Also would any of you have a pdf of an owners manual Mine did not come with... — Honda Shadow Aero


Also, would any of you have a .pdf of an owners manual? Mine did not come with one, and I like to have them when I can get them. its an 06 Aero if it makes a difference.

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  • Here is an '05 manual, I have a '07 bike not sure of the differences...I uploaded to dropbox

  • Thank you my brother. You know, you have a good strong name if you ever decide to get into radio....

  • Glad to help, got it from forum. As a kid, always wanted to be in Radio but I mumble too damn much...

— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • white wall tires would be sweet.

  • Nice... mine is all white, sometimes whish I had the black/grey centers. What kind of windshield is that?

  • I put hard leather saddle bags on my bike, bought them online from Viking Bags.

Anyone know of any swap meet type stuff happening We just got an 06 750 and... — Honda Shadow Aero

Anyone know of any swap meet type stuff happening? We just got an 06 750, and are trying to find affordable stuff to add for comfort and so on. I would love to have more foot placement options. The stock pegs are a bit misplaced for long rides in my opinion. What are some of the different things you folks have done for that?

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  • O yes, I have...they are just so pricey.

  • Maybe a ragtop too for those rainy days ...

  • Never rains here. What you ridin Paul?

— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • Does this bike make my butt look big????

  • Well if he drops it the bike is protected

  • the rear tire is VERY flat

My Sexy 99 Rebel. cant wait to get her back from the shop — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

My Sexy 99' Rebel....cant wait to get her back from the shop!

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  • awesome very nice.. i got my 1999 rebel this summer and LOVE it.. i wanna deck her out tho.. love the pics here

  • Thanks! I got her back from the shop with a 1k repair bill and have been riding her since, at 22.4k miles and counting =)

  • Though lately ive been working on my 61' Ford Falcon 2dr project xD

Hey who knows a good place to get parts new or second hand in Australia — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hey who knows a good place to get parts new or second hand in Australia? And does an exhaust from a 2005 model fit a 1996 model?

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  • i just took a trailer of frame s to the tip................sorry man

  • and i should have side saddles racks.. tomorrow.. but no bags...

  • Hey dave, the fender is smashed up pretty bad. I'm happy to take like $35 for the exhaust...

Anyone with a high sissy bar for sale 2008 Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

Anyone with a high sissy bar for sale, 2008 Aero?

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  • I got mine off ebay from hong kong. Had it for about a year, wasn't sure of the quality but no rust yet.

  • I had a cobra high sissy bar on here for awhile for 50.00 but painted it black and put it back on last week. Ive never had real good

  • Just my luck.

I currently have a 750 Spirit Found a deal on a 1100 ACE Anybody have any... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I currently have a 750 Spirit. Found a deal on a 1100 ACE. Anybody have any opinions on the 1100? Thinkin of keepin my 750 and makin a bobber

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  • HahahahahaHonda!

  • Long rides? Is that about comfort? I've ridden many different bikes... And the little bit of discomfort I may experience just reminds me I'm riding a motorcycle. Giddy up!

  • i have a 02 1100 spirit and i will tell you they take getting used to. they are not a in town bike. alot of the time i run second and if im on the highway 65 or under i use fourth gear. i never believed my buddy who has a 04 that it lugged the engine that bad till i owned one. power wise i can keep up with most bikes that are considerably bigger. on ethanol i get in the 45mpg range and took on a 2200 mile trip where ethanol wasnt a option and i pulled consistent 52-54 in fourth gear while my buddy pulled 54-56 in fifth going 62mph or so.

Insurance question what s the most popular insurance coverage for a motorcycle — Honda Shadow Aero

Insurance question - what's the most "popular" insurance coverage for a motorcycle? What can one expect to pay? Are the premiums age driven or power driven? I live in Florida ... Thank you.

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  • The roadside assist is one thing I miss. I was a GWRRA (gold wing road riders assoc) member and received it free with my dues. I really miss my Wing.........

  • I have geico with roadside asst....$50 a year full coverage 04

  • Progressive hands down! 2010 Harley and 07 Shadow for 80.00 a mth! Full coverage with roadside service.

can anyone please tell me where i can get michelin 100 90 18 rear tyre for my... — Hero Honda Karizma

can anyone please tell me where i can get michelin 100/90 18 rear tyre for my zmr around cochin,kollam... is it a good option ????? does it affect the mileage ?????

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  • I'm using this tyre. Don't go for it, grip is very bad on wet road. Meanwhile grip on normal dry road is very good! Mileage not affected, but you have to maintain correct tyre pressure.

  • ^^it has great grip on wet or dry both kind of roads..its a multipurpose tyre which you can use while doing off-roading as well

  • In fact, the Wet Grip of these Michelins are so bad, I'm going for either stock Zappers if I get them in 110/80/18 or Dunlops110/80/18(CBZ Tyre)

Put 848 miles on this past holiday weekend Went to Skyline Drive and then rode... — Honda Shadow Aero

Put 848 miles on this past holiday weekend. Went to Skyline Drive and then rode some challenging mountain roads in West Virginia. This is my bike with my husband's VTX 1800.

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  • I love the's a beautiful bike!

  • Glad you had some good riding, I got to put almost 200 on my ACE Saturday and it was soooooooooooo away from the BS and stress and enjoyed the riding.

  • Hi, Felix! We are well. Hope to see you soon!

Anybody know where I can get a left side support arm so I can run true duals — Honda Shadow Aero

Anybody know where I can get a left side support arm, so I can run true duals. And I already tried ebay for one off of a tourer.

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  • Where did you order it from Rob?

  • Looks like Roadhouse Brand went out of business.

  • I bought them 5 years ago

Daniel Gould posted in Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club — with Matt Flanagan. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

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  • For those in Melbourne, the Sea Shepherd is docked in Williamstown and giving free tours Saturday's/Sunday's. Get your posties down there!!

  • Epic photo!

  • i was there last sunday, had just got into town after a 22hour ride from newcastle.........sorry i missed ya

Vtr with wide tyre. Opinions has it been done — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Vtr with wide tyre ? Opinions , has it been done ?

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  • Good words of a probedor of Tenerife dunlop and clear logic to the more wide-Tues will be awkward for a curve I tried on mine and I do not like. aesthetics if nothing better but to see it stop me when I just want to give guerra.aora I have mounted the dunlop sportsmart nitehc system and is the best thing and set the truth and by far a greeting.

  • See alsorts of crazy shit on here lol

  • Bad idea

May be parting ways with the saddlebags on the bike They are XL universal that... — Honda Shadow Aero

May be parting ways with the saddlebags on the bike. They are XL universal that are held down by the jump seat. Have the chrome stands that hold them out of the fender. Stands are for an 1100. Planning on getting color matched hard bags and going with the look of the VT1100ct. Dual exhaust, bags, trunk etc.

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  • They do.... And they get into the rear brake rotor too. That's why I bought the stands. Keeps everything where it should be.

  • Well that's what I thought

  • I had mine out this morning too........on the other side of the highway from Perkins. Sat at the store all day.

For my birthday do I buy a new cb or a sissy bar — Honda Shadow Aero

For my birthday, do I buy a new cb or a sissy bar?

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  • I went with a tall sissy bar, passengers like it and it is a great place to tie things to.

  • You have to pick one????? Sometimes its easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission........ Just uh, tossing that out there....... Have to go....the wifes coming

165 000 and counting — Honda Shadow Aero

165,000 and counting !!

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  • Wooow... mine is '05 an just 40k miles, congrats for that awesome spirit of yours :)

  • That's because is a Honda !!!!!

  • 65,000 on my 04, bought new in 05. Congrats on the 165!

Hi all I have a problem with my storm and was wondering if any of you can help — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi all, I have a problem with my storm and was wondering if any of you can help. The bike was running fine but now seems to hold back at around 6000 rpm I've changed the oil and filter, plugs and cleaned the k&n air filter. I put art pro cans on and that made it worse so am running standard again at the moment. Checked all the wires and coils. Any ideas ?

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  • cool, i have never actually looked

  • worth checking all your wires are tight. there one sat on the front of the right side rad for fan. and also check the wire is on properly on the fan switch.

    i was surprized when i seen it myself. my fan never kicked in. cos mine been sat for 4 years before i got it. :(.

  • i have spoke to other peope down hear that own storms and they also say how they run hot in traffic and stuff. no a few ladds that put computer fans on the other radiator for extra cooling.

My 05 shadow when I fill it up it will slowly bleed down and I can put more... — Honda Shadow Aero

My 05 shadow when I fill it up it will slowly bleed down and I can put more fuel in it. I can get about 3 gallons in it. Does anyone else experience. This and what is the fuel capacity.

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  • anytime!! Its a common issue, I just deal with it. Have u noticed your speedometer is 10% off? 50 MPh...your really doing 45

  • Believe it or not.....all Honda vehicles are like that. My accord is 5 off, my Odyssey is 5 off and my aero is 4 off. We've had every iteration of Accord and Odyssey since 88 and 96 and every one was like that too. I have to wonder if its a safety measure Honda has built in to help ease traffic tickets........

  • I have not noticed that but will be checking that out

Loss of fuel MPG My 2009 Shadow 750 aero always got about 150 miles before... — Honda Shadow Aero

Loss of fuel MPG. My 2009 Shadow 750 aero always got about 150 miles before having to switch to reserve on this last trip I took to MO about 2 thousand miles it is now down to about 126 miles before reserve at first I thought it was the weight of pack and interstate speeds, wind etc but after getting home mileage still hasnt came up. I was told to replace fuel filter and check plugs. Total miles now are around 9800

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  • Well ethanol is a big problem and I see it every day at my shop, is it my problem not sure. My bike backfires all the time . I scared a lady on main street half to death last night driving by. It always when throttle is released though

  • I put over 30,000 miles on my 2006 Aero-the only change in mileage was when I added a Hypercharger- theres some blue liquid that equalizes the Ethanol in the gas-I cant remember the name, but try changing filling stations and see-also check your idle and yes, plugs make a difference!

  • I top off between 100-110 to be sure-




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    has anyone actually rebuilt thier brake caliper when they change the pads — Honda Shadow Aero

    has anyone actually rebuilt thier brake caliper when they change the pads? Is it needed or just recommened?

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    • I wouldn't bother unless brake fluid is leaking, this happens sometime when you push the piston back into the calliper.

    • yeah, Im gonna have to ush the pistons back in to get the new pads on

    Started my 06 aero today and I noticed a small amount of gas leaking out from... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Started my 06 aero today, and I noticed a small amount of gas leaking out from the middle hose behind the kick stand... Is this normal? Possibly small amount of oil in it... Size of 2 quarters

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    • The tank was about 10 miles shy of reserve... I was told that sudden change in temperature on an almost empty tank will create a fumes pressure that will push the gas out...I took it from the garage after sitting 2 weeks into 85 degree sun. Any ideas?

    • one of the hoses is carb air vent, middle says fuel tank breather (except california type), third is rad reserve tank breather. I will try to upload pic to group pics.

    • I get gas leaks in my 86 Honda Shadow-usually a couple of taps with a rubber mallet is all it needs-

    Who ever said that the 750 Aero did not have enough power is nuts I just... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Who ever said that the 750 Aero did not have enough power is nuts. I just scaled Bellefontaine Mountain with close to 475#'s of humanity at over 70 mph. The sucker just purred, kept telling me "More Master, give me More".

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    • More equals an 1100....... It's an orgasm with a clutch lever........just sayin

    • I am 300 lbs and never have a problem getting my 750 to scoot with my big ass on it!

    • After adding a Kuryakyn hyper charger to my 06 750, my engine really opened up-90 no problem-