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Back to the 90's down nostalgia lane. My family was big into riding. Alot if my family had polaris sportsmans magnums scramblers and few others had the old suzuki quad runners. My dad had decided its time to get our own machine. He said I want to be different from everyone and got a honda. Picked up the orange thing when I was 5 in 2000 and right after my uncles went from the magnums to the sportsmans for irs and I loved the magnums loved the look and ride and they were great. Another uncle still has the quad runner and a quadmaster 500 family doesnt ride like they use to but the point is I grew up loving fourwheeling not loving a brand

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  • And the can am was just as bad I'm not even going there lmao

  • My point is im sick of this group every one is a shit talking bitch that care more about being assholes to everyone with a different brand then actually enjoying riding

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  • you can get to to read over 100, just change clocks to kmh! :P

  • That was in mph Gavin

  • show off!

Picked up my brand new CT last night and have already done 240 kilometres on it... — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

Picked up my brand new CT last night and have already done 240 kilometres on it by lunchtime. What a machine! Quick question. What is the best product/brush to clean the spoke wheels with?

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  • Muck-Off is good. Also S-Doc100 gel cleaner. I use a microfiber cloth. Works a treat.

  • The yellow ones you get in the petrol stations cheap too

Best tyres for a postie — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Best tyres for a postie

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  • Run the 3.0 front and rear you just have to bend the front mud gaurd brackets closer to the forks for clearence.wider front tyre was better when we went across sand.we just done a 4037km trip on and off road and the tyres are still good

  • Hey Shane from Sydney

  • Hey Tom give Susan Hocking a try she is in South East Melbourne.... She and hubby have sorted me out and the prices are very reasonable :)

Rims and tyres. Who what were n how — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Rims and tyres. Who what were n how.?

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  • How do I get them whitewalled? Think im gonna buy it now too

  • We just done 4037 klm round trip using these tyres and they were great same size front & rear you just have to modify the front mud guard to make it fit Goodluck!! Vee .rubber 3.00-1 vrm 022 style of tyres on off road

  • I'm using vee rubber trails tires. They are allergic to sand.. Otherwise just fine.. My tires were slight egg shaped .. Made installing weird. Rolls nice though unbalanced.

Due a service again I reused my gasket so need to replace this time round — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Due a service again, I reused my gasket so need to replace this time round. Anybody know if I can get one online or have I got to order from Honda?

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  • If i wasn't on the other side of the pond, I'd help you. I have a hand full of them.

  • Ahhaa! Cheers anyway Dean

  • I must've bought them all. ;)

Tanong lng po Lumabas n ang yam xtz125 ano po masasabi nyo Wala sana bias... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Tanong lng po... Lumabas n ang yam xtz125 ano po masasabi nyo? Wala sana bias thanx.

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  • Yung xtz125 parang offroad version lang ng ybr125 kasi the same lang sila ng doubt na maganda rin talaga xtz125 smooth ride at lesser vibration siya...well as usual nasa rider na po kung anu mas fit at suitable na bike sa kanya kahit anung brand pa bias po although i have a honda xr200 and im planning to have my next project which is the xr125

  • XR125's smaller wheels equates to lighter weight and lower seatheight. In the end, it's a matter of personal preference. Oh and the XR125 is my 7th Honda bike.

  • Pangit po ang xtz 125 tningnan ko ng mabuti knina, masyado manipis tpos mataas, potul pala ang cradle sa ibaba, yun nilalagyan ng engine,no wonder less vibration, hindi yun mtibay, mas mgnda tlga built ng xr125 natin.

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Yas could of told me :/ hahaha

They were so hard to get out too lol

(The mounts are welded)

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  • Exhaust pipe yes, but muffler n baffles?

  • The covers should slide off but the shaft is welded to the frame.

  • Mufflers vary by state. ,I didn't prime, used red scuff pad & sealer/base/clear..

Mga kapatid. Naghahanap ako ng boots sa xr ko. any referral mga Brothers — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga kapatid...Naghahanap ako ng boots sa xr ko.....any referral mga Brothers....

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  • Salamat bro fit pala dun ang xrm. Ano brand ang maayos na brand?

  • S caloocan meron mas astig at brusko tignan pag naikabit s xr125l fit talaga, exceed name ng shop

  • Thanks bro

07 shadow spirit 750 Vtx 1800 rim swap with a Vee Rubber 200 70 15 — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

'07 shadow spirit 750 Vtx 1800 rim swap with a Vee Rubber 200/70/15

Modded Ace pipe with 4" control extentions

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  • Thanks tommy , took the better part of the day , i must have had that thing on and off 6-10 times lining stuff up and making the right sounding baffle , end result was well worth it

  • I have the old pipe off my 03 ace 750vt but not shur if it would line up on my 07 spirit 750c2 with out taking off the the factory ones, sounds like a winter project. If it dose I want to do what you did and save a ton of money (y)

  • its mostly stock peg location you have to do control extentions and move the front pegs forward , then cut the stock muffler mount off the aced pipe

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Any Honda guys looking reductions? These are made in-house and can be fabbed up and shipped out within a week.

Reduction Prices:

TRX300 Primary...18% $300, 54% $450, install for $100

Rancher350 Primary...24% $300, 39% $425, install for $200

Foreman400/450 Primary...15% $250, 35% $350, install for $200

Rancher420 Primary...15% $300, 35% $425, 69% $525, install for $200

Rancher420SRA/Foreman500 Secondary... 16% $300, install for $250

Rancher420IRS(Auto) Secondary... 23% $150, 42% $300, install for $250

Foreman500 Primary...15% $300, 35% $425, install for $200

Rincon Secondary... 28% $250, install for $250

Core charge of $100 except Rincon.

Install price doesn't include gaskets or oil.

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  • Faison NC, about 20 min. south of Goldsboro

  • Can you pm me I got some questions.

  • Messaged u Conor

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Found an old mudflap, no holes , welded up some bolts to fender washers. Then used 3M tape. Looks great with the white walls

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  • Thanks, I look at it this way, God forbid it does fall off which I doubt. That 3M tape is incredible, I'm only out a old mudflap .

  • Speaking of mudflaps, does anybody out there use one for the FRONT fender? After a rain, a gravel road kicks up all sorts of slop and guck at the base of the radiator and is often hard to remove. Any suggestions?

  • Murray Brown, there are a few custom leather shops out there who could make one for you. Heather's Leathers, Chilhowee Leather, Horndawg Leather are a few.

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Few shots taken in Scotland 2000 miles tour last week

rode 18 hours straight from fort Williams back to hants the ct eat the miles without any efforts

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  • How long was the drive you did in these 18hrs?

  • The weather is not always on your side in Scotland..

  • I set up at 0730 am from fort Williams and rode all day doing nice single tracks /roads with my two buddies doing a nice loop then @1600 I set up back south thinking I would stop half way to the lake Districks but the motorway even the M6 was clear of traffic beautiful sun set I was in the groove and carried on a bit further, by that time I was already in Birmingham so I thought go on let's carry on now not to far reached my house by 02:00 am.

    the ct was just perfect on the motorway as well as on Scottish roads the abs and traction control saved my arse a few time on those single tracks for sure ! reached now 8000 miles for its first service plus new front and back tyre, 8000 miles on those first tyres not bad at all!! I was a bit naughty as I was was cruising between 90 and 100 mph on the high way all the way home empty motorway in the uk and not a drop of rain!!! my longest ride for sure!!!

Trip Schotland — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

Trip Schotland

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  • The weather is what it is, but I hope you still enjoy.

  • Thanks everyone ,it was a nice trip

  • Between the mainland mountain masses and the Island of Skye lies the Applecross

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CBF 1000 ....HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anybody ..found a CURE for hesitancy , surging , "iffy" power between 2-3000 rpm ? seems to be common on MANY of these bikes

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  • Took bike to HONDA PERTH ( good service / support ) ... they emptied ECU , reset... bike still not good ... technician who road tested sure problem is MAP sensor ... which costs £200 from Honda .... THEY have offered to fit new sensor form a new CBF 1000 ...and test see this will sort the issue...before I commit to spending this money

  • Perfect compromis!

  • Mines a 10 plate, purrs like a kitten at any speed, does sound common, I must have been a lucky one.

Maz Geordie Vlogger has made me want to start vlogging hmmm — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Maz Geordie Vlogger has made me want to start vlogging hmmm

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  • Can I find you on YouTube with the same name?

  • hehe, I love NABD. I'm not a member, but I donate £2/month out my pay. Also give to 'The Bike Experience', which helps get paralysed rides back on 2 wheels for track days.

Attention everyone — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Attention everyone...................................

Temora motorcycle club will once again be running the ANNUAL 100 lap posty challenge race again in October, so whether you have a 125cc modified posty or a stock posty or even if you'd like to see 30 "ODD" blokes backing posty bikes into corners on a hard oil circuit, previously we've had great riders such as Former AMA supermotard champion and current Team Honda Australia superbike ace Troy Herfoss, Multi Australian dirt track & longtrack champion Darren Herrick, Multi Australian junior dirt track and longtrack champion former World supersport road racer Matt Davies, and former Australian motorcross and dirt track champion Mark Kirkman + many many more compete in our great race check our Facebook site "Woodlands speedway" or google Temora motorcycle club for more details or ring me on 0431653582 Regards : ASH

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  • I have a ct110 with a gpx125 motor in it, hand made tank and seat

  • Matthew Mott

  • I suggest you bring it up and race it Luke, ;-)

GOODIES — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum


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  • Nice match for your bike.

    Can you see anything out of them, or do you get a similar view to stock?

  • there pretty good as it happens , better than stock I think.

  • no the S B P 5000 arrived yesterday that's why im not out on the bike today, still a bit sore bruv !!!!

Latest arrival switching exhausts for trial run. . to see how they perform — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Latest arrival, switching exhausts for trial run :-) to see how they perform

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  • Well, to be honest, took me a while to fit them but the sound is very deep :-), Engine is running well on them no dip in revs. The linkpipes are bolt on so need to see if i can modify the cans if needed. I 'll keep them on the bike for a while to see how fuelconsumption goes as well. After that i will decide what to do, as i originally wanted to sell them but i am not sure yet, will clean the LEOVINCE titanium cans before i stock them.

  • Oooo if for sale first dibs pls chap

  • They is yaller wont them for my fast yaller bike

good pm mga sirs may idea ba kau kung makakabili na sa honda ng stock na upuan... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

good pm mga sirs, may idea ba kau kung makakabili na sa honda ng stock na upuan ng xr125? yung wala pang tabas.. TIA

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  • Bilhin ko na yung clutch lever :)

  • Pwede siguro

  • parang absent yata c sir mon, wala comment.

Do the saddlebags with the shock cutouts fit better then those without the cut... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Do the saddlebags with the shock cutouts fit better then those without the cut outs?

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  • I like this set up

  • It's great that everyone likes my post, but I need some advice on saddlebags. Thanks to Mike, he gave me a good idea to use.

  • Those are Honda factory bag mounts too

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This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

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  • calming and sleep the day everyone .... hahahahah

  • Eh, you are not supposed to use real dogbones in your suspension linkage....

  • i love this leather stuff on the tank.... i want one !

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Off to Belgium camping for a weekend.

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  • Beautiful bike, best colour...just like my little baby

  • I have done many trips on my cbf with no problems, Scotland, Wales, Germany,fitted k&n filter, hyper-pro springs front & back, mra screen just need to upgrade seat.

  • Now that's what I call a great weekend. Jealous as ....

Hi A question about my clutch if I may — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi, A question about my clutch, if I may?

My clutch lever has to be almost out, before I get any engagement, when I say almost out, I mean, an inch? left before fully returned.

How do I adjust this? I would like it to engage at half lever if possible.

The wheel on my lever does nothing to improve the situation :)

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  • Job done!

  • Thanks jay I reckon it's the round one of that kit. The bottom bolts had almost a 1/4 turn when I tightened them so could be that too but I'll replace them regardless just coz I can

  • Bleed'in fluid is just like a woman or a car, always start from the top and work down, if you don't there will be hell to pay.

Fuming. My bike has died. AGAIN. 3 days after picking it up from being fixed — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Fuming. My bike has died.. AGAIN. 3 days after picking it up from being fixed.

Walking along a single carriage way at 0615 with this heap of shit was not a good way to start my day!

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  • Just filled her up. The beast lives!

  • The fuel fuel pump and level sensor are on the same 5 pin plug under the tank. It may be worth checking that it's properly plugged in.

    If that's not the problem, the float arm may be bent, causing it to constantly show full.

Francis Terence Gilmo shared Ropali Motorcycles's photo to the group: HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

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  • Baka hindi sanay sa bakal sir. hehehe. Sakin gamit ko ok naman. hehehe

  • Sa bandang sakong masikip eh, lagi mo ba nagagamit :)

  • Oo sir pag nag bbyahe. yung sa sakong sir nakaipit para hindi umangat. hehehe

mga sir medyo naluha ako sa presyo. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

mga sir medyo naluha ako sa presyo :'(

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  • madali lng man, 150 lng labor,

  • sabi ni brynn..mag ka sukat daw ang fork oil seal ng kawasaki fury sa xr may fork boots na pag xrm na mahaba. pwede sa atin at 180 lang

  • After market oil seals pwede.160 lng.

Vtr luggage — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Vtr luggage ?

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  • I can see sparks com'in off those panniers. Start with 30kg's, finish ride with 10kg's, bargin, lol.

  • Always lift off the pannier on the opposite side to the the sidestand first, or the bike may fall over off the stand, esp while parked on a stony campsite. ......... : (

    Which may crack the clutch casing....: (

  • I use soft luggage and its ok, makes the bike as wide as a truck and handle like a harley tho lol

Photos from Shaun Westaway's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Just been looking back over the past 18 months, the time in which I have owned my Storm... I also realise that I have put more time, money (besides purchase costs) and whatever else in this bike than all my other bikes i have ever owned put together lol Although all damage looked light or superficial i have just had my offer from my insurance company after the engineer wrote my bike off after my splat a few weeks ago. At the mo keeping an eye on ebay hoping that something cheap will pop up, something i can do a bit of a street fighter job too and then use as a daily run around. As for my Storm... below, it's life so far. As for it's future, to be continued................

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  • nice pics mate, have those parts arrived yet dude, I look forward to seeing what happens.

  • Damn... new I forgot something.. meant to drop you a line earlier mate, first box came in this morning (y)

  • Like the white wheels

Does K3 and upwards have longer fork boots than the older models I bought a... — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

Does K3 and upwards have longer fork boots than the older models? I bought a pair but i think they fit really poorly. they seem long on my K2 and don't clear the external springs as i would expect.

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  • I'm a bit nerdy Michael when it comes to the K1, K1 GE and K2 models. I want to know as much as possible about them. :-D

  • I understand, i'm slowly getting there myself :)

  • I agree wholeheartedly my machine was marketed in SA as a K1. Due to trade sanctions etc we got our models late and then got US and European spec models all at once. So tracing history of these machines is a like a needle in a haystack.

Hi great site can any one help me i am buying a new cbf1000f for 2 up touring... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum


Hi great site can any one help me. i am buying a new cbf1000f for 2 up touring how long do the tyres chain and spockers last any other tips welcome

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  • Rode 18,500km on mine so far. Tyres changed at 15,000. Sprocket and chain still original.

  • I use a Scott Oiler with a touring tank behind the number plate. Never needed changed the chain or sprockets, in fact hardly any wear. The system is reliable as long as it is kept clean by keeping the nozzles clear every once in a while. Also hardly any adjustment is required.

  • Scot Oilers are the best invention ever for chain using motorcyclists. Found one on the Honda I bought. Done 5k miles, the chain shows no sign of wear.