Just wanted to thank everyone for helping to make my first run such a great... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum


Just wanted to thank everyone for helping to make my first run such a great experience. I'd also like to particularly congratulate everyone on the quality of their riding, and also their willingness to all become ad-hoc marshals. Without your help we would have either gotten lost, or had to go very slow indeed. We had no breakdowns, no accidents, no excursions into ditches, and no-one got lost. So thank you all.

I have taken on board feedback from people to apply to future runs:

1) Avoid dirt tracks - the MSXs might be able to cope, but the 'real' monkeys tend to struggle. Stick to fast flowing country roads and lanes.

2) Make it slightly shorter. The feeling I've got is that most people would have been happy with about 20 miles less (so 100 total), which equates to finishing just after where we visited the animal sanctuary.

3) Start slightly earlier (10am-ish), and have a proper lunch break about 1pm.

4) Have two rear marshals. The only issue we had on the run was when the rear marshal himself had to turn back briefly to collect some luggage that had dropped off. Not his fault, and he did sterling work all day. But the whole ad-hoc marshalling system relied on him. So he should have a deputy in-case either one has problems.

5) Always appoint a rear marshal, even on the last trip home. Slight issues when poor Mal marked a corner only to realise that we no longer had a rear marshal, so he had to guess when we'd all passed.

6) Get home before dark, since some bike have poorer headlights than others.

7) No need for such extensive breakfast facilities since many people eat before leaving. I will probably still arrange something next time, but not so grand.

8) Try to pick a weekend that isn't sandwiched between two other major Monkey events - should ensure a better turn out.

The general feedback I got was very positive (less the niggles mentioned above), especially regarding the marshalling system. Given that we covered 120 miles with no official marshals, I must say I'm impressed.

See you all next year!

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  • I wish I could have been free to join you lot. Sounded like a good day out. (y)

  • Gavin Davies it was quite simply brilliant and you must have spent days in prep. Well done!

And so its gone just like that rode away down the street to a new owner — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

And so its gone, just like that rode away down the street to a new owner! I'm gonna miss it I know!

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  • You won't be kicked from the group as you said. It's a shame buddy, hope it's new the new owner joins!

  • Hopefully he does :)

  • You're kicked out of the... Wait? He's not kicked out of the group?

I traded in Craigs List and finally ended with my 750 cc Honda Magna I started... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

I traded in Craigs List and finally ended with my 750 cc Honda Magna. I started with $100.oo US. It has a salvage title. Does this mean she was wrecked or re built. She ran fine until my roommate changed battery and broke some wires and they are not original colors. I think he fried my solenoid but taking her to a shop. Im not mechanically inclined. I have major head injury. Shes too big. A friend says Magna's are a hot bike. WHAT SAY YE...

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  • How much separately

  • 450 for the parts bike.

    1550 for the one in the pict

  • This shows my lack of bike knowledge. But if the pars inner change, get both. A starter, a solenoid will be the equivalent of the second bike. Ill ask my roommate or show him your pic. pEaCe from Big "D"

Photos from Chris Martin's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Advertising for a friend.

1998 Honda VTR1000 Firestorm. Just under 28k miles. Located near Colchester.

This bike is very fast and very loud, has been Dyno-Jetted and remapped with Twin Harpoon race cans. Comes with the original kit with spare needles and new jets, Rear led indicators, double bubble screen, seat cowl, custom belly pan and crash bungs. Also has upgraded wavy front discs, with a weighted front end, I have the the original discs in good condition. Comes with 2 keys, full service history, logbooks, receipts and official owner and service manuals.

Small damage to the right hand side as can be seen but rides beautifully and is still in good condition for its age.

Looking for £1500 ono. Will consider Part exchange for a smaller bike (125+) with cash on top depending on what you've got. Any questions please call me on 07864 889 195 or alternatively send me a friend request and a private message.

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    Photos from Reinier Repelsteel's post — Honda Rebel Riders

    Hello iam reinier from the netherlands.first bike is my daily bike 250 and the other one is my project to restore the old bike!thanks for excepting my in the group ( and sorry for the crappy english )

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    • You will

    • Nice Reiner , and goodluck with the restoration .

    • Thank man

    Cruising the battlefield in my backyard. Gettysburg. My 04 Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

    Cruising the battlefield in my backyard.... Gettysburg. My 04' Aero

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    • Same as mine gonna change pipes on mine tax season little bit more rumble

    • Nice ride! Where in the battlefield is this picture taken? What's the monument?

    • Tony Pergolizzi, that's on Culp's Hill. That's the 2nd Maryland monument in the background

    Running out of room under my seat lol — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Running out of room under my seat lol :)

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    • Yes both are Takegawa products yes they have pre set maps on the FI controller for pipe/cam/143/181 :-)

    • FI controller pre set maps e-stage is 143 s-stage is 181 :)

    • Where did you get that stuff?

    Photos from Chris Lawrence's post — Honda Shadow Aero

    Parts Parts Parts!!!

    For sale!

    Rear passenger sissy bar and mounting brackets.

    Drivers back rest.

    Willie max saddlebags

    Sell, trade...

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    • How much??

    • They go for $208 new. I'll sell for $100 plus shipping

    • Looks the same as mine except mine has an additional flame insert

    Has anyone purchased one of these for there postie mines just about due for a... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Has anyone purchased one of these for there postie, mines just about due for a top end, and wondering if it's worth it, and do they last ?

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    In between cursing my 74mm pistons and their reluctance to go where I wanted... — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

    In between cursing my 74mm pistons and their reluctance to go where I wanted them to go - I stripped down the top end of another CB450 engine to inspect the interior. Not that great, pitted chambers in the head and the cylinders would need over size pistons to clean up the rusty sleeves. Lucky I have another very good head and barrel in stock for my customer.

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    • shuddering already but tbo hacksaw rods off be easier and I would throw them away once the crank was split

    • Well that would take 5% out of the weight.

    • haha include a balloon they are light!

    The 3D printed cover fitted fine I did need to drill out the mount holes but... — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

    The 3D printed cover fitted fine. I did need to drill out the mount holes but apart from that - spot on.

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    • So does it need to be slightly oversize for the shrinkage factor if casting?

    • Looks good will it shine up? If you could program in the K0 Honda you would sell Hundreds maybe thousands as there are virtually none available. In good condition or undamaged but average.

    • Looking at a CNC version that would be flat across the top with slightly higher sides to compensate.

    Just lowered the ass with some shorter stiffer shoks any one now a good way to... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Just lowered the ass with some shorter stiffer shoks any one now a good way to lower the standard f front 25 to 30 mm with out being dogey lol next mod white walls

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    • Lol something about the sound of the honda stroke lol

    • i wanna get the measurements on the 140 lifan kits.... any input?

    • I have had a few in thumpsters but never in a posti im trying to keep my all honda but if seen alot of thoz 140s and thay go pritty good

    Help — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)


    I have just spent three hours trying to coax the pistons into the barrels. I tried fitting each loose piston into the barrel from the top down and from the bottom up using both a spring compressor and screwdrivers.

    I get the first two rings in okay - but that three part oil ring (band, waffle and band) just won't go. The waffle compresses and wants to overlap but can't - and then the waffle won't nest back in the groove unless I take the bands out, set the waffle and put the bands back.

    I did get one piston in and set it in the bottom of the barrel sticking out enough so I could lower barrel and piston into place over the conrod.

    But the piston was so damn tight once it was in. The bore is correct for the THR 74mm pistons, and I assume the rings that came with these pistons are correct.

    So - how do I fit THR 74mm pistons into the barrel?

    Should I get another set of rings?

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    • I had to file the edge of the sleeve lip where each stud came past, only needed a slight crescent 1mm deep to provide the clearance. The steel was easier to file than I thought. Need to go get the right profile file to do the tapers though.

    • Look at standard cylinder near enough will work tbo done it myself a few times

    Work in progress. I m chasing a new set of wheels. Any thoughts — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Work in progress! I'm chasing a new set of wheels?? Any thoughts??

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    • You can buy genuine honda rims from thailand on ebay.com then have them assembled here with new spokes. Cost about $110 per wheel for assembly and $130 per wheel for standard spokes and $180 per wheel for stainless spokes. Or buy cheap complete wheels from Thailand but the front hub is different.

    • Or get your rims rechromed. Wheel are probably the most expensive thing on a postie bike.

    Pack your bike for camping or travel What bags do you use How do you pack for... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Pack your bike for camping or travel? What bags do you use? How do you pack for weight distribution? Photos?

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    Hey guys at the stage of painting my bike was wondering if its better to get... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Hey guys at the stage of painting my bike. was wondering if its better to get it powder coated or do a home job with automotive spray..im keen on the powder coating but im not sure if its too much work. do I need to fill the threads I intend to use with bolts? how naked does the frame need be.. anyone out there have any info I would like that very much.. postie pride.

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    • Powdercoating, not a hard decision haha. Use some wooden dowel for the holes if you're concerned about them, thread tap will fix them up nicely afterwards though. Good luck with it all mate.

    • so its sandblasted and I etched primed it because im on the coast didn't want any rust. but thinking ill lean towards doing the spray job myself so I can colour match the other fiddley bits,,, but what type of paint???? thank for all the info too guys.

    • would recommend the kill rust red, its the closest match to the red

    Hey guys — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Hey guys,

    I have a honda shadow that I want to sale,

    Idk about motorcycles,

    So if anyone can help me in whats the right price for it??

    Is a 98 american classic 750

    Can anyone help me

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    • I just sold a Honda the other day. I would ask around $3500. Any thing you get above $2750 would be considered a fair offer though.

    • Yea i would say start at 3500 dont sell for any less that 3k 2800 max

    • It is a very nice bike and you keep it in good condition if is mine I will sell it for 4000 and no less than 3500

    Photos from Collin Baldwin's post — Honda Shadow Aero

    Before and after Brother John and I made my own exhaust extensions 19 bucks . Everything came from Advance Auto Parts

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    • Wow!! great Collin!!

    • no add another 10 inches bahhaaa

    • Lol, nice,

    So to you Aero riders that have slapped a fairing on your bike what fairing... — Honda Shadow Aero

    So, to you Aero riders that have slapped a fairing on your bike...what fairing did you use and what mounting? I'm on the fence with a batwing fairing and def on the fence with modding a OEM HD fairing to fit vs Memphis shades, etc.

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    • Thanks guys. I think I'm going to go with an old HD fairing and work out the bracketry. For the cost of MS fairing, then windshield, then trim, then then then...you're looking at like $400+ for a fairing that's pretty much one dimensional. I can buy a used HD fairing with speakers and stereo ready for less...going custom apps, lol

    • Ms on her now ....but I'm going to be fitting an HD batwing in a few weeks

    • Brian Becker, we had a forum member use an HD fairing, and he went whole "hog" so to speak. Including removing and relocating the speedo I think. Here is a copy of one of his posts, plus a link to his pictures - see all three pages worth.

      "Some more pics, had to relocate the speed with a tourer housing and custom bracket, the speedo actually houses the aero electronic speedo, used a 3.5 inch mirror to fill old light bucket hole, fairing/headlight bracket includes 3-4 of light relocation forward and about 3/4 inches up to fit the fairing well."

      http://s612.photobucket.com/user/kikokameleon/libr ary/Fire%20Aero?sort=6&page=1

    Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :-)

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    • Rob as I see there is a problem about this post, I think you might clarify about Jason complaint.

    • Marcello, I allready send him a pm last week, i have no intention selling these.

    • This design was created by myself and another superhawkforum member. The high res art was shared with the intent of personal use. We asked it not be used for profit (shirts, mugs...). I/we hope Rob de Hoo is honest in his statements.

    — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

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    • Keep the faith brother.

      It's like putting a new bbq together........Fucking painful but the end result is so worth it!!

    • Hey where did you get the extended cables for the ape hangers??

    • I got them from another bloke when I bought the bike mate, I couldn't honestly tell you.

    Photos from Brent Cordray's post — Honda Rancher Forum

    Need hunting buggy trade this Titled KTM 07 xcf 250 needs nothing runs an sounds great elec an kick start has too much to list an have stock parts an some as well, In need of a rancher 350 or 420 would be great, shouldve never got rid of my old one but bikes for summer quad for winter located in Morgantown WV will travel for something fair.. Feel free to delete if this isnt allowed on here just using all options to find a hunting buggy please some1 trade me cant see carrying treestand,bow an dragging a deer on this but i will if have too great bike

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    • feel free to delete if u want not trying to start something bad on this site just need buggy asap trying everywhere im sry if it wasnt aloud please dont delete me just warn me an delete this never will i do it again

    Bought these inlet rubbers for my 97 vtr Suppose they are for the later models... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Bought these inlet rubbers for my 97' vtr. Suppose they are for the later models and the incresement are for preventing stalling and set out when braking hardt. Can anyone confirm this? And how many horsepower does I loose with mounting these rubbers? Has'nt disassample my bike yet, will hear the experts first:-).

    Thanks, Henrik, Denmark. Happy vtr owner.

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    • Interresting. Ones again, thanks for all your advises. I'll try to find the fail using your advises, the bike runs at 1300 rpm. Do'nt know the jet etc. yet, because I have not disasample the bike yet.

    • Also my pipe went from the black to a dark grey..its just better.

    • No hate mail.awsome.still early i guess.

    Christophe Gallant shared a link to the group: Honda 350x. — Honda 350x


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    • Naw im going to meet up with him myself and look at it before buy if I cant look I aint buying.

    • That box is on YouTube dude the guy selling it on eBay hasn't had the reserve met yet and bids reached 50,000$

    • Well idk all I no is he is still working down at honda part time and hes a lawyer and I been buying brand new parts from him for cheap like I bought a 350x fuel tank been sitting up in the warehouse since 1985 never mounted still in box I bought it for $125 and sold it for $450 so I no he legit.

    Tami Glover shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    Am I missing something here?

    Honda is just too weird sometimes, I swear. I was looking at the front fender trim pieces for the Aero 1100. See the part diagram, Part 4 and 7 is the right side pieces priced @ 14.75 and 14.99 each. Pretty decent. The left side pieces are Part 5 and 8, priced @ 48.96 and 14.84 each. WTF? Why in the world is Part 5 more than triple the cost? A lesser WTF is why the other 3 can't just be one price, like 14.99? Can anyone explain, especially Part 5?

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    • Brian Becker, they look like the same parts, but are slightly different in size - the Valk front extension doesn't reach the edge of the Aero fenders. Not sure about the back one though.

    • It might be because of the availability.

    • Could be a typo

    3D printed stator cover to test fit before seeking production options — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

    3D printed stator cover to test fit before seeking production options.

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    • Noice! It's all happening then.

    • Get the fully indexable rear sets from Dime City Cycles Stelio, that's what I used on my CB450

    • It might happen - if I can find someone to make 100 of them in aluminium, cast or milled for a good price

    Photos from Nigrophotography Nigro's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Had to sell my 08 Spirit as riding two up was tough. Now own a Roadstar, but still miss my spirit. May have to pick up another for commuting. Side by side photos

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    • Sharp looking Honda! Love the studded seat and bags

    • That's not my Honda, but my Road Star. I sold the Honda to buy it. Thank you for the compliment.

    • Oops...without clicking on the pic it looks just like my Shadow =) Very nice!

    James Brown shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    lol enough people ask me about my trunk that i made short video on where and how i bolted it on the rack of my bike. hope it helps.

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    Photos from William Beitz's post — Honda Shadow Aero

    Look at my new bobber! Sweet eh!

    Went for a ride to Cochrane today, stopped at Tim Hortons for a coffee and this wild machine pulled in. Three other riders were there as well. note at the left peg, that is a moving pulley and an exposed belt. There is a small air shock under the seat for the suspension. Note no lights!

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    • Everyone has their own style

    • He definitely could have had tens of thousands of dollars into that thing, but unfortunately for him, he'd be lucky to get $10,000 for it now if he wanted to sell it. Those exotic choppers were the flavor of the week 5-10 years ago, just like those awful custom "baggers" are now. Those things will be $10,000 in another 5 years.

    • Yea. Those naggers really turn me off. Especially those on biker battleground.

    Next to an after market seat on an aero 750 I think one of the best investments... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Next to an after market seat on an aero 750 I think one of the best investments you can make on any bike is a set of crash or highway bars. Not only can they prevent a lot of expensive damage if you dump the bike they provide a mount for highway pegs which are almost a requirement for an enjoyable ride of any distance over a few miles. A little chrome of a piece of steel tubing is not nearly as serious as a broken engine case or other expensive piece of motorcycle.

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    • 100 0/0 agree!

    • mine has fallen over a couple of times with no damage thanks to the crash bars

    • On my 2015 shopping list along with a back rest.

    — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

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    • Nice photo

    • what's more impressive is how he managed to take it, considering he's in it! Courtesy of Unclepab Hughes and Hazel by anychance?

    • Haha yeah I just wanted something I could post on Instagram

    — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

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    • Vero che migliora il look del CT ???? Però è stato utile ;-)

    • Utile!? Negli incolonnamenti in autostrada e' indispensabile!

    • No semplicemente in spiaggia per ripararci dal sole ;-).... Fortunatamente in sardegna non ci sono incolonnamenti !!