Oh sorry am I offending anyone — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners


Oh sorry am I offending anyone?

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  • me too, my man is a real man in every sense of the word, but as long as we live we all obey our natural animal basis..As I said, it's each to theirt own.."I wouldn't go for a burger when I have steak at home"..Paul Newman..unqoute..Very true though, but I'd still look lol..Show me a nice bike and I'd stare at that too lol.. It doesn't bother me if they post scantily clad females lolling over bikes, it's all in fantasy land and not real,posing for pictures but it doesn't intimidate me in the slightest nor make me feel any less of a real women :-) Just photos but men it does the job it's meant to lol..fickle souls who let their 'big head' rule their little head every time pml...

  • I'm after a fireblade lol..

  • OK, if you use my pic from 5 yrs ago again..I'm complaining.

Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Care Packages for Soldiers Ride Saturday, July 14 at Busters in Mankato. Registration is at 10:00AM and Ride starts at 11:00AM and ends at 4:00PM. It will be about 150 mile ride with 3 stops and lots of beautiful scenery and curves. Riders-$20; Passengers-$10. Includes supper back at Busters when we return and a chance at winning door prizes. Entertainment to follow the rest of the night. Please come help support a great cause and help raise money so we can send as many care packages over to soldiers as possible. Hope to see you there!

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    Hey I have a 1984 V65 Magna I was riding it the other day had been on the road... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Hey, I have a 1984 V65 Magna. I was riding it the other day, had been on the road for about 45 minutes and it shut down and started running on two cylinders? It was not overheating running normal. It seemed to get worse and I shut it down and towed it home. Once home it fired right up no issue? I have not ran it for an extended period since it shut down on me, I want to correct the problem before it messes anything else up. Anyone ran into this?

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    • Not blinking, but the running lights work? Or no?

    • Correct, the running lights are fine, turn signals work about 20 percent of the time and shut off to quick even when they do work.

    • I'd check the blinker relay. Cheap and easy. Otherwise could be the self canceling system. But it bet your relay is on the way out. May need to clean the switching mechanism on the handle bar as well.....but I'd start with the blinker relay (I'm repeating myself)

    my sabre v45 chopped — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    my sabre v45 chopped

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    • Inginuity at it's best,,hope you can find a suitable rear fender for it,,,your butt is awful close to that rear tire and a healthy V4 will push you back more than a little on acceleration,,,,

    • tnx john, as of now it has a rear fender already, and front fender too. painting job is on going. youre right, rear tire eats up my back pack during my road test, thanks god, it wasnt my butt.

    • tnx too taylor.

    Do they make a Honda Shadow with automatic transmission Is anyone else tired... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Do they make a Honda Shadow with "automatic transmission" ? Is anyone else tired of all the stops and starts and having to gun the throttle to keep from stalling out.?

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    • My daughter has an '86 CM400A which she loves. It has neutral 1st & 2nd gears, but no clutch so you just shift up to 2nd at around 10 mph. She always hated the clutch in both the car and the bike so when she found a nice Hondamatic with low miles last year she jumped on it. Like Jeremy said, they also made a 750. As you've discovered, the Ridley's are also automatics, but for more $$'s. CF Moto and Qlink also produce 250 cc automatics if that's what you're looking for, but I'd recommend just making sure you're in 1st gear before you pull out from the stop sign. (You can even stall an automatic if you try to start in second gear.)

    • No....just no-

    • I never have issues after my "98 750 is warmed up. takes 10-15 minutes. Did try to start in 3rd gear once, sputtered and backfired, but got going.

    How about hand signals here in australia Right is Left is slow or stop is — Honda Shadow Aero

    How about hand signals, here in australia Right is |-- Left is --| slow or stop is '-|. I think it is kind of dangerous putting right hand out no brake or throttle control will signalling, or you don't indicate very long. Do we have any brits here what do they do.

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    • I agree, the right signal would be a problem. In the states right is '-l. Stop is ,-l

    • canada is right is '-| so right in Canada was the same as slow stop in australia

    Does anyone else have wobble issues What might be some causes Hands free is... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Does anyone else have wobble issues?? What might be some causes? Hands free is uber dangerous on my machine, and it makes me nervous in cornering because it feels unstable....I have looked it over pretty good, and cant see any issues....anyone else?

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    • I used to have real heavy shaking when I would take hand of handlebar, solved when I got new tires and balance.

    • The tire isnt in bad shape, but it isnt new either, thinking that may be the issue. Have to wait til next summer to find that one out for sure...

    • Balance or handlebars-also check lube on forks-

    Paul Rogers created a poll in Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    Is it just me, or does anyone else have trouble remembering to turn off their turn signals after completing a turn ? Probably just me ....

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    • Had a nice ride yesterday evening - lots of curvey roads .... 15 degrees cooler.

    • Nope- its a habit- after you put your first 100,000 under your belt, its muscle memory-

    • i hit it three times to cancel the signal, just to make sure, since it's a 98 and I commute in a full face helmet, and don't feel like looking down at 85 mph. Also, i had the problem of hitting the horn occaisonally, but learned not to do that after I installed an airhorn. Scared the shit out of me. I ride whenever I can, but with rainy season upon us here in FL...

    Does anyone here live in Tennessee — Honda Shadow Aero

    Does anyone here live in Tennessee?

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    • Cool - I'm in Spring Hill. Howdy, neighbor!

    • oh wow! I have family out there and used to work for Lifeguard Ambulance Service that does 911 service out there.

    • North Central Arkansas here.

    Sorry it took me a while to add these latest requests they don t show up in an... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Sorry it took me a while to add these latest requests... they don't show up in an obvious place on FB so I don't see them easily. Welcome to the group!

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    • Maduras are awsome bikes,,,but they showed up late to the party and were only made 2 years,,,,,making parts hard to find,,,,,I would be hard pressed to say which one,,magna or madura is best because the are that close,,,,maduras do require less mantainance and do have a loyal following ,,,,,,bottom line is they are both representitive of what a V4 cruiser should be,,,,fast and powerful,,,,and look good standing still

    • Amen to that. I hate to say it, but after 20 years of riding, it's hard to get excited about a bike that doesn't make at least 100 hp. Maduras and Magnas definitely fit into that category. I also enjoy my Fazer 700 - it's only about 90 hp but lots of fun...

    • yeah I hear you,,every bike has it's own charm and it's own personality,,,,,I have a maxim X that I refer to as my alcaholic ex cheerleader,,,,,she looks great and can rock your world one day,,,and not run right the next day,,,,but she's my girl and I love her

    ill be leaving you all with a proper looking firestorm pity some dickheads... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    ill be leaving you all with a proper looking firestorm...pity some dickheads piss me off so much i have to delete myself from the group before i smash my fuckin computer up...bye people...only had this grandad bike till i get my GSXR 1000 anyway :):):)

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    • Theres only one fuckwit threatening violence to women, damaging/ stealing bikes/ sending offensive messages to members not involved in this. Fuckwit Damo and his 125 scooter.If he says one more thing my girlfriend will come down and fuck him up proper.: ))

    • And I would LIKE that to happen...: ))

    • A video on Utube would be nice....

    Trickler vs Float Charger Question can a float charger be used the same way... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Trickler vs. Float Charger Question ... can a "float charger" be used the same way as a "tricller charger" and if not, why not ? What is the primary difference between the 2 as it relates to keeping a full charge on a motorcycle battery? Thank you in advance.

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    • I could definetly be wrong, but I always assumed they were the same.

    • Thanks.

    I ve been looking for the owner s manual for Honda shadow aero 04 and couldn t... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I've been looking for the owner's manual for Honda shadow aero 04 and couldn't find any! Any suggestions??

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    Blue LED lights and a Billski mod on the mind might curb the appetite to sell... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Blue LED lights and a Billski mod on the mind, might curb the appetite to sell or trade, and save up for a 2nd bike for next year! Anyone have these mods and suggestions for good sources? Just starting to look into them. Thanks for your help!

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    • Dennis kirk, Ebay.

    • Thanks, was looking at both earlier - stay tuned!

    FOR SALE. 1970 s HONDA POSTIE STEP THRU S AND PARTS — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum






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    • wheres the 90 located?

    • and is it registerable

    • Needs battery and tune on carby. Definitely fixable and registerable. Located in leeton nsw, can transport to Sydney or Melbourne

    What s the best fuel range you have gotten please state tank size — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    What's the best fuel range you have gotten please state tank size

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    • 59 miles to 18L on a track day, and best was 225 MILES - put 17L in lol, on fumes! that was 40mph all the way with camping gear on, black visor at night in the rain, no money left so just go for it. not the first time i got 200+ miles :) it is possible - thats dj'd bmc filter, light flywheel, ported, billet cams, advancer etc etc...

    • i got from cheltenham to exeter on £18 n red light just come on

    • After reading a load of horror stories in the press I never dared ride more than 110 miles on my old 16L tank. The worst I got was about 3 weeks after buying it on a mad thrash down country roads with mates on 900SS and a TL1000S - 63 miles to bone dry from a full tank. I thought I'd broken down, had no idea you could run a bike dry in that short a time.

    Legal question. When coming to a stop sign or red light. is it mandatory — Honda Shadow Aero

    Legal question. When coming to a stop sign or red light ... is it mandatory (what the law requires) that you come to a complete stop with both feet on the ground ... or can you balance yourself for a few seconds without coming to a complete halt, check both left and right, and then move on if the coast is clear ...

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    • I've never been nailed. But different states may have different attitudes about it. Ohio is pretty lax

    • I asked this in a Traffic School class and the teacher couldn't tell me. But in AZ I believe there is a time that the feet must be on the ground. Don't quote me though. But I've never been nailed for balancing for a couple seconds waiting for the light to change.

    • In calif you must come to a complete stop with both feet on the ground at a complete halt.

    Question re 2006 Aero the front turn signals don not flash as bright as the... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Question re: 2006 Aero .... the front turn signals don not flash as bright as the rear turn signals - any thoughts on what might cause this .. ? Thank you in advance - yes, I have recently replaced both bulbs with new 5 watters.

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    • Oh, and Paul, if it holds true, you have to buy the assembly. At least for the first gen.

    • Jeremy, I hope this minor "fix" holds for a while .... lots of humidity here in Florida .... Thank you ...

    • It should.....the 750 doesn't lope like the 1100.

    Clean as a whistle — Honda 350x

    Clean as a whistle ....

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    • Lose chain guard

    • Great times got to see a new side of my bike on the drags. The 350x has a neat mid range and cool upper end. First time for me on the strip. Loved it. Sean we need to get it on tape for the guys

    • Absolutely Matt, need a go pro camera

    hi. had a blow out on the rear tyre last week and now have to replace the tyre — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    hi.. had a blow out on the rear tyre last week and now have to replace the tyre ... any advice on which brand ???

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    • I love my maxxis

    • Pilot powers are great in the dry not rode in the wet and im not ashamed to admit im fair weather rider now

    • after my last tyres almost throwing me off i am lets say cautious on cornering even with the new ones but im sure that ones im settled in n these ill be good lastones were Conti road attacks

    Hey fellow Aero owners My wife has asked about riding with me some on the 750... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Hey fellow Aero owners. My wife has asked about riding with me some on the 750 but I'm a little concerned about the weight limit. Both of us are around 215lbs and if I do decided to do this, it will not be long trips at all. Mainly across town and back. Any tips that might be helpful would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    • Remember, have fun. I'll never ride in the Great Lakes area again. I was station in Great Lakes, IL. Rode my old bike to the base in middle of April, went to leave for the day, 2" of snow on the bike. Rode home with my legs as outriggers the whole ride.

    • I took her out on the shadow this evening and it held up well. It was a little sluggish starting out from intersections but held up very well on the streets and even a highway. I was able to run the speed limit decently enough. Of course the new back tire I had installed today made for a smooth ride as well. Thank you all for the tips and the advice.

    • Just Ride !!!

    Got the batwing today — Honda Shadow Aero

    Got the batwing today

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    I Think My Reg Rec Has Gone On My Firestorm — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    I Think My Reg Rec Has Gone On My Firestorm.

    You Start It. Its At Like 13.82 Volts .. Soon As You Start To Rev It Up It Drops To About 13 Volts.

    Can Someone Confirm That My Reg Rec Has Failed.??.

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    • Found The Problem With The Firestorm Guys.

      Its A High Resistance In The Block Under The Seat Where The Altenator Goes In To The Reg Rec Harness.

      Thankyou Stephen Scicluna For Your Manule Helped Tons. :).

    • Np mate i have the full manual if you want it

    • there is various r6 reg rec mods over the internet. but there is also a mod you can do to keep the reg rec coool.

      after all is was due to my wiring harness havin a high resistance causing mine to screw up. :(.

    alguien sabe aca en argentina provincia bs as ciudad de La Plata o cerca je... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    alguien sabe aca en argentina, provincia bs as, ciudad de La Plata , o cerca je, donde puedo conseguir un asiento trasero y respaldo con parrilla , para mi rebel 250 año 86? graciasssssss

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    • ;)

    • busco solo el respaldo .....vivo casi en el -ulo del mundo.....chubut, ....asi que si me pueden pasar un telefono o mail, se los agradecere.....

    • bueno Mathews , no es cl c.. del mundo , hay otros que viven mas lejos, jejeje despues te lo paso .. saludos

    Minding my own business on my way to work in side the Sydney Harbour tunnel... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

    Minding my own business, on my way to work, in side the Sydney Harbour tunnel when all of a sudden the traffic stops suddenly, which it does quite often, I stop but I look in the rear view to watch this F#@%ing idiot keep coming at speed, I try to move to the side of the lane but the other lane is still flowing fast. All of a sudden he hitsd the rear of my bike and sends me into the next lane, fortunately the driver in the other lane also seen what was happening and had stopped the traffic. So I am running down the other side, unable to start my bike and got no idea why, I coast down the lane trying to start the bike and also making sure the F#@%ing idiot doesn't get away. I look at my controls and realise I had hit the kill switch. Turned it on, started the bike and rode to the breakdown lane, I get off, he gets out, stating "I am sorry, I thought I had my foot on the brake pedal but it was the clutch!!!!" Being the calm person I am, I take his details, check my bike is rideable and tell him to F#@% Off and I will enjoy getting a new set of pipes etc out of his insurance company. Ass Hole!!! And he was from Newcastle!!!

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    • I am after some loud pipes, anyone know what sounds great?

    • Cobra

    • Thanks Bill, shall check them out

    If anyone is interested in putting LED lighting on their bike Auto Zone has LED... — Honda Shadow Aero

    If anyone is interested in putting LED lighting on their bike,Auto Zone has LED lights for like 20 bucks. Just hooked mine up and looks great. They light up the engine perfect at night and get lots of compliments.

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    • Got mine there also.

    • What did you tie into for the power? Straight from the battery or off a hot lead while the key is on?

    Question Anyone having difficulty transitioning from the quickness lightness... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Question - "Anyone having difficulty transitioning from the quickness, lightness, and agility of a dirt bike (say a 250cc) to a 750cc Cruiser?" - Certainly not the same style of riding ... maybe sharing a few stories would be helpful - The motocycle course I took and passed was all done on a 250cc street bike ... Now I got this monster Shadow and it's not at all the same ....

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    • Biggest difference in street and dirt is that your feet stay on the pegs on a street bike. Just remember the basics and you'll be fine. "push right, lean right, go right."

    • I have a bad habit of putting my feet on the ground ... "eyes straight ahead, head up ... focus 12 seconds out NOT down !" In the dirt you tend to look down because you are picking your path among rocks, gullies, and fallen limbs as the terrain changes all the time - on a flat road surface it's not the terrain that changes so much, but the "moving objects like cars and trucks" that move in and out of your riding zone.

    • Our 750 is much more nimble than I thought it would be. I have riden every kind of bike there is almost, and expected this bike to handle rougher, but it is not that bad. The only thing I wish I could do is lay it a little lower in corners. It seems to bottom out quicker than I would like. Right when its at its best handleing, it drags:(

    — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

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    • The Sp`s had a front mounted rad,so they must of realized they got it wrong on our`s!! lol

    • Chatting with a mate in bristol to have him buy and send me the water wetter,thanks..............

    • yep def mine :--)