Odd question. and apologies for the long description — Honda cx500 650 v twin facebook page

Odd question..and apologies for the long description

..when I took the wheel out of my forks I have just realised that the speedo drive was not actually attached in any way to the actual wheel hub so in effect it would not have worked anyway....

I cannot find a parts diagram with a list of parts to define which part I actually need....if you follow??

Does anyone have a pic or know what the part needed is?...Ive searched David Silvers site eith no joy as yet.

m going to replace the stock with a new speedo(not sure which) so IF I go digital using magnet and a sensor do I need the part in the hub?

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  • I wouldn't see why would need that part if your going with a digital speedo... unless it acts as a spacer as well... if isn't not causing issue I'd leave it.

  • Thanks... Ive sorted it now....there is a part missing for sure and I have it on order just in case....Still might go digital...

Paps panu ba mejo patigasin yung front shock para ndi manabit tapalodo — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

Paps panu ba mejo patigasin yung front shock para ndi manabit tapalodo?

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  • Pasadya mu lng paps ng bolt bawat isa tapos 2t...

  • tubo paps ilagay mo wag langis bibigay oil seal shock mo turbo lng mga 3 inch cguro bawat ISA ..

  • Tubo po sa ibabaw ng spring ilalagay ??

Jang Santos shared J.Santos Enterprises's video to the group: Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page. — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

Rz tire seal (130.00)

Anti flat solution

Iwas tulak at hanap ng vulcanizing shops

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Pm, call or txext po for details

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Door to door delivery via abest


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Fb accnt: Jang Santos

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  • Up

  • Up

Yamaha 350 big bear 4×4 1998 — Honda Rancher Forum

The other day it stopped running because of the timing chain $15 on eBay and it smokes but that's the oil rings $22 on eBay. It's 4×4 but dont have front axles. Obo $400 or I'll buy parts and sell it for more if you wanna. If interested call me 6017910529

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  • Yea I've done it before an the bikes still don't smoke... so get my post if you don't want to buy it

  • Yea you don't have to bore a motor out for a simple ring job why do you think they sell a lot with just rings

  • Don't listen to me, I'm not a diesel/heavy equipment mechanic or anything.

Hi — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners


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  • Awesome!

  • Bought in the sunmer and passed MOT yesterday.

    Based in Bewdley a popular ride out place for motorcyclists and looking forward to visiting the TT Races this June

  • Not a place I know well don't think I do

Dave Borja shared a Page to the group: Honda Wave Dash - Manila. — Honda Wave Dash - Manila

For sale.


DASH - 3200

WAVE 125 - 3200

CLUTCH KIT DASH 110 - 1400

CLUTCH KIT WAVE 125 - 1900


MP BOREKIT 56 WAVE100 - 1500

MP BOREKIT 54 WAVE100 - 1450

MP BOREKIT 53 WAVE100 - 1320

MP BOREKIT 56 WAVE 125 - 1380

MP BOREKIT 60 WAVE 125 - 1700

MP BIGVALVE 24/28 W100 - 1785

MP BIGVALVE 24/28 W125 - 2520

KOSO 24MM FLAT - 3000

KOSO 28MM FLAT - 3600

SWR 24MM FLAT - 2800

SWR 28MM FLAT - 2800

SWR 24MM ROUND - 1900

SWR 28MM ROUND - 1900

SWR 30MM ROUND - 2100







PM ME OR TEXT 09154790371


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    Hello Everyone — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Hello Everyone

    I need some tyre advise, whats the biggest size tyre i can fit on my xr125L?

    oem is 90/90/19 F & 110/90/17 R, seems im very limeted in choice on this tyre size where i live...

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    • meron yata nakapagkabit nang 140/80 R18 peron kailangan tangalin ang chain guard pero not sure yet. Let us wait the response of the members of the community. :)

    Hi peeps — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

    Hi peeps.

    Anyone got one of these fitted? Any good?

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    • Or just buy a BMW GSA

    • I don't want to piddle on anyone's bonfire but... I have a MRA screen and I'm not sure it's any better than the standard screen in its lowest position, I have tried every conceivable position and I find no real difference either in volume or buffeting, my old deauville had a Honda touring screen and hand guards fitted and it was like

      sitting behind a barn door , the wind even pushed me forwards. Personally I don't find a bit of noise and buffeting an issue, your sitting on a hot engine topped with 4 gallons of flammable liquid and your worried about being wind blasted

    • Mine came fitted, I can't complain.

    Photos from Daniel Santeens's post — NOR-CAL STOCKTON HONDA ACURA PARTS

    Ok so here's a deal of a life time...pretty simple just need to move parts everything works perfectly brand new stage 3 clutch kit 0 miles brand new B series left and right with haft shaft aftermarket B series shift linkage with gsr shift knob and rebuilt gsr cable tranny $375 local pick up stockton everything goes I will not part out unless you want to pay top dollar for parting out 2095076982

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    • Bump

    • Shift linkage?

    • Bump

    Mga ka alpha good afternoon tanong q lang ano kaya dapat iupgrade kay alpha... — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    Mga ka alpha good afternoon tanong q lang ano kaya dapat iupgrade kay alpha para maging maganda ang takbo???. All stock pa po kasi ung alpha q. Maingay xa kapag nakarekta na aq ng 80kph. Salmat po sa sasagot.

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    • hindi po... bka my tama na gearings mo sa luob

    • Gumagaralgal lang paps kapag mabagal ang pag bitaw ng clutch kailangan mataas pa rpm.

    • spraket palitan mo 15 36

    mga paps. patingin nga ng mga Naka Whole Chain cover nyo na Alpha dyan — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    mga paps? patingin nga ng mga Naka Whole Chain cover nyo na Alpha dyan.

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    • Anu bos bbenta mu p b yan??

    • pang anu yang chain cover mo paps? pang 155?

    • Oo boss sa sat or sunday free ako pero if want mo boss kht now pwede nyo pick up nag aalaga kasi ako 3 bata kaya medyo busy

    Bryan Lattin shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Anyone used something like this or similar?

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    • Theres a lot to be said for knowing your k's when you fill up and working with your reserve tank.

    • This is why I fitted a bike computer, but I do like the look of these.

      As long as its a tight fit.

    • If its not a tight fit then you have to be careful. As the the lion wont sleep tonight.

    mga paps pa check nman kung ok pa tunog ng alpha ko eto yung 2nd hand ko... — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    mga paps pa check nman kung ok pa tunog ng alpha ko.eto yung 2nd hand ko nabili sa casa

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    • ito paps 8months.. maingay na.. warranty n kya kelangan dto? parang nkktamad n mgbayad.

      ok nmn hatak

    • ok paps salamat

    • ganyan din tunog ng alpha ko pero pag itinakbo ko na at uminit na pino na ang tunog niya.

    Sound check — Honda RS150 CEBU Fan Page

    Sound check!!

    Jhess Dinawanao works (chicken pipe)

    Dara Kent Bryce hehehehe

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    • Hahahaha

    • Puhon koya hahahha Jimboy D. Comeros

    • Ok fafa kent hahhaha

    Cno dto nka 15 34 — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    Cno dto nka 15-34?

    Ung sken kc nka 15-34...

    Bkt gnun bilis nia manghingi ng kambio....

    Parang stock lang dn...

    Tnx and respect...

    ( dvah dapat pag nka 15-34 mahaba ung mga kambio.... Ung sken kc maikli ung mga kambio parang stock sprocket lang.... Ung una mahahaba ung kambio then ung tumagal nah maiikli nah cia.... )

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    • single

    • 16/44 pala eh. Ngek sabi 15/44 daw

    • 15x36 haba ng kambyada all gear buhay