fast it can pop the relief and do so at a faster rate. It seems that Race tech believe most people have too much rebound set and this can cause loss of traction.

Photos from Brandon K Gregory's post — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

1968. 125cc :-)

  • very nice unit Brandon :)

  • Thanks!!

  • Nice looking bike bud..... Can I ask Where did you get the engine from and do you find it as reliable as the HONDA?

  • EBay engine.. Under $300 shipped. So far, simple to start & you wouldn't believe power till you try it. Far better.

— Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

  • hey is this a 90 with the lifan 125?? howd u make it fit i ended up using a 50 frame instead

  • Simple... Take your original top engine bolt, grab a drill bit same size, drill engine,. Hang engine in frame from top, make 2 flat bent metal parts to attach lower peg mounts to original bottom engine mount on frame.. I can take pics tomorrow. You can buy kits that do it. I paid $6 for a flat stock of 1" - 1/4? Bout 4' long.. Made engine mounts out of it, & muffler hanger.

  • ;-)

  • aw sweet mate we figured that cheers for the website may come in handy!

For sale 1998 honda aero 15 xxx miles windshield corbin seat with his and... — Honda Shadow Aero

For sale 1998 honda aero 15,xxx miles , windshield, corbin seat with his and removable back rest and bike cover, $4500 pm if interested located in ohio

  • Know the feeling. Mine hasn't seen the road for 2 years, which was supposed to end with this season. But opening up a business that has taken off like a shot and being understaffed has kept me in the garage way more than I anticipated....

  • Just hit me up if u want to check it out

  • $4000 takes it need to sale

Hello Group I am looking for a set of factory 99 Aero Front and rear fender... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hello Group, I am looking for a set of factory 99 Aero Front and rear fender extensions, Original Honda part #'s are

08P08-MBH-100 &


I know its a long shot but doesn't hurt to ask. New or Used, Even if you have a lead or a thought. Please PM me any pictures

Top Dollar Paid

  • Send me the serial number on the bike. I'm 5 miles from the Honda engine plant and they just so happen to have a service center on grounds. This is where I buy all my parts for the cars, bikes and mowers. If they are still available I can get them.

  • Hey Jeremy I also need front and rear chrome extensions. I have 1999 aero 1000 vtc3 if you need my vin pm me. Thank you Sir

  • Excuse the "oh duh" moment....... Long day, all I have to do is use my serial......... A 99 is a 99 is a 99.......

  • Sorry Sir, just had surgery on my eyes, had a friend reading this for me.

  • I do apologize .

Anyone running the tyga tail tidy with built in LED indicators Is it possible... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Anyone running the tyga tail tidy with built in LED indicators? Is it possible to make it work so the stock front indicators and the rear LED ones work ok together?

  • Is that the flasher relay I get with the tail tidys built in indicators? I assumed that goes with them at the rear.

  • if its a 2 pin flasher relay then yes,but sometimes they supply tacky inline converters which are crap,let me know how you go on pal,

  • If it's from jap4permance then yes the 2 pin flasher relay comes with it

James Brown shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

small clip of me and my friends crossing the west virginia boarder. we traveled from maryland to west virginia and back. it was around 600 miles and drove for 16 hours. it was my first long drive out of the state on my motorcycle. more clips are coming.

  • Good for you man, hope you had a blast!

  • i did have a blast. i learned a lot. i have been riding for only 2 months lol

  • Awesome,

Can someone tell me how to change the front indicators to LEDs if they ve done... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Can someone tell me how to change the front indicators to LEDs if they've done it coz I'm half way through doing it and what I thought I needed to do doesn't work ?

  • switch to solid blue and orange.. see what happens

  • I haven't touched that side yet

  • Gonna take a trip to the garage tomorrow and get it sorted

Good first mod for it. 13 Rancher 420 4x4 w power steering — Honda Rancher Forum

Good first mod for it? 13 Rancher 420 4x4 w/ power steering.

  • Did I ever say there was? U needa go talk to someone else if your mad at ppl getting stuck on mudding.

  • Btw your profile picture is you stuck in mud

  • I have nothing against mudding, heck I go stupid on my friend POS Rincon! Also I'm aware what my profile picture is. I'm not stuck I'm seeing how much ground clearance I have. Lol

— Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

  • I agree

  • The front looks good, not sure about the rear though. Looks a bit out of proportion

  • The Grom has about as much style as that dude's outfit. Perfect match for the owner. All sorts of fucked up confusion.

binigyan ako ng dealer ng photocopy ng or cr kanina Pagawa na lang daw ako ng... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

binigyan ako ng dealer ng photocopy ng or/cr kanina.Pagawa na lang daw ako ng temporary plate.Mtagal pa daw mkuha ang orig or/cr at plate number.Four months ago ko nabili ang unit.Mga sir,ganon din ba sa inyo?

  • Kaya nid natin sumama sa 20 isa yan sa ipaglalaban dun

  • E2 un oh

  • matagal nang problema ang ganito, walang coordination ang mga dealers, LTO at PNP, tayo lagi ang kawawa dito. minsan walang magawa namumultahan pa tayo.

— HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

  • Para kayong mga bata. Hehe. Inggit.

  • Sisigaw na si Armando ng DAAAAAAAAAAAARNAAAAAAAAAAAAA! hahaha :)

  • Masarap maging on top of the world uli he he..its like being on Mt Batulao's peak again.

  • Hahaha sir Ramon I. Ha:)

  • naalala ko ung kulitan nila ni willy., sa darna. hahahaha peace boss arman

Hopefully get my wheels back at the end of the week what do you all think — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Hopefully get my wheels back at the end of the week what do you all think?

  • Will do James, should have them on for Saturday

  • How much did it cost fella?

  • Mate hasn't said yet lol. But paint alone, under coat, pearl white, same red as the bike (which comes in two stages hence the pink) hardener and lacquer, £138.

Mga Sir patulong naman po ayaw na gumana ng speedometer ko ano kaya may... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga Sir patulong naman po ayaw na gumana ng speedometer ko....ano kaya may available parts na para sa motor natin...tnx....

  • Kung hindi parin gumana bro punta ka nalang sa mga Honda service center dun ka nalang magpa check ng motor mo...

  • Kung di cable,gearbox yan sir,check mo.

  • Yes Jet Velas totoo ung kaso ung design ng cable eh paikot in favor sa paabante pag inatras mo sasaliwa ung ikot ng cable :(