Im loving the mild winter on average im riding 3 days a week come on... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders


Im loving the mild winter ...on average im riding 3 days a week!!!!!! come on springtime

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  • Awesome! I would ride more often but MN uses salt :( I dont want to rust my bike all up.

  • Same here in Buffalo :*(

  • Same in ct

anyone with an early model 1100 Aero know of a standard shape battery to... — Honda Shadow Aero

anyone with an early model 1100 Aero, know of a standard shape battery to replace the expensive and odd shaped stock model? Preferably smaller.

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  • choice

  • These batteries are much smaller than the OEM so you will need to cut foam to fit around it. The packing foam that they ship with it should do the trick. If you are interested, the major players are Ballistic, Shorai, and a new one called AntiGravity Batteries. I thought that Ballistic had the best bang for the buck

  • I think I'll give it a shot as well........ For what I've spent in batteries I could bought the wife a bike........ Just don't tell her that......

Thanks Travvis Stayton. Here my 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Thanks Travvis Stayton. Here my 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750...

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  • Yeah this does that in the sunlight too. But I like the color alot too lol.

  • I saw a purple one at a local bike run that had grey flames. That looks good too

  • How do you like the solo seat?

my engine gets hot to the touch even if I just ride my motorcycle 10 miles even... — Honda Shadow Aero

my engine gets hot to the touch even if I just ride my motorcycle 10 miles even in cold weater is this normal

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  • should be normal...they get hot real fast....

  • It's only normal if your exhaust pipe is hot too.. grab both and compare temps

  • Thanks Robert for a Great reply and Thanks Lance for having a sense of humor that was funny

Anyone have a reccomendation on a windshield style height etc for a 2006 — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Anyone have a reccomendation on a windshield style/height/etc for a 2006???

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  • I bought a classic style,forget the name off hand, from Ebay. 20 inch tall, 17 wide. You could try Dennis Kirk also. Good luck!

  • Thanks! Doing lots of research so all comments are welcomed!

Anyone interested in a pair of black side covers from a 98 Aero. Make an offer — Honda Shadow Aero

Anyone interested in a pair of black side covers from a 98 Aero? Make an offer!

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  • I might be interested in the covers for the right price.. just forward thinking if one of mine ends up missing etc. What are you thinking?

  • I put chrome covers on years ago. Recently came across the stock black ones in my messy garage and thought I would see if anyone was interested. My chrome covers are hondaline for another Shadow model. They fit perfect. The only negative is that on the battery side, about a half inch of the bottom of the battery shows below the bottom of the cover.

    Ken and/or Pam Chambers

  • I don't know.....a hundred bucks?

    Ken and/or Pam Chambers

Rhys Costello shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

hey just wondering if anyone here has tried one of these:

just want to know if they are worthwhile before i get one for my ct90

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  • Thanks that's what I was wondering, I can get a pit bike exhaust for about half the price of this one so I might go that way.

  • Apparently any pit bike exhaust with crf50 style mounts is an easy fit.

  • They sound way cool too!

I m going to the NC TN border in May to ride the Tail of the Dragon. Deal s Gap — Honda Shadow Aero

I'm going to the NC/TN border in May to ride the Tail of the Dragon (Deal's Gap) and will be staying a few days. Can anyone recommend a good place to stay near the Tail of the Dragon?

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  • That is definitely the best way to go. I took the course in Oct. 2009 and started riding again in March 2010.

  • There is another challenging ride in this area called "The Devil's Triangle", west of Oak Ridge, TN at the edge of the Cumberland Plateau.

  • Be sure and let everyone know about your trip.

Does anyone have available stock pipes that would fit a 2005 Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

Does anyone have available stock pipes that would fit a 2005 Aero?

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  • What state do you live in? Mine are just taking up space and they are from a 2005. I just don't want to package them up and ship them. Lazy!

  • I'm in PA

  • Darn. I'm in AZ. If everyone falls through get back to me. Good luck.

Its rare she s this clean. Gotta change the bars now — Honda Shadow Aero

Its rare she's this clean! Gotta change the bars now

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  • had to relocate the turn signals but it was worth it

  • where did you get the turn signal relocation kit from?

  • well here's the deal, if you're handy with tools. It's a license plate light with the turn signals attached. It's from an old honda valkyrie. The same kind of set up that's on the 1100 Aero. I found it on ebay for $30 and took the stock one off my 750 made some adjustments to fit the holes in the frame then extended the wire from the harness near the battery and zip tied 'em along the inside of the fender. I had a saddlemen turn signal kit at first but this piece looks much cleaner. It looks stock. Look at the rear light assembly for a 1100 Aero. that's pretty much what it is.

My new ultimate extreme seat. oh yeah — Honda Shadow Aero

My new ultimate extreme seat...oh yeah! :)))

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  • I didn't get the back rest but already wishing I had!

  • That's another good thing about ultimate over some of the other seats, you can add the back rest anytime... and sooo worth it.

  • Scott, I didn't know that about the Ultimate seat! That's great to hear!

Maggie May here is a pic of the Vulcan that I had. Almost identical — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

Maggie May, here is a pic of the Vulcan that I had. Almost identical!

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  • Still ran like a top when I got rid of it, only had about 12xxx miles on it.

  • Not bad. Kawasaki makes a good bike. I had a Ninja that was pretty brutal and a Kawasaki Jet Ski that was impressive as well

  • Was a good bike for my 2nd 'first' bike. I had a '84 Ascot 500 for about a year about 15 years ago. Then hadn't ridden till I got the Vulc about 3 years ago. Loved it but was a little rough 2 up with the short wheelbase. Much more room on the Shadow.

Secret to removing the battery Gonna locate manual now but thought I d throw... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Secret to removing the battery? Gonna locate manual now...but thought I'd throw something on this wall!

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  • What also helps is to get your one hand underneath the battery compartment and lift the battery from below. With your other hand, pull the battery out.

  • Thanks! A snug little compartment, but got it out! Needs to be in the house where its warmer!

  • Doubles as a panini press???

preocupado mi rebel pone en corto la bujía izquierda que será — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

...preocupado, mi rebel pone en corto la bujía izquierda, ¿que será?

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  • estara lavado??? a mi me paso por ese motivo... revisa el escape si tiene hollin

  • No entiendo eso de lavado! será ahogada?

  • come aceite??? y tmb puede ser q este quemando mal, por gorda por ahogada o por lavado los aros... yo le toque de todo, hasta la bomba...

I NEED THE BATERY SIDE COVER FOR MI 2000 AERO 1100 — Honda Shadow Aero


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  • Well, they are like brand new. I put on chrome covers shortly after i bought the bike. New, they are going for $150 each. How does $150 for the pair sound, plus shipping?

  • Esteban, did you see my reply on the Shadow group facebook page? I didn't see a reply.

    Ken and/or Pam Chambers

  • YES they are going for $150 THANKS , I Buy them HERE IN SAN DIEGO




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  • Don, I sent you a couple of messages to your FB message account.



I have heard a lot of people claim to have the nicest 350x around then i... — Honda 350x

I have heard a lot of people claim to have the nicest 350x around,,,then i actually see it and try not to laugh,,, this 86 is 100% stock,,, every nut & bolt,,,shes almost dun

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  • Missing Honda name plate on the fork tree. Also missing mud flap. Other than that, very nice.

  • i do have the name plate and the mud flap,,,the nos seat is on its way,,, and the decals for the rear fenders are on top of my toolbox,,,lol ... the hardest parts to find would be the nos 86 white fenders and the nos ohtsu tires in the rite size,,, louis,,,who has that title??? i would like to take it from them,,,,haha

  • Hahaha. I hear ya bro. Yours is def top notch. I was luck to find both red and white plastics. They are oem. But nos is reallly hard to find. The hardest thing to find for.mine was the speedodometer and front wheel attachment for it. I just got my metal oem tank redone. And i have 80%

    of the entire trike chromed. It will be done within a few months. So

    for now u might have the title. But im coming for u. Check facebook.

    U can see photos. Check out my triz also. I looooove that thing. Congrats on your trike. Def def nice

Well never thought I would even think about selling these Cleaning out my... — Honda 350x

Well... never thought I would even think about selling these. Cleaning out my garage and need to make room for 250R....Guys need your Honest Feedback....Is $1900.00 for the pair to much? No issues they start and run great...just a few dings in tanks....

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  • Wow!!!!! 759.00 to ship to Maine a piece.

  • My 350x, a labor of love, cost so much time and effort that I am not certain I would part with it for under $10k. Yes, you read that right. That said, I also have some other bikes I would like to sell but when I find out how little I can get for them, I decide that it is not worth it. Whether that pair of bikes is worth $1900 is just a function of time and desire on someone else's part. Those are clearly nice bikes. If you don't need the money, I'd sit on them. It isn't like they are going to get less valuable now.

  • @ Michael yes I agree. I'll post my other gem. I did sell the 86 last year.

My 98 1100 Aero with new bars grips mirrors controls and cables — Honda Shadow Aero

My 98 1100 Aero with new bars, grips, mirrors, controls and cables

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  • Daniel if you do not mind me asking, what was the approx cost for this modification including the handle bars/

  • Bars and cables. About $135 on ebay. About another $250 for grips, mirrors and chrome control covers.

  • That is a reasonable price for a nice upgrade like that..

— Honda 350x

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  • i also have a WORKS rear shock on er from a 400 ex ride like a dream

  • thanks alot for all the info, i really appreciate it! the rear shock would be nice to have too...hmmm the ex shock need any modifications?

  • it was on the bike when i bought it but i doesn't look to be tampered with , it may be a shock for a 300ex cuz i know some people who have 350x swingarms on the 300's because the 350x arm is like 2 inches longer and the bolt right on

Im asking everyone to send prayers our way for my biker wife For those of you... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

Im asking everyone to send prayers our way for my biker wife. For those of you that don't know, Marjorie McHale Parker has fought diabetes since she was 9 years old. She lost complete kidney function at 24. she has been thru 2 transplants, one that failed and one that lasted 12 years.She suffers from extreme high Blood Pressure. She is now on the transplant list again but they wont give her a transplant if they can't keep her well. She is now and has been on peritoneal dialysis for over a year now. She has put up one hell of a fight and keeps going in good spirit. I can't say if I was in that condition, I would be able to handle it. It means more to me than each and every one of you know when to ask how she is doing and send your prayers her way. I can't thank you enough... Thank You, Tim

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  • Sending prayers to you and your wife. May she get better soon.

  • prayers said for both your wife Marjorie and you too Tim,hoping for the best

  • Praying that Marjories condition improves and she gets well enough to recieve her transplant and can enjoy many more outings with you on your bike.

HARLEY OR HONDA AERO — Honda Shadow Aero


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  • Just don't turn up your nose at the metric cruisers.

  • I own one of each, 2001 Aero 1100 and 2008 HD Ultra, depends on my mood and the type of trip I am taking. I can tell you the Honda is my only choice in the heat of the summer with the liquid cooled engine, I see many of my HD brothers sitting on the side of the road waiting for their bikes to cool down.

  • You will spend a lot more time "wrenching" on the HD, they just require a lot more attention than the Shadow but still have many benefits and a lot more choices when it comes to accessories.

1985 350x great shape needs nothing — Honda 350x

1985 350x great shape needs nothing

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  • wow thats cheap as hell man for them around here sx goes for 1500 in ok shape 2g good shape and u cant find a 350x or 250r for under 3 grand

  • yeah i know man, i have a 350x, i posted it below this coment, but its pretty tired, my dad bought it in like 2000, for 1500 bucks, it was pristine shape, mint. and now its all like, well its been all redone a few times...

  • There's a lot of 350's and 250rs in CA for around 1000.00 - 1800. in decent shape...but the shipping would cost too much....

Anyone got a motorcyclesuperstore discount code I need 4 tires gotta save... — Honda Shadow Aero

Anyone got a motorcyclesuperstore discount code ? I need 4 tires , gotta save where I Can , Thanks

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  • I don't think they have codes, Earl, I've gotten tires from the twice and haven't used a code...they seem to have the best prices and fast delivery!

  • They have $5 off $100 codes and sometimes 10% off , I have used both before

need help my honda rebel is able to start but when shifting it to first gear... — Honda Rebel Riders

need help: my honda rebel is able to start but when shifting it to first gear, it wont move. well before i can put it on first gear, and able to drive off but wouldnt be able to shift up to 2nd or 3rd so on. what do you think it the problem is and how can i fix it? thank you

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  • Check clutch plates...

Marko Tolvanen shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

hmm... is it Italian red? It really does look like orange...

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  • It was delivered today. It was in perfect condition. I´m so happy even though with customs, taxes and shipping it did cost over 200 €. It was truly expensive. Happy happy joy joy... Now I have it...

  • Christ that's expensive! if I'd of known that ,you could have had mine and painted it!!! Well expensive! Jeeezzzzz....

  • life goes on :D

New to the group — Honda 350x

New to the group.

Just got back into the 3 wheeler game about a month ago. I had a 83 125 atc back when i was real young and still have it just never ride it.... (broke pull start and i dont care to ride it)

Found a 350x online last month and had to have it for the price he was askin.

Now i find myself riding the 3 wheeler more than the rest of my quads.

1985 Honda 350x

Mostly stock and runs damn good for 26 years old. Some vids deo-mustangbase

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  • Other honda's i ride

    08 700xx

    07 450r

    06 450r (wife rides)

    02 trx90 (my sons)

    85 350x

    83 125 atc

  • nice collection, i also have more fun riding my 350x too lol

  • Nice

hi everybody. I have a doubt and would like your help. I m putting chrome on — Honda Shadow Aero

hi everybody ... I have a doubt and would like your help .. I'm putting chrome on

my 1999 Shadow Aero 1100 C3, and I'm trying to look as classic as possible,

and I have understood that various accessories were discontinued, however, I

got almost all with a exception the (COBRA HUB COVER 05-5122), that is exclusive

to Aero C3, and there is one for (C2 ACE, the 05-5130), so I'm thinking about buying one for ACE, and try to adjust it ... So, what do you think? can be DONE that?,

if anyone knows what is the difference between the 05-5122 and 05-5130, and

if it can be adjusted by any modification .. I appreciate the help.

I really need that item, to achieve a classic view of the bike. and i will upload photos so you can see it, before and after.

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    Oração do Motociclista Pai Celestial senhor de todos os caminhos Faça com que... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

    Oração do Motociclista: Pai Celestial, senhor de todos os caminhos! Faça com que a nossa vida sobre uma moto, seja ao mesmo tempo, emocionante e tranqüila; que o vento em nossos rostos nos desperte e o sol ilumine nossos caminhos! Que em nossas motos, sejamos sempre caroneiros de tua pilotagem segura, e que em nossos retrovisores possamos ver tudo o que já nos destes, para podermos acelerar confiantes rumo a um futuro melhor! Por tua bondade senhor, permita-nos entrar conscientes em todas as curvas, e que saibamos sempre, dosar a pressão nos manetes, seja em momentos de excitação ou de apreensão! Que tua luz seja o farol iluminando nosso percurso, o teu amor e compreensão, combustível para seguirmos adiante! Pai, conceda que debaixo do capacete, tenhamos lucidez para decisões rápidas e corretas, diante dos inevitáveis desníveis da pista! Lembra Senhor, dos companheiros que estão viajando em outras dimensões do teu infinito mundo, para que possam estar rodando felizes, em estradas onde um dia também andaremos! Por fim meu Deus, abençoa a todos que tem a coragem de enfrentar o desafio do equilíbrio em duas rodas, dando-lhes como retorno, o prazer de desfrutar a comunhão com a natureza e a liberdade que só a moto proporciona. Com a certeza de que, com tua graça, teremos sempre uma boa viagem! Amém!

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    • @steve, thanks to some friends help ive learnt that if i highlight the words then right click on translater pops up in the on that and hey presto..

    • @ Jenny thanks I did that...And thank you Fábio Ferreira that was a nice prayer

    • Biker prayer: heavenly father, Lord of all paths! Make our life on a bike, is at the same time, exciting and calm; the wind in our faces in the wake and the Sun illuminate our paths! That on our bikes, we are always caroneiros to your safe riding, and that in our view we can see everything that we have these, so that we can accelerate confident towards a better future! For thy goodness, o Lord, let us enter conscious in all curves, and that we always, dose pressure on levers, in moments of excitement or apprehension! That thy light to be the beacon lighting our way, thy love and understanding, fuel to move ahead! Father, grant that underneath the helmet, have quick and correct decisions to lucidity, before the inevitable gaps of track! Remember the Lord, of the companions who are traveling on other dimensions of thy infinite world, so that they can be running happily on roads where one day also will walk! Finally my God bless everyone who has the courage to face the challenge to balance on two wheels, giving them in return, the pleasure of enjoying the communion with nature and freedom that only the bike provides. With the confidence that, with your grace, we will always have a good trip! Amen!

    John Melvyn Griffiths added 2 photos to 30 December 2011 in Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

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    • good fun as she purrrrrrrrrrs til she's warmed up lol

    • Happy New Year Jason. Soon it´ll be spring in Finland. Oh how much I´m looking forward to it...Even though I did take a ride during Christmas-holidays. It was kind of slippery :)

    • happy new year mako and family :-) hope that 2012 brings everything good to you and yours, mines going off road for next year for a bit of t.l.c. unless i get it all done before the end of the season lol

    Does anyone know if any other model luggage racks fit the storm — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Does anyone know if any other model luggage racks fit the storm???

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    • In that case i would defo fleabay and search for oxford sports pack, i paid £30 delivered for mine ready for this years TT and they fit a treat on the storms too. for example this one, brand new 320794627141

    • cheers ill check it out

    • What it was john, is i done wsb nurburgring last year and ive got honda throw overs,which are great but i had to leave at b&b so they did,nt get stolen, and my two mates had top boxes (vrf+sv1000)so when we got to the track they just whipped off there trousers,lid etc locked it in there box and of they went!then there was me who either had to lock my gear to my bike(which i did and it pissed down )or carry it with me.we was planning to go back this year so i thought a top box is for me just for the trip......PS john dont know if you've been but def worth a look the roads and the scenery are out this world plus if ya want for 24 euros you can do a lap of the famous nurburgring,thanks for your help buddy sorry to rattle on but i thought it was easier to explain.......

    Please visit and Like Prayer Page for Officer Shawn Schneider He is a co... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Please visit and "Like" Prayer Page for Officer Shawn Schneider. He is a co worker with my brother on the Lake City, Minn Police Dept and was shot yesterday morning answering a domestic disturbance call. There is also informationon a fund for his family. Shawn is married with three kids and they would more than appreciate anything given, and many prayers. Thank you!

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      Niether sleet nor snow nor dark of night — Honda Shadow Aero


      Niether sleet nor snow nor dark of night

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      • Insane

      • those leg dogs make all the difference in the world.

      • I'm still riding too!..merry xmas Earl and Jo!