Finally got the Mustang seat Interesting Only got 20 miles on the seat when I... — Honda Shadow Aero

Finally got the Mustang seat. Interesting. Only got 20 miles on the seat when I tore the ligaments in my wrist (at work) so it's off the bike for a week or two. Intially, I like it. Takes my weight off of my tailbone. It does sit me forward of the stock seat position about an inch or so.


Going to the darkside anybody have recommendations on rear tires Is the tube... — Honda Shadow Aero

Going to the darkside anybody have recommendations on rear tires? Is the tube the same size with a car tire on the back? Size for 2008 Aero 165/80/15? Understand the risks just need experiences from those who have...not from those who have never, thanks. Ride hard and free.

  • If your talking about trying a car tire vs motorcycle, be very careful. If your the type of person (like me) that leans a lot on corners, the car tires don't have the same "sidewall" traction that motorcycle tires are designed to have. If your mainly city riding, and rarely to the more rural twisty roads you might get by,,,,,,.

  • I agree with kary and I will add that it will not be as planted on a turn. You will wear out the shoulder a lot quicker. Motorcycle tires, albeit more expensive are designed for most traction possible on turns. Not the same for car tires. I don't advise it.

  • And I am speaking as someone who mounted one for a friend who thought it was cheaper. He laid his bike down on a turn in the rain. In the end, it cost him quite a bit more than the $95.00 tire he purchased.

My 2008 Aero has the Shadow under the clear coat on the gas tank I d really... — Honda Shadow Aero

My 2008 Aero has the "Shadow" under the clear coat on the gas tank. I'd really like to find a "Shadow" Chrome Emblem that would cover the wording. Has anyone done this to their bike or have any information on where to purchase such a thing?

  • you will have to use a decal...they make them just for that....

  • and a few more web mine from purple harley and they have been on there about 6 years now

  • That's what I like about the decal. Does not rub my legs.

  • That's one of the things I dig about the first gen Aero's......the Chrome badges on the tank:....... Classic retro

  • Thanks for the information, I really want the chrome or chrome look emblem and not a decal, but I will check the decals out!

Wanted lower fairing bellypan prefferably in black and has anyone fitted an... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Wanted, lower fairing/bellypan.... prefferably in black, and has anyone fitted an led backlight/with indicators ?

  • I might have to get an integrated light - hi level stubbies keep melting them....

  • you could make a bracket up and hang them off your reg plate.

  • got the led rear light with the build in ind on my storm its wkdd . never had any probs or being pulled

lightened flywheel specs be sure to leave a 3mm lip on the top so you keep the... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

lightened flywheel specs - be sure to leave a 3mm lip on the top so you keep the timing marks, also makes sure the magnets are unexposed.

you will need a m22x1.5 bolt to get the flywheel off.

you can use an iveco part - P 10007189041, a 23121 wheel bolt (£5)

  • can anyone help me find some info or a web link on some details if this mod is feasable on a road registered storm?

  • of course it is m8, doesnt affect the charging of the bike, just makes it rev up quicker, (and lose rpm faster) - makes the engine a lot more responsive.

  • Got my modded flywheel ready to fit, cheers "Vee" - Roger was a bit disparaging - yet its less extreme than his dimensions....

my sp1 — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

& my sp1 :)

ok, it's not a firestorm but it's still a vtr lol

  • luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it

  • very, very nice

  • would love one of those

my whitey — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

my whitey :)

11.5:1 je pistons, ported heads, billet cams, vac relief valves, +4* advancer, 50mm carbs, laser cans with 72mm headers, wirth prog forks, yacugar rear shock, harris rear sets, beaver relays, fabbri screen, 19L tank, pentax fuel pump, bmc 1404r filter, DJ'd, cbx mc's, ebc hh pads, michelin power ones & more i cant remember lol :)

  • same here im stuck with a spazzy bogey finger! wasnt bothered over winter but could do with the £ for misano in a few mth ;)

  • Dave had a list of injuries..Wanting to do bike instructor training x 2 and move back dow nthe country towards midlands area closer to the girls ;-) all will happen this year..get onto them cos if you don't ask, they leave it by the by!!

  • what annoyed me though was that a mth after the off i went to renew my insurance and they(sorrymate) had made a claim on my legal insurance without telling me. didnt go against my no claims like, but when i rang them and asked about it, they said oh, you shouldnt have seen that ????? wtf is all that about eh?

Hey has anyone else ever seen an oil drip on thier final drive The bottom of... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hey has anyone else ever seen an oil drip on thier final drive? The bottom of my final drive had a good amount of oil pooled up at the bottom. Hoping I have not lost the seal

  • I changed out the oring when I changed my 90w oil..... but I still noticed some oil sippage......changed my tires and when I pulled the rear wheel off changed the oring on the more leaks.

i just bought a 2005 shadow aero 750 and i im wondering if there is a rear... — Honda Shadow Aero

i just bought a 2005 shadow aero 750 and i im wondering if there is a rear wheel stand i could get, i bought one today but it doesnt work, or just get a motorcycle jack?

  • Motorcycle jack from harbor freight....

  • thanks all i got a craftmans professional jack because i read some bad reviews about the harbor freight one

  • David, is love to know how you managed to get the craftsman jack under yours.:.....mine wont slide under my 1100.

Hello have a 2006 750 Areo want soft saddle bags and do not want to move tail... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hello have a 2006 750 Areo want soft saddle bags and do not want to move tail lits.

Anybody have the saddlemen shock cutout bags?

Have heard is a problem with our Areos and tail lights .



  • I just bought some aluminum from Home depot and fabricated a couple of extensions for the light. There is a post here about affordable hard bags and they have turn lights in the back of the bag.

  • Thanks.Myself want to keep the lites in place.Anybody try the saddlemen cut out bags?

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • is that a slash cut I see????


  • looks awesome man


  • " Hi, love the pipes. We have a 2004 aero/ & silver. Great Cruiser. I am a back-seat gal, let the man be in charge. (LOL)

I have a 170 80 15 rear tire on my Aero that needs to be replaced Any... — Honda Shadow Aero

I have a 170/80-15 rear tire on my Aero that needs to be replaced. Any suggestion?

  • I just purchased my 1st Shadow about 3 weeks ago... do you mind me asking how many mile you have on that tire before it was time to replace it?

  • Marcus Kosmos, about 10,000 aprox.

  • wow... that's great... my friends are telling me to only expect about 5k.. i find that hard to believe

Any advise on WWW Tires for my Aero 1100 OEM or is there a better tire out... — Honda Shadow Aero

Any advise on WWW Tires for my Aero 1100? OEM or is there a better tire out there, Is going to a 150/90/15 on the rear instead of 170/80/15, Best place to order them?


New Kuryakyn LED signals. way brighter — Honda Shadow Aero

New Kuryakyn LED signals. way brighter.

  • and yes, they come with the chrome bezels.

  • How do you get away with red turn signals? DOT requires all turn signals front & rear to be amber.

  • you have to wire them to be running and brake lights as well. Kuryakyn has a kit for that too.

For Sale Mustang Studded Solo seat excellent condition I also have a... — Honda Shadow Aero

For Sale: Mustang Studded Solo seat, excellent condition. I also have a reupholstered Honda Shadow studded passenger seat and back rest. To install the passenger seat you would need to drill an extra hole. $250 plus shipping. Please private message me if you are interested.

  • Jeremy I will take pictures of all three pieces tonight and email them to you.

  • Okay, thanks Christine

  • Jeremy I just sent you an email with some pictures.

— Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

  • Yep you can pick everything, for my first ride (a few years ago) ive let them made at superpole, also dutch company, you can view the prices on the site so its nice(and those spitted fire! lol). I'll post a pic to ;).

    Thanks Sebas, zijn ook wel het mooiste van heel de motor vind ik:p.

    Gavin, yes they are ;)

  • forgot to mention, the superpoles were only the mufflers... but u can even choose the colour u want;) the length, the width, the end part of the exhaust if u want it straight or bent or moto gp..

— Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

  • Nice! I wonder if this would be road legal in Australia?

  • Haha! Do it and create a Goolwa to Victor Harbor bus run!

  • I smell burning clutch.

— Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

  • How much?

  • Hi Troy call Bill he as alot of bikes

  • Where is bill located?

  • Bill live buy Palm Springs,Ca.USA he ship parts all over ..

  • Yucca valley , CA.

We are getting the girls ready for our trip down to Florida for time with the... — Honda Shadow Aero

We are getting the girls ready for our trip down to Florida for time with the family and Bike Week!! I can't wait to ride Juanita down A1A with sea breeze and sun shine!

  • The next time I sit on Juanita she'll have a new seat!! My Dad will put her new Mustang seat on when I get there next week. I can't wait!!

I have a question I bought a brand new 2009 yes a brand new 09 it was a left... — Honda Shadow Aero

I have a question... I bought a brand new 2009.. yes a brand new 09 (it was a left over with 0 miles) I have 302 miles (still breaking in) on it now and already had to spend $80 for a new tube in the back tire. After doing some research I am considering using Ride-On or Slime (made for a tubed tire of course) in my tires... Has anyone tried this or am I the only one that doesn't want to drop $80 every time i run over a nail in the road? On another note.. upgrades include bat-wing with 12 in windshield, saddlebags, and best of all the Cobra drag pipes.... oh ya, a new inner tube for the rear tire... :)

  • I already installed the leather one.. my profile picture is my shadow

  • do you use slime or Ride?

Spring is almost here Where do you plan on going for your first ride of the... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Spring is almost here! Where do you plan on going for your first ride of the new season!?

  • Nice! My grandpa lives in FL near The Villages. Nice area!

  • Considering the price of gas will by my ride to work everyday !!

  • Sorry Travvis, been riding in any weather over 50 degrees. Buffalo is a short season!

  • Yes, had prices really suck these days. Just glad I live only two minutes from work! Any chance I can hop on the bike I take it! Seems like everyone so far is getting short season winter. Keep the fingers crossed we dont get pounded with a one time dump!

  • *gas

Since other guys keep talking about their 200X s on here. Here s my 85 — Honda 350x

Since other guys keep talking about their 200X's on here... Here's my 85

  • I just got my lil 70 up and running. Been sitting in a barn shed since 1990...Runs goos now tho lol

  • in this area theres 250sx and big red utility bikes...hard to find sporty old bikes. thats why i scooped up my 350 soon as the ad was made haha. hope i find somthin soon

  • I still have my moms 87 250SX that we've had since new... what a great bike

Cindy Lou shared a link to the group: Honda Rebel Riders. — Honda Rebel Riders

The new issue is out, I don't know about you guys, but I don't care much for the looks of the bike on the cover, doesn't look like a cruiser to me! LOL...

  • No it doesn't looks too much like a crotch rocket. Which I will never be on!

  • Not a crotch rocket... it's a tourer (European stylee...)

  • OK Bobby I stand corrected. lol I just know it doesn't look like my Rebel. :)

  • yeah.. it's a tourer.

  • Not many bikes do anymore unfortunately Louise!!! :) (unless you live in Japan and got a Honda Steed)

how to get 150 top speed in karizma r — Hero Honda Karizma

how to get 150 top speed in karizma r

  • Indian roads mein jiska jab man karta hai..achanak se road cross kar leta hai..... dey dnt even care dat any byk is crossing....even in highways..130 ke upar toh control bhi nahi kar paoge byk ko..

  • karizma 2008 model top was 142 km/h

  • yar normal chalata hu but aaj kal pata nahi jab bike le ke niklo ek se ek chale aate hai turant race karne lagte hai aise me thoda bura lagta hai jab ghatia bike wale insult karne lagte hai waise to koi aasani se nahi jeet sakta but ye p220 and r15 wale badi aasani se jeet jate hai chahe kitne hi kam gears pe accelerate karo

i had test ride of impulse yesterday. facts i analyzed — Hero Honda Karizma

i had test ride of impulse yesterday. facts i analyzed

1 tooooooooooooo smooooooooooth ek dam butter jaisi chalti hai

2 nice pickup i pushed 75 in city traffic i think its weight is light so pickup is nice

3 bike's look also awesome where u will go all will see u sure

4 suspensions are like u will feel u are flying in road awesome suspension

... 5 mileage is also nice one customer reported me he is getting 55 in city

6 top speed is 110kmh

conclusion this bike is same price as cbz hunk, if you want to get riding pleasure u can go for it.

i have cbz extreme and karizma r both bikes but when i ride impulse it is smoother then cbz.

  • bhai karizma to karizma hai yaar

  • But impluse ek off road bike h....

    Aur usme na off road jaisa pickup hai,na off road jaisa silencer..:(

  • but in looks it is better then honda bros 150 and in pickup i did not feel any kind of lessness and smoothness me karizma jaisi hai but 150 cc ke hisab se hi chalegi na

i have a question i have a 06 Aero 750 and my friend was told to put sabilizer... — Honda Shadow Aero

i have a question...i have a 06 Aero 750 and my friend was told to put sabilizer in her vstar...should i do this with my shadow? i ride it here in the south about every two weeks and start it every other day thru winter. Any response would help on should i use stabilizer?

  • I use stabilizer in a full tank of gas in my bike and my Z when I tuck them away for winter. I also hook them up to a battery tender.

  • I use stabilizer in a full tank of gas. If my bike is going to be sitting for an extended period of time in winter I run the gas out of the lines too. I don't think that part is really necessary, but it definately can't hurt anything and from my research it never hurts to use stabilizer. You should also use the type of fuel that is recommended in your Honda manual, at least that's what my father (36 year Honda mechanic) has told me!

  • Thanks Christine! :)

Im thinking about adding a windshield but would like a quick release type... — Honda Shadow Aero

Im thinking about adding a windshield but would like a quick release type anyone have any suggestions

  • Thinking along the same lines here but considering a batwing faring.. Memphis Shades uses the same quick release for the fairng or for their windshields. There are others as well.. National Cycle also has the 'SwitchBlade" screens which are also tool-less

  • I dont want a fairing just something simple for those long hauls

  • Memphis Shades and National Cycle both have 'quick release' no tool shields. Was just saying that the quick release system for the Memphis Shades lets you switch from fairing to standard curiser shield if you want. I don't know of any other quick release systems other than these two companies but may be others out there. Both have gotten great reviews from everything I've seen. Don't think you would regret either one.

  • ok ill check both of them out thanks

  • I have a Memphis Shades sport shield on my '09 Aero, no fairing.

I went on a ride on Friday and about to freeze to death lol By the time I got... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I went on a ride on Friday and about to freeze to death lol. By the time I got where I was going my fingers was frozen.

  • I used to ride to work late fall when the temp was about 33-34 F. Some of those days I wondered if I was insane!

  • A cold front came in today, so it's about to be a very cold ride home tonight.