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Rim lock installation.

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  • Eto BoNg, noong naka 14" & 17" pa. :)

  • Para sa mga 5' hanggang 5'4" flat footed mo na ang XR. :)

  • Salamat sir..ganda!!

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DYI Bluetooth speaker helmet,pra tangGal boredom during long ride,hhehe..

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  • Medyo konying baba sana sir, kasi pag tagi mastado minsan naging chappy ang connection mo sa phone

  • For music tlaga purpose q s speaker kc inaantok aq pgngdrdrive aq lalo pgmhaba ang byahe..hindi rin kc advisable yung headset kasi hindi mshadong marinig yung busina ng sasakyan..

  • Nglagay din aq nang usb/charger pra s cp/gps q..



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  • Here is a video showing how to wedge cardboard or plastic to hold the T on the flywheel to the notch

  • Watch video about 3:35


mga sir parang my oily na ung monoshock ng mot2 ko sa baba ata parang... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

.mga sir parang my oily na ung monoshock ng mot2 baba ata parang tumatagas..possible kyang sasabog nto?

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  • Sakit na tlga ng xr ntin yan sir.,

  • kapag po over loading.aabutin tlga yn

  • Sir Earl Castillo pnu ba ipagawa tong monoshock ko?

Funny thing I ve noticed from Rebel groups once the new owners realize there s... — Honda Rebel Riders

Funny thing I've noticed from Rebel groups, once the new owners realize there's a Rebel 450.. they lose their minds.

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  • Damn right

  • Nothing welding on some brackets can't fix

  • I do know that a CB750 will fit in mine now. He he ha ha. John J. Rossi

Question my 2004 shadow aero odometer glass is broke can barely see the reading... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Question my 2004 shadow aero odometer glass is broke can barely see the reading so if I put a new speedometer assembly on will the original miles be on new one?

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  • no. it will read whatever is on the used one ,new will be blank,

  • He's right, I replaced one on my 06 spirit not to long ago

  • Where is that located?

Grom the the gorge from Bristol who s going getting a few of us meeting... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Grom the the gorge from Bristol, who's going getting a few of us meeting @ Avonmeads retail park Sunday morning, times to be confirmed.

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  • It says warminster will be an hours ride. Then another hours ride to cheddar.

  • You got it matt, I was thinking anywhere between 9am and 915, that will allow time for fuel and greggs

  • Ye that's cool. Ill be leaving here about 8.20 then

To everyone on here who rides without a helmet I lost friend today who thought... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

To everyone on here who rides without a helmet I lost friend today who thought he would never get into a wreck. The helmet is the only.thing keeping you alive when things goes wrong. He was an idiot vut a good person...worst I told you so ever.

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  • One of my first rides a rock, or very solid bug hit my face shield. Even with a helmet on, the noise alone scared the crap out of me, without a helmet, probably would've resulted in a wipeout. Ever since then my pro-helmet decision was finalized.

  • Only time I can remember the helmet causing a problem- doing 60 on highway somehow a wasp managed to get inside my helmet , as the wasp was crawling on my face I slowed to a stop on the side of the highway and jumped off the bike and whipped the helmet off.

  • A helmet saved Brad Crum's silly ass 3 years ago. Helmets are no longer mandatory in Pennsylvania and I see many who ride without one. Maybe it's a natural selection sort of thing, but Brad and I wear our's religiously. And in Pa. don't even be caught on the road without insurance.

I need to replace the starter on my 86 250 According to the local Honda... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

I need to replace the starter on my 86 250. According to the local Honda dealership, Honda has discontinued this starter and I'll have to go used on eBay. When looking on eBay, I see that there are new starters that fit 1985 to 2012 models. What gives with Honda? Are they saying a 2012 off their shelf won't fit or have all Rebel starters been discontinued? This Honda shop sucks!

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  • The starters are different between 1st and 2nd generations.

  • There are some things that swap,others don't. Headlight changed in 2001 from the sealed beam to an H4 composite.

    85-87 was the first generation, 96 and up for second with the 2001 headlight change.

    Front brakes swapped sides and use different pads between generations. To use the newer wheels, you would also have to change forks. Entire fork assemblies will swap into the trees but you would have to swap front wheels as well. The rear brake shoes are also different between generations. Again, the entire wheel and brake panel would have to swap as a unit. You would also have to know what year wheel you are running to get replacement shoes/pads.

    Footpegs do not swap between the generations. passenger pegs will swap but have a different appearance.

    Front signal mounts are different between generations.

    Minor harness differences exist between generations. Specifically, the ICM will not plug and play. Second gen Rebels have side stand safety switches, first generation do not relying on a rubber pickup foot instead.

    49 state first gen use a vented gas cap and non vented tank. second gen have vented tanks but not vented caps. California emissions models all used vented tanks going in to carbon canisters but otherwise the tanks will bolt across. Seats should bolt across.

    rear shocks should swap.

    Engine will swap across complete but heads and valve covers will not swap across engines between generations. Starter motor is different between generations.

    Side covers are different between generations. Battery size is different between generations. Main fuse and location is different between generations. Lighting fuses are different values between generations. Speedometer/ Instrument panel is different between generations. Ignition switch is different between generations.

    Rear fender, fender rails, tail light, plate bracket, chain guard and rear signals are the same

  • Copied thanks

Photos from Kit Matthews Shaffer's post — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

If you know anyone near Rock Hill SC looking for a Shadow or two.....

My husband has a ready to ride Shadow vt 1100 in great shape . The bike has 6400 original miles , new tires, brakes , oil , battery and more . This bike is turn key and ready to ride . Very reliable and smooth .

Also another VT1100 26k miles for parts or put back together . Needs tank , battery, and the internal shifting shaft . Everything else is there.

Hate to sell , but the money can be used to help with the new house.Title in hand

$2400 obo for both.

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    Photos from Jeff Ryle Fiel Bonghanoy's post — Honda RS150 CEBU Fan Page

    Mo order kog radiator cover ugma basin naa ganahan mo sabay pra maka tipid tas shipping fee. Hehe. Attend lng mos meeting unya gabie pra magkasinabot ta. Okay rsd og ako ra isay mo palit. Hehe


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    • Up

    • Up. Sa gustong mo apas kay ugma nlng mi mo order kay na closan kos palawan pawnshoppe. Sunday mn gd

    • Paapil ko

    Is it just my bike or is 5th gear more like 4 5 It barely noticeable the... — Honda Rebel Riders

    Is it just my bike or is 5th gear more like 4.5? It barely noticeable the difference between 4th and 5th

    Otherwise I have to say I love it!

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    • I thought some of them did but not all

    • some come with two I think it's certain years, I'm gonna swap my single out for duels. to feed the big bore

    • I have to admit I would consider changing to a single, for simplicities sake!

      There isn't a vacuum pipe take off point on the inlet on mine anywhere so balancing the carbs is impossible with the gear I have available

    Photos from Michael Galanza's post — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    Ptp admin

    Hydraulic clutch pwd po pang tmx para sa mga gusto mag convert sa kanila clutch to hydraulic para mas magaan ang kanilang clutch pm po or text 09054599731... ride safe mga idol

    Thailand made pump

    Rcb master pump left and right

    Rcb hose

    Thanks admin.

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    • how mutch

    • Magakano po

    • 1k po pabili 1

    Do they make a big bore kit for the black lifan 125 4 speed — Honda Bike...Lifan Motor

    Do they make a big bore kit for the black lifan 125 4 speed?

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    • I haven't looked in a while, but there used to be a 147(?)cc kit. If still available, it may be cheaper now. A few years ago, it was cheaper to just purchase a new 140 engine.

    • I asked the same question to a supplier of engines in the UK recently. They had a 140 jug and piston for sale but was told it would not fit the Lifan 125 sadly.

    How do I get to the speedometer cable — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    How do I get to the speedometer cable

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    • I could not find anything on you tube for this and I got the cable off amazon for 13.00 no tax and no shipping.

    • I had to replace mine the same day I bought my goldwing.. Had never even worked on a goldwing before and after watching one youtube video I had it changed out in less than an hour.

    • I only knew cause while i was deciding on my 1200s fate the dairinf was on and off about 5 times. I bet i could strip a fairing off a 1200 in my sleep

    Photos from Kyle Monte's post — Honda 350x


    350x on 4 weels

    OBO...possible trade... over 4800 invested. Cant be beat on the trails and runs with 400s easy.

    85 350x motor, 86 stator mod, black box 400 ex CDI, MSR Voltage regltor, 10:1 wiseco piston, ported head, cobra header HMF slip on, 400ex oil cooler stainless steel oil lines, 400ex carb an deleted choke, Uni filter all in

    01 300ex frame, IMS oversize gas tank, Meijer plastics, Meijer 250r hood, custom fender and oil cooler bracket, functional hood scoop, ceet racing medium soft foam, and new cover. Custom seat latch, emig lock on grips, twist throttle acrebid handguard protaper fatbars, ASV quick adjust levers, SS front brake lines, JB Racing anti-vibe +1 steering stem, JB Racing shock mount, 400ex fr shocks and arms, PEP shock covers. Pro Armor bumper, Extended foot pegs, 86 350x swingarm, SHOWA adjustable rear shock and link, Lonestar carrier, Lonestar adjustable axle, CAT5 aluminum rear sprocket, blue o ring chain, Alba chain roller, PRM skidplate, new rear brakes, Lonestar axle lock nut, Lonestar ebrake block, stainless brake line, zeta master cylinder clevis, K&K master cylinder guard, NACS racing resivoir cap, Moose rear brake disc, XC wide grab bar, stock wheels and 40% RAZR 20inch tires all the way around. Comes with extra chains and sprocket setups, set of spare a arms, 350x bottom end and another bare ported head, 2 cranks and both side cases, front hubs good bearings and a durablue carrier needs new bearings

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    • Did you cut the frame to get the motor in?

    • No did not cut the frame just cut out left side of the rear upper motor mount, and used spacers in front 2 lower mounts...It is a tight fit but pretty much bolts in

    • ****

    I got these sick bars but they r about a inch to short on each side for my... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    I got these sick bars but they r about a inch to short on each side for my controls. Any way to extend them?

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    • So I s it cool if I use a spacer on the other side

    • My kyragan grips came with pvc spacer for this very reason. I didn't need them but it came with them.

    • you trimmed then to what ever then slid them in the grip. then installed the grips.

    Hey all anyone got a size list for the full set of engine case machine screws — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

    Hey all - anyone got a size list for the full set of engine case machine screws? Of course I need to replace the stripped out old ones, last two bikes I used stainless Allen key bolts, but I want the original look for this build.

    Yes I could sit down with the parts manual and make a list - but you might already have one.

    Second question - can I use brass machine screws for the cases?

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    • This is the hardtail frame bobber build, all show - no go.

    • Maalox? No shit?

    • Yep. My uncle used it his entire life in his drag racing career. Specifically on header bolts/studs. Anywhere high heat was a concern.

    — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

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    • What if it's THIS Honda bitch?

    • No... Sorry... It's gotta be this...!!!

    • No its gota be this honda vvvvvvvvv

    Ok guys and gals It s time for a new cover photo for our group Lets see them... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Ok guys and gals. It's time for a new cover photo for our group. Lets see them good looking bikes, for a chance to win some bragging rights.

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    • Oh mine ain't ready for that lol

    • Thanks guys and gals

    • theres so many too choose from. all are great.

    Mga paps Okay lang ba ang paturno low budget kasi ako mga paps kaya paturno... — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    Mga paps Okay lang ba ang paturno low budget kasi ako mga paps kaya paturno nalang ako salamat sa sasagot??? #RidesafeAlphaNatics

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    • Pag ba nag pa torno ... E papanu ung speedo handle nya papalitan ba?

    • Binibend po nila yung stock or bibili kau sir Joffrey

    • Mar Tin ty po

    ISO Factory Honda Luggage Rack for the VT110C3 the one that bolts to the sissy... — Honda Shadow Aero

    ISO Factory Honda Luggage Rack , for the VT110C3 the one that bolts to the sissy bar. The correct one is square tube.

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    • Vermont Pearl Green

    • Kevin R. Mueller yes i do

    • If you have a set to sell, please send me a message with the price. Thanks.