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I have a 07 Honda Shadow 750c2 shaft drive. Lately after I have been riding about 15 or 30 minutes it feels like my rear end is swaying side to side, mostly to the left. My spokes are tight and my tire pressure is where it is suppose to be. I took it to my motorcycle mechanic and he said it was the road. That's bull. Someone told me it could be out of alignment. My mechanic said that's impossible because it's shaft driven. I've been riding the same road for 3 years. What do you think it could be?

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  • I've never hear of a issue with swingarm. 100,000 ony 98 1100 ace and never a issue with swingarm

  • its your wheel bearings inside the rear end they have a flat spot.

  • Check the swing arm bushes could be worn

I just don t get all the Harley hate bikes are bikes Anyone who really cares... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

I just don't get all the Harley hate, bikes are bikes. Anyone who really cares what brand or style of bike someone else is riding isn't riding enough themselves.

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  • I ride daily..and cant stand Harley's

  • Maybe the reason my zero fronted reminds me of a Harley

  • My question to the harley only, tell me one,JUST ONE way in which harleys are technically superior to metrics,not some mystic or idea that harley made you believe,but 1 real fact.

1998 DR350SE — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

selling my 1998 DR350SE,11,000 miles and counting,on the road and inspected, clean title in hand

just did oil change replaced air filter and plug

this bike is very clean and runs perfect

electric start

mods incl.

fmf powercore 4 exhaust (carb has been tuned properly)

brand new shinko 705s (less than 50 miles on them)

polisport headlight

3.5gallon ims plastic fuel tank

maier mx style rear fender

drc fender eliminator kit

drz front fender

suzuki carbon fork wraps

moose racing fork seal savers

shorty break away levers

new o-ring chain

new sprockets front and rear

mx gripper seat

This bike is very clean and very well maintained, no rust, has never been crashed, stunted, or dumped; only selling because i got a DR-Z400 (see pics) so I don't need this bike anymore, tops out at about 90mph.

Located in the Glens Falls area. Asking $3,000obo

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    Photos from Shane Fuller's post — Honda Rancher Forum

    So this is what I'm going with I couldn't find any rims in the offset I wanted so got these they will be in Sat

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    • Mine is sra and the back

    • Other than the 2 inch spacers front and back you can see how the back stick out wider than the front, the front is stock wheels

    • Oh nice and that pic is with the 2" spacers, do u happen to know what the front offset is, I bought 5+2 front and 2+5 rear I thought that was the stock offset, I wanted a 4+3 for the front

    Mga alpha masters and users gud day po may available na po ba na parts ang... — HONDA TMX 125 ALPHA MODIFIED

    Mga alpha masters and users gud day po,may available na po ba na parts ang alpha like piston ring/piston rebore 25-100?ksi marami na gumagamit dto sa amin byahe tricycle,ang big problem dto ay ang cb125 at supremo na ala pyesa!!!ung valve seal,clutch lining,cam lube,cam flower,push rod,racker arm ng alpha ay same po ba sa tmx 155/125 or may pagkakahalintulad?ksi maganda pang tricycle ang alpha di mayanig gaya ng gamit ko na 155!!!concern lng po ako sa mga parts,all comments is open and accepted,maraming salamat po mga papz,,,,

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    • lining ng maton salpak mo sa 155 mo magiging mas malupet pa kesa sa Alpha..grind mo lng sobrang bukol sa ilalim ng clutch housing pra kumasya xa paps

    • Ang hirap pa nman pag lima sakay at malalaki pa ang khit dalawang sakay at naalanganin stop sa ahunin,at si alpha menus gastos sa magneto oil seal,dahil babad sa langis ang magneto,ang 155 nku khit original pa na oil seal from Honda shop ang ikabit ay di nagtatagal,halos continues ksi byahe dto,kaya ang daming nag sauli nun ng 155 dahil di kaya ang babaran,bumibigay ang magneto oil seal,eh ang mahal pa nman nsa 665php ang set,kya nung lumabas ang alpha nagsikuha na,rear hub nlng ng alpha ang icoconvert dto sa amin pag gagamitin sa byahe,kailangan dumper type na hub,

    • Ubra pla yun!alin dto papz?

    Photos from Derek Anding's post — Honda 350x

    I may have a small project on my hands. I picked her up today, the second two pictures are of the needle bearings I think inside the back end of the swing arm, if they're bearings I would like to know how to get them out and where to look to get them. Thank you also it's a 1986 I bought it for 600 bucks

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    • May need to tap gently with a hammer on the screwdriver to open the gap. They aren't pressed in too far... maybe 3/8 inch

    • Steve, I've been following this thread because I'm doing the same thing. Do the bearings press right straight through the swing arm? In other words, by using the socket, do you end up pushing the bearing from the clutch side right straight through to the shifter side and then both bearings come out? From what you're saying, it sounds like they must, or else how could you get the first side out. Thanks!

    • Yes, they press on in an out from either side... you just have to get it back close to the middle. Some bikes have 2 bearings on each side.....dont think the 350x does though. Like I said it's been a while...lol

    Got a starter switch and blinker Switch question — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

    Got a starter switch and blinker Switch question.

    My shop said my starter switch might be on its way out, with dead spots. Sometimes you have to wiggle the switch to get the bike to start. Can I use the same Cleaner/lube on that as I would on the blinker switch?

    I bought these to do my blinker switches.

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    • I just use dielectric grease

    • Dielectric is best but if you just can't find it it won't mess up your button to use thick bearing grease

    • So I pulled everything apart, cleaned everything up nice, made sure no broken pieces inside the housing, all wires seemed sturdy and same deal, front left, rear left work... rear right works, front right doesn't.

      Tried swapping the bulbs, still doesn't. It is clicking so I assume the relay is fine? Is each bulb on its own fuse? Could it even be a fuse? - just checked fuse box, they all looked fine.

      What the hell did I do to it?

    Honda TRX90 Quad Sportrax — Honda ATV UTV trading post

    My son has outgrown his Honda TRX90. It has aggressive new rear tires, a new drive chain, new wheel and axle bearings all around, I added grease fittings, and I replaced the air filter. I also flipped the front tires and added rear wheel spacers to make it wider and super stable for the little guy. The ATV is in great shape aside from a tiny crack in the right front plastic fender. The machine starts on the first pull and runs great, probably the best running ATV I've ever owned. I have added a battery, stator, voltage regulator, headlights, and a tail light so he can safely ride at night. I also added a full-length aluminum skid plate as well as aluminum skid plates to the front a-arms so the frame is protected from any damage. I added an auxiliary oil cooler as well to keep the little beast from ever getting hot. I have always run Shell Rotella T6 synthetic oil and grease it after every wash.

    Located in Northern Illinois.

    I'm an engineer and really took care of this thing. It's been used by my kids for about a year and has been bulletproof. I'm sure it'll give your little guy years of fun as well.

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      Photos from Mickey Dunlap's post — Honda 350x

      Next Friday will be the cut off time for the 83'-85' 200X/ 81'-82' 250r 2+4 Durablue axles that got put behind the 350x axles, so the 350xes are ready and the 200x/ 250r's will be done in a few weeks but I'm taking orders now. I still have to sell 10 to get a good price but because I lost money taking credit cards and pay pale last time the price will go up $10. So the 200x/ 250r is now $409 plus shipping and the 350x are $359 plus shipping. If you need a axle at the very best price get your orders in next week. This is the last time I'm going to do this so grab themup now!

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      • for the 350X....

      • Durablue will still have them, just not at these prices so you can still get one later.

      • Ok good.. you scared me

      2016 CRF450r part out — HONDA CRF Dirt Bikes ONLY

      I am parting out a 2016 Crf450r. The only parts NOT for sale is: engine, electronics, fuel pump, clutch, and throttle body. ALL PARTS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION.

      Works Connection parts for sale:

      -Factory edition Radiator guards $100 shipped

      -Stem nut $20

      Ride Engineering parts:

      -Front steel braided brake line $55

      -- front line clip $35

      ---Front brake line guide $5

      -Rear steel braided brake line $45

      - Axle blocks $35

      - Rear brake clevis $35

      Front brake components:

      Crfstuff.com caliper mount $100

      Front brake caliper W/ brand new pads

      --- hard anodized w/ titanium bolts $115

      Rear brake components:

      TMD? billet aluminum caliper mount $105

      Rear caliper w/ brand new pads

      --- hard anodized w/ titanium bolts $115


      Full plastics on bike ,as pictured $225

      Frame $650

      Swingarm $330

      Subframe $360

      Brand new 0hrs Front forks w/triple tree $850

      --- brand new from factory 0hrs

      ODI handlebar w/ grips $120

      Rear Shock $495

      OEM exhaust $250

      Seat $100

      Pro Taper bar mounts $25

      OEM stator $120

      Both radiators $200

      OEM throttle cable $15

      OEM airbox $60 (filter not included)

      OEM foot pegs $55

      OEM kickstart lever $100 (not pictured)

      OEM radiator louvers $20

      Rental 48t sprocket $40

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        Mga ka xr magkano original handle bar na pwede sa xr 150 natin Protaper tsaka... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

        Mga ka xr magkano original handle bar na pwede sa xr 150 natin? Protaper tsaka rental? Pag naslide or natumba mga orig handle bar na mga to mga sir d xa nayuyupi?

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        • Ano itsura non sir Pi Kabu?

        • Up

        • Relate ako sayo sir Harold Cabanes Cachola na slide na din ako due sa madulas na daanan na may biglang sumalubong sakin na payong2 na pa break ako bigla yun slide agad na dis align na sya pero nung tinggal ko d naman na disalign pero kung ikabit mo parang dna sya align

        Plan ko mag mount ng cigarette socket para mag charge ng GPS phone sa long... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

        Plan ko mag mount ng cigarette socket, para mag charge ng GPS & phone sa long rides.

        Any idea kung saan pinakamagandang mag tap ng +12Vdc? Mas ok kung sabay siya sa ignition para di na kailangan ng separate switch.

        Yung wala sana i-splice for warranty purposes

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        • i assume nabuksan mo na yung side panel, di ko pa kasi nababaklas. pwede kaya ako mag fuse tap na lang para mas madali at malinis?

          or lagay na lang ako sariling fuse block for future accessories?

        • Pwede din yan. Sa akin naglagay ako ng new dc line from batt to accessories na may sariling fuse. Mas malaking wire ginamit ko just in case magdagdag pa ako ng load in the future. Relay activated yun new line kaya mag on lng xa pag on ng motor.

        • salamat. medyo masikip pala sa loob. ganito balak ko, comments?


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        • That day lol

        • I got it figured out. Re-jetted for the straight pipes and replaced a float needle that had a stuck plunger. Thank God for a somewhat local dealership that actually stocks some parts... lol.

        • She idles fine without the full air box on, but wouldn't rev until I got the bright idea to use my hand to restrict some of the air. I also deleted some somewhat unneeded vacuum lines. It's good not living in California.

        On a VLX600 anyone tried going to a larger front sprocket for better highway... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

        On a VLX600, anyone tried going to a larger front sprocket, for better highway mileage? I'm thinking of keeping the stock 44 tooth rear, but going from a 16 tooth front, to a 17 tooth front. Suggestions?

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        • Awesome thanx

        • If your rear brakes are going to it's a good time to change them if they're going to do that rear sprocket. Real easy stuff to just pull them out and slide them in

        • For more top speed, at the sacrifice of low end torque, make the rear sprocket smaller, and the front bigger.

        Any idea how much a seized 500 motor is worth no idea whats wrong apart from... — Honda cx500 650 v twin facebook page

        Any idea how much a seized 500 motor is worth?...no idea whats wrong apart from its seized..

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        • What are they asking?

        • Told me to make an offer...hence the question..

        • Value depends on where you live , and how badly you need - and they want to get rid of it . I acquired a spare complete 500 motor - ex-runner with heads there but lifted - for $50.

        Malas tlaga xr ko nalose thread panu kaya to mga sir sa langis pa naman — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

        Malas tlaga xr ko nalose thread panu kaya to mga sir sa langis pa naman

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        • Hindi naman fine thread yun bolt pero pag mainit pa ang engine, ganyan talaga mangyayari.

        • Ah ok hanap kanalang nang shop dyan sir para maayos talaga yan.sunod wag na tanggalin basta mainit pa ang makina palamigin muna kasi ang aloy nakdikit yan sa thread tapos madali malosaw at didikit sa thread.

        • Ganyan rin sa akin sa ang bolt sa head nang makina., oversize lng.

        Photos from Joffrey Valdez's post — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

        April 01, 2017

        Thank u so much Admins and members sa inyong supporta :)

        Click Join :)

        Join Group " Bullet pipe at stainless accessories "

        https://www.facebook.com/groups/StainlessBulletPip esatStainlessAccessories/

        Shop Location : Open Lunes - Sabado from 9am to 5pm " CYCLE J Trading "

        Kabisig Floodway, in Front of KABISIG ELEMENTARY School , Cainta RIZAL

        https://www.google.com.ph/maps/place/Kabisig+Eleme ntary+School/@14.569888,121.106481,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1 s0x3397c7be423eaa05:0x90bb3ad0f7aaae0f

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          Photos from Jordan Matthews's post — Honda CB750 Four 69-78 Australia

          Spent the morning with Obe and his father doing a whole lot of work stripping my engine down to find out what the problems were. Honestly guys if you know Obe and his father then you know the knowledge thy have and how darn good they are at working on these bikes, in only a few hours my motor went from being complete to being pulled apart and all faults located and ready to be fixed and they made it look like it was as simple as making toast!

          I'm truly thankful for the hard work they have put into my engine today which was a hell of a lot, I didn't realise how much went into these engines and I thought I had some pretty good knowledge of engines and how they worked..... I was wrong.

          Thanks again Obe and can't wait to get back into it and do some more hours!!!

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          • MINT!

          • I thought it was you!!!

            Hhaha, man I can't wait, I'm riding up to see this bad boy one day

          • When you find someone good and reliable you keep going back.

            I saw your bike today and WOW! Unbelievable. Can't wait to hear it, it looks phenomenal already

          Photos from Jarrod Speicher's post — Honda 350x

          If anyone has a interest in a couple trikes on trade for their 350X or 250R message me pics please. I have a 1984 Yamaha 225DX super clean,trail ready. OEM Plastics Original bore. message me if interested.

          And a 1985 Honda 250ES OEM tank/front fender all new rear Maier Plastics never mounted in bags. Needs normal maintenance from sitting a few years in a old mans Garage. Rare plow and mounts go with it for the right trade offer.

          Bunch of new parts never mounted. I took carb off and old back plastics off that were bad. That's as far as I got no time for it. I'll potentially swap both machines and everything I got for them for a nice X or R trail rider only interested in clean. Pick up only Pittsburgh PA, area. 15021 on WV, line. Nothing is for sale at all.

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            CAI5022 Cold air intake for 2003-2007 Honda accord 2.4L 4cyl — NOR-CAL STOCKTON HONDA ACURA PARTS

            Selling my CAI from my 07 Honda accord. Going back stock so getting rid of the aftermarket parts. Comes with everything you see in the picture. Only been used for a year. Has the CARB sticker on it and everything.

            CAI5022 Cold air intake for 2003-2007 Honda accord 2.4L 4cyl

            $180 - Fremont, CA

            Selling my CAI from my 07 Honda accord. Going back stock so getting rid of the aftermarket parts. Comes with everything you see in the picture. Only been used for a year. Has the CARB sticker on it and everything.

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              — Chuckus Life (Honda Ruckus Clone)(Maddog)

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              • Fuse is intact checked that already

              • yea you need a tip top shape battery. If you are still running the stock battery i highly recommend upgrading. A battery tender Lithium battery is well worth the money. I think they are like $100 on amazon They are very lightweight. They dont loose their charge if parked for a while and best of all they have double the cranking amps than the stock battery. perfect for turning the high torque starter

              • and also while not required i personally like upgrading my battery cables as well. With higher quality a bit bigger gauge wire for the cable that goes from the starter to the solenoid, from the solenoid to the battery and the negative to the frame with some quality connectors as well like copper

              Anybody have any tips on making the seat a little more comfortable on long... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

              Anybody have any tips on making the seat a little more comfortable on long trips? Seat was on it wen I bought it and can't really or don't really wanna get a whole new one I like the looks of it just not the comfort side and either does my rider.

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              • What's everyone else out there got for pillion passenger seats. The Mrs loves the upgrade from the old zzr1100 seat but it just still isn't comfortable for her.

              • Astechseat.com

              • I have a wool slip on cover from Alaska leather. Works great. But if you want real comfort, you'll have to buy a new seat.

              I really need some help I have an 05 crf250x I have had it for over half a... — HONDA CRF Dirt Bikes ONLY

              I really need some help... I have an 05 crf250x. I have had it for over half a year now and I just can not get it to run right! I have rebuilt the car a few times, taken it apart countless times, checked the valves 3 times, and only ridden it for maybe an hour because it always overheats because it runs so lean! When I pull the hot start it bogs and the choke makes it rev up. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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              • Everything is stock

              • change your floating valve slide seal

              • Thanks zen! I have already done that twice, but the rebuild kit I had was a little shady I'm starting to think

              I m having a hard time finding the OEM tire sizes I need for my 01 Spirit 750 — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

              I'm having a hard time finding the OEM tire sizes I need for my 01 Spirit 750 (that arent real expensive)... but I'm finding several that are dual sport. The dual sport tires say 80% Street and 20% off road. Is it okay to use dual sport tires on my 01 Spirit 750?

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              • I used Avon once. Rear tire slides in wet.

              • Went with shiko's fried of mine is running them w no problems

              • I tried the shinko a year ago and so far it's been a decent tire , I'd buy shinko again

              Has anyone attempted or even looked at the idea of putting an NBC110 FI engine... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

              Has anyone attempted or even looked at the idea of putting an NBC110 FI engine into one of the CT110 frames? I know it would take some work but I am tossing around a few ideas engine wise for our postie bikes. I like the idea of fuel injection for mountains etc as we have been experiencing the associated carb issues with altitude on our posties, spending a fair bit of time over 3000mts these days.

              So these are my current ideas :

              Stick with the Lifan 125cc engines (40 000 kms and counting)

              ATC125M engines (has Hi/Lo range and is Honda)

              NBC110 (fuel injection)


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              • Ha Todd i think i spoke to before you left about them lol.

                The atc uses the same head as a ct110 so its pretty simple to either mod the plate thats on there or make one from scratch

              • Will yes you did! I forgot all about that!!

              • Both Kitaco and SP Takegawa have fi controls you can program available from SC Moto.

              Gear Up Peps — Honda CBR Owners Forum

              Gear Up Peps

              Close friend has just lost the bottom part of his leg, And still hoping to save above the knee. Along with both arms are broken.

              He thought it would not happen to him.

              Best wishes Joe

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              • I do not know mate, Still fighting to keep his knee and still not out of the danger zone for his life. Does not want to talk to much over it very tired

              • He's lucky to have a friend like you, but he's going to need you more than you know. I served in the military for a long time and when someone loses a leg, arm, etc. for some people it's like a death sentence. So please keep a close eye on him.

              • Yeah, he is being hard faced at the moment. But you can see wont take much for him to break down in tears

              2012 Honda Ruckus Gy6 — Chuckus Life (Honda Ruckus Clone)(Maddog)

              Check out the totally kewl 2012 Honda ruckus with a gy6 swap/modded. Ncy throttle straight handle bars. LED head lights. Swapped out tail lights adjustable rear shock. Rear can fit a fatter tire. New rear tire with less than 100 miles on it. New replacement front rim. I think the one on it's bent. New battery. Forks have new seals. Come with some stock and after market parts. Also a extra gy6 motor for you to build! Custom paint. Mods were do t by previous owner I did some little up grades but mostly rode it. Awesome begginer bike/cruise around town or maybe at the beach or to hangout with your fellow ruckus buddies. Lost interest in this looking to seek or trade for a grom. Text or email me if interested 484 seven five two 2679 clean title in hand

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                Are the r6 taillights a plug in play or is a relay or inline resistor needed... — Chuckus Life (Honda Ruckus Clone)(Maddog)

                Are the r6 taillights a plug in play or is a relay or inline resistor needed for the maddog

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                • I was gonna say, just give it time lol diodes will start blowing one by one

                • Not to mention the flickering at idle

                • I have seen several R1/R6 tails go in less than a week running directly from the stator, but I also know a few people who have no problems after many months. With the lack of quality control from most Chinese manufacturers, it's hard to know when you will run out of luck.

                  The main risk being that you typically lose both the running light and brake light function at the same time, so some assclown texting in the car behind you might really fuck up your day if they don't see the brake lights come on.

                Photos from Sam Couttolenc's post — Honda cx500 650 v twin facebook page

                Progress on the cx500c yehaaaa!!

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                • Yep. The concept will work with stiff shocks that have appropriate spring rates, rebound, dampening, and travel.

                  With these it will not work.

                  The leverage is greatly increased multiplying force (several times) on the shocks.

                • If you studied mech eng, ive got to wonder what they teach kids in school these days.

                • Life is good thnx to people like you Derek Jacobs

                I know I should buy from Cajun but has anyone had any experience with... — Chuckus Life (Honda Ruckus Clone)(Maddog)

                I know I should buy from Cajun but has anyone had any experience with ScooterMadness.com? Or is it just another rip off company like what seems like all of them lately?

                %d comments
                • and my other one lol

                • They both look cross-eyed. Lol

                • LOL!

                1970 honda ct70h — Honda MiniTrail s Buy, Sell Trade

                I Have for sale a 1970 Honda CT70 H 4 speed model. Bike has been tore down and powder coated. Frame is solid and straight no issues. The bike has brand new OEM ignition switch with two keys. brand new wiring harness, Brand new Honda oem front and rear fenders, New taillight bracket and lens, new handle bars,new honda levers new grips New fork boot covers new seat cover new battery new Honda grab handle New decals New chrome frame molding, New spark plug guard, New spark plug, new chp carb New eom flywheel cover, and new shocks.new piston rings and tuned up Was reassembled with original Honda bolts. all parts are either oem or chp. Runs and rides as it should all lights work as they should. I DO NOT HAVE A TITLE FOR THE BIKE.

                %d comments
                • It still a nice bike, well done

                • In my opinion, a restoration is all about the paintwork and the attention to detail. As Dave said, there are individuals who want the very best but absolutely don't have the time it takes to do it correctly. I am going to do a custom color powder coat project for someone but I would never powder coat an original numbers matching 4 speed. It just doesn't seem right somehow.

                • I hope I don't end up on the same boat

                KAO Transmission Kits will soon be coming to Unique Scooter Parts They will... — Chuckus Life (Honda Ruckus Clone)(Maddog)

                KAO Transmission Kits will soon be coming to Unique Scooter Parts. They will ship out in a few days from Taiwan! Kits include Variator, Face plate, Weights, Torque Spring, Clutch and Clutch Bell

                %d comments
                • LMAO.

                • I'll be wanting one

                • Think I'm about to make a major life decision

                Kaos tiger u/umum — Honda Tiger Mailing List (HTML)

                READY STOCK

                Kaos lengan pendek 90rb

                Kaos lengan panjang 100rb

                Sweater 190rb

                Rompi chodura+bordir/emblem250rb

                Rompi koboi +bordir/emblem 230rb

                Sarung tangan kulit pendek 100rb

                Sarung tangan kulit panjang 120rb


                Delapan enam bikers shop

                Jl.raya tajur wangun depan pt.nutrifood indonesia kota bogor



                untuk yang order silahkan tanyakan stock kan size yang READY.

                Luar kota pengiriman via JNE TIKI POS INDONESIA.

                Bagi yang dekat bisa merapat ke lokasi/toko


                Minat silahkan GEDORR KONTAK

                Thanks brother

                Delapan enam bogor

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                  Putting it together Latter honda frontend and 70s gs swingarm with eye to eye... — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

                  Putting it together . Latter honda frontend and 70s gs swingarm with eye to eye shocks.

                  %d comments
                  • Same bearings or did you have some made. I want newer forks on my cb. But kinda just want like a direct replacement.

                  • Go to Allballsracing. Com they have a conversion chart for frontend on frame and the bearing kit needed. Or measure id and od and order.

                  • thanks, plenty of those available. I'll try to get one.

                  Question Problem here with my V45 1982 Magna any speeds higher than say 40 50... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

                  Question/Problem here with my V45 1982 Magna @ any speeds higher than say 40-50 if I let one hand off bars it starts to wobble and when I just touch the hand to the bar either right or left it stops and is smooth as silk- I had it up to 110 mph few times up + down and no problem with tire wheel hop etc but if were to let one hand off the bars say at 80mph it will wobble real fast small signature - I tried tire pressures -there two new tire front and rear-Shinkos and i ride all year hot and cold weather and is the same

                  Any Ideas?

                  PS I have fender brace in place all stock i installed new brakes new handle bars lowered the forks 2 inches -and rebuilt front forks seals new oil -everything is tight triple tree is perfect good bearings etc

                  wheel bearing are fine as well- I installed front tire and rear myself and the bead is symmetrical all the way around

                  Im lost to what is making it wobble

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                    Photos from Joffrey Valdez's post — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

                    March 31, 2017

                    Thank u so much Admins and members sa inyong supporta :)

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                    Join Group " Bullet pipe at stainless accessories "

                    https://www.facebook.com/groups/StainlessBulletPip esatStainlessAccessories/

                    Shop Location : Open Lunes - Sabado from 9am to 5pm " CYCLE J Trading "

                    Kabisig Floodway, in Front of KABISIG ELEMENTARY School , Cainta RIZAL

                    https://www.google.com.ph/maps/place/Kabisig+Eleme ntary+School/@14.569888,121.106481,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1 s0x3397c7be423eaa05:0x90bb3ad0f7aaae0f

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                      Photos from Almar De Ocampo's post — Team Honda Wave Bohol

                      Negotiable pa kung sure buyer.


                      -New Engine cover(mainpipecover), new tail light cover.

                      *Lights: FX mode by EFW (atbang sa Builderware), Mo2k Led light with parklight, Rtd led light

                      -New MTRT valvle spring

                      -Reface Cylinder Head

                      -lightened valves

                      -Regrind Cams by FD 7'' ang lift

                      -Faito Clutch spring

                      -Faito Linning

                      -Faito Terra Watt Ignition coil

                      - Yss shock

                      -Lightened swing arm

                      -Uma quick throttle (orig)

                      -Juwei 53mm block semi dome (gi pocketan)

                      -24mm carb

                      -IRC eat my dust tire (front) maxxis tire sa likod

                      -pakapin ng basket

                      -New chicken pipe


                      P.M NLANG OR TEXT 09097804686 FOR MORE INFORMATION

                      RESPECT POST MGA TIYO UG TIYA :) SALAMAT :)

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                      • UP!

                      Photos from Essay ChaCha's post — HONDA TMX 125 ALPHA MODIFIED

                      "Please read before comment"

                      Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng nagtiwala

                      Maraming ng nakakuha!

                      Ikaw?order na! 1300 or 1500 pesos mo?set na!

                      Complete set topbox,baseplate,bracket

                      Free installation narin upon meet up :)

                      Gagamitin mo nalang!

                      halos lahat ng klase ng bracket meron po tayo!

                      yamaha, suzuki, kawasaki, honda, at sym,

                      note: yung mga rusi at euro na motor may mga kamukha po silang bracket.

                      kaya wag po mahihiyang magtanong kung meron po para sa inyo :)

                      Price list

                      Givi replica - 30Litters (1500php)

                      Hnj,Bmx,Lt box - (1300php)

                      Givi original

                      26litters 2300 set

                      27litters 3300 set

                      30litters 2700 set

                      (IF BOX ONLY)

                      Givi replica- 1100php

                      Bmx,Hnj,Lt box - 850php

                      Givi original

                      27liters- 2750php

                      30liters- 2300php

                      Pwede kopo ideliver sa inyo or malapit sa inyo

                      or sa trabaho Nyo para hindi na kayo lalayo

                      Note:add po tayo sa gas sa medyo malayo at

                      Malalayong meet up.

                      Only metro manila lang po kame nagdedeliver.pag

                      Sobrang layo shipping napo.

                      Accessories meron din po kame pm nalang

                      Pm or text sa mag iinquire for fast transaction



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                        Question shadow 750 that s been sitting in an enclosed trailer with gas in it... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                        Question... shadow 750 that's been sitting in an enclosed trailer with gas in it for 8 years.. what's the first steps to making it run right again... or a shop or someone close that can help me out... I'm in mocksville.nc.. thanks

                        %d comments
                        • Even if it's had like a half tank of gas in it for 8 years

                        • If it has flaky rust maybe, otherwise try some clr pipe cleaner, fill the tank with a diluted mixture, flush with baking soda and water.

                          On a sidenote I'd also flush the coolant system. I used the cooling system flush from AutoZone on the whole system, then the clr And baking soda method on the radiator alone.

                        • Don't get that shit on your hands!

                        Hey guys a few questions. 96 1100 ACE 57k miles here — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                        Hey guys, a few questions.... '96 1100 ACE 57k miles here!

                        What type of oil and oil filter do you use?

                        Best cleaners for heavy age on engine and wheels?

                        And best place to find replacement bolts and screws for many things on this bike? (It sat for a year in the elements

                        %d comments
                        • Amsoil 10w-40 motorcycle oil and a 103 Amsoil filter

                        • Yeah I think mine shifts better with synthetic oil, plus your right. You can get 10,000 miles out of it. Most people don't put that many miles on in a year so it's really a good idea just to do it once every spring and be done.

                        • I've been running Rotella t6 in my 98 1100 ace and vtx1800c but have switched to valvoline since i run it in my other vehicles. Can get it cheap at walmart and its for motorcycles. I also run a car oil filter and will post the list. I use the purolator and another popular choice is the bosch filter.

                        What should my idle rpm be on the 84 1200 aspencade. It s around 800 rpm — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

                        What should my idle rpm be on the 84 1200 aspencade? It's around 800 rpm. Should it be higher?

                        %d comments
                        • How hard to replace steer bearings?

                        • It's not terrible, I did it without removing the fairing. I just followed the book.

                        • Took me about 4 hours. Hardest part for me was removing the old races from the head tube. I also made my own spanner socket to torque the stem nut. Put 200 miles on and I can tell there's a huge difference!

                        mga sir gusto k pong malaman kung totoo bang pina pa recall yong 2015 model na... — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

                        mga sir! gusto k pong malaman kung totoo bang pina pa recall yong 2015 model na tmx125 alpha? narinig k lng po dito sa amin mula sa isang manager ng motortrade, kung totoo ano po issue? kaka email k lng po sa motor world at honda ph, hinihintay k pa kung ano sagot nila. nagbabakasakali po ako baka meron ditong may alam. maraming salamat po.

                        %d comments
                        • if suki ka ng Honda Business class MC nila simula nung Platino days,, malalaman mo na may sapi na ang TMX 125 alpha ngayon,,, BTW,, TMX 155 2008 tmx 2013 and TMX 125 alpha 2016 ang owned ko na TMX.

                        • kahit merong mga isolated case,, dapat nagkaron ng mass recall ang honda para sa mga bumili ng motor nila para i check at hindi na hihintayin na mag ingay pa ang motor,, kapag MOtor kasi ang problema sa honda, hinahayaan lang nila dahil alam nila na walang kakayahang magreklamo legally ang buyer,, pero kapag mga honda car ang nagkaroon ng issue,, kahit airbag na isolated case lang,, worldwide recall agad

                        • Satisfied ako sa Tmx Alpha ko kaya bumili pa ako ng isa, 2 years na ang una kong binili at smooth pa rin humatak at maganda ang tunog ng makina. Stator lang ang medyo mabigat na naging problema bukod duon wala na. Lahat naman ng bagay may kahinaan.


                        GUYS NEED KO PO NG ADVICE ... MAG 3YEARS

                        and 7 MONTHS NA KASI KAMI NG GIRLFRIEND

                        KO KAHAPON .. EH NALILIGO AKO SA BANYO

                        NUN NG BIGLANG PUMASOK YUNG PINSAN

                        KONG BABAE SA

                        BAHAY KASI CLOSE NAMAN KAMI AT

                        DUMIRETSYO SYA SA KUSINA .

                        AT DI KO NAMALAYAN TUMATAWAG PLA GF

                        KO EH NKA SILENT KASI CP KO KAYA DI KO

                        NARINIG...MAYA MAYA MAY KUMAKATOK SA

                        PINTUAN NG BAHAY NMIN, GIRLFRIEND KO

                        PALA AT BIGLANG LUMABAS NG BAHAY

                        PINSAN KONG BABAE NAKITA ITO NG

                        GIRLFRIEND KO AT ANG SAMA NG TINGIN


                        AT NAKITA KO SA MGA MATA NYA NA.


                        PAPALAYO SAKIN.

                        AT SAKTONG MAY DUMAAN NA TRICYCLE AT

                        DALI DALI SYANG SUMAKAY AT AKO NAMAN

                        KINUHA KO AGAD SUSI NG

                        MOTOR KO AT HAHABULIN KONA SANA SYA .

                        PAG KASAKAY KO SA MOTOR KO PADYAK AKO

                        NG PADYAK SA KICK START NG MOTOR PERO

                        AYAW MAG START. ANO KAYA PWEDENG

                        GAWIN KO OR ANO KAYANG SIRA NG MOTOR

                        KO .

                        SPARKPLUG OR YUNG KICK STARTER ?? NASA

                        MAG KANO KAYA GAGASTUSIN KO ? HUHU


                        KO :'(

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                        • palitan mo na yung motor mo. pati yung girlfriend mo

                        • Paps nangyari n sken yan ha wahahaha

                        • Ayayay mga k paps,,,kla kong ano na motor lang pla,,,wala nman prblima mtor paps,pero kay girl pren mo myron,,,kang problima,

                        Douglas Peralta shared his event to the group: HONDA SHADOW RIDERS GROUP. — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                        (Happens Every 2 weeks on a Wed)

                        ~~~March 30,2017(Thursday)~~~April 12,2017(Wednesday)~~~

                        Come Hang with many Motorcycle Riders and Enthusiast at the next Motorcycle Meet @ PORTILLO'S in BUENA PARK,CA. on March 30, 2017. Best turnout we had was 120+ Motorcycles of all types!! This is the best motorcycle gathering in the OC, PLEASE RESPECT THE SPOT. They are famous for their Chicago Style Hot dogs,Amazing size chili fries,beef & sausage sandwich,chicken or beef hamburgers,they also serve beer! If your new at Riding come join us and get to know the community of the riding lifestyle. Share your rides and make new friends,or bump into old friends. This is a Family Restaurant. If your Motorcycle isn't available to ride come Cage it.. Looking forward to see new faces and make new Friends.. (Look for me and I'll introduce you to some Riders)

                        If you Run a Certain motorcycle Business and like to pass out fliers or business cards feel free to bring them and share!!

                        Instead of posting Every 2 weeks, keep track of the Cover photo for the Next Event,and feel free to join my Social Group in the Event Briefing Info(Cali Riders only sorry!) I have another group for outside of California People just Inbox me

                        ANYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN!!!



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                          Photos from MichaelAngelo Armijo's post — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                          I'm getting terrible mpg on my 96 shadow ace vt1100 31.46 mpg and that's cruising route 66 under 60 mph. Just put new plugs changed the oil and a new fire aired up to recommended level. My buddy has the same bike and he's averaging more than 45 mpg with a passenger and luggage. Smh

                          %d comments
                          • Close. But just a little different.

                            I can't justify the 28k price of a Springfield, so one day I'll build my own.

                          • Thank you

                          • I was thinking about this overnight, and was gonna mention the dragging brakes, but Russ beat me to it. lol.

                          I picked up this 2017 gem New off the showroom floor in January The first... — Honda Rancher Forum

                          I picked up this 2017 gem New off the showroom floor in January. The first servicing is due at 100 miles or hours. Is this something I can do myself, or should I just let the dealership do it for $250 or so?

                          %d comments
                          • Thank you!

                          • I guess it's time to read the owners manual!!!

                          • Oh yea man no problem