ok I m sorry I have a really dumb question I have a 08 vt750 honda shadow... — Honda Shadow Aero

ok...I'm sorry I have a really dumb question. I have a 08 vt750 honda shadow aero. Can someone please tell me how to check the engine coolant. Not finding it. Thanks

  • Underneath, left hand side, small bottle, near radiator

  • me bad. right below left hand side side cover, tucked inside frame

  • Thank you so much! I could not find it. Felt really stupid to have to ask. Thanks again :)

  • Thank you for calling technical support.

  • Thank you so much for being there! :)

— Honda 350x

  • You have to check the info on the carb years, I know 04 and before I believe had the adjustable screw, and the 04 and newer does not and it's all about jetting to get it right? I can't remember which way it went 04 and before with the screw, or 04 and newer has it.. Anyone know?

  • Mines an 02 at least from what I was told and its non adjustable

  • mines also an 02 also because i was told that was the style 400ex that i needed the carb off of. sorry to hear you couldn't get it going mark

Blackout — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)


  • sweet!

  • hey would you be willing to either post or MSG me your write up for how painted your bike. Like preparation sanding ect ect. did you take the bike down to frame or disassemble anything?

  • sure, I painted it because I am lazy, bike is in really good shape but chrome/metal was scaly needed cleaning polishing etc just due to age which seemed like a lot of work, paint was a little faded decals peeling etc, and this is a second bike and I like the blackout look. All I did was wash bike, scuffed the tank and plastic pieces with sandpaper, wiped bike down with alcohol and sprayed away. Didn't take apart anything. The VHT cures on the motor and exhaust by heat. Trigger sprayers u can get for spray cans do a pretty decent job

205. xx plus shipping good price for DG Krome exhaust and header combo — Honda 350x

205.xx plus shipping good price for DG Krome exhaust and header combo?

  • 142-148 main* 42 Pilot* .. Just realized my type.. stock main in the 400ex carb is Okay to run.. or so I hear.. anyone try running stock and just changing the pilot? Curious to know?

  • what fuel u runing alot of people runing vp in stock motors there losen power lol u only need that if u got a built motor people think u can put in anything and will be faster it doesnt make anyhintg faster makes motor run cooler which how makes more power in a built motor not stockers

  • I run 93 or 110 race, But I have a built motor..

last question what oil do you guys like I just did an oil filter change today — Honda 350x

last question, what oil do you guys like, I just did an oil/filter change today...

I went with the honda recomended high flo oil filter and Honda pro oil..it's just a tad cheaper than amsoil at 35.00 a gal.

  • i think ill try that yahalube ive been using AMSOIL but it get expensive out here in the NW its almost $12 a quart.

  • lol, hey like I said use what works!!! I've owned a few yamaha's and I loved them all.... I love honda's just as much, I love the yamaha DR225 and dx225... both two very strong running atcs...

  • i love all 3-wheelers anyone who knows me they know i have a great passion for them my eyes light up talking about them or seeing one, i have had seven 225's one was a dr i had a 86' 200x that was the nicest around my area, that i should have never sold only because of my father he does not like honda but i was living in his house at the time and had no choice, had 3 tri-z's sold only 1 have an 86' that i am restoring and plan on buying my neighbor's 85' ATC250r it is the sickest i have ever seen everything is chromed i mean everything and the engine was sent to Cali. and it eats modified banshees alive and also has a extended swingarm with all o.e.m. plastics when they were still avail. from the Mighty Honda, if God grants me my wish to have it i will post some pics. of it not sure but i plan to sell a 56' dodge truck to buy it if i get the right offer for it it needs a resto but it is all there. i also have a 1980 cr 250 engine compl. that i might sell also for a fair price.God Bless keep on fixin' that MIGHTY X cannot wait to see how it turns out, Rich.

Would drilling the air box lid or switching to a K N filter require a carb... — Honda 350x

Would drilling the air box lid, or switching to a K&N filter require a carb adjustment??? I know air flow does effect a lot of things, but will it effect to the point it needing to adjust? and how great a benefit from drilling or switching to K&N.. Right now I'm running a basic uni-filter..

  • The pilot screw should not be self adjusting. Check the spring that keeps the screw in place to make sure it is functioning properly. Adjust the pilot screw: http://www.exriders.com/archiv e/topic/229923-1.html

  • is the spring, washer, and o-ring still with the idle screw? if not then that can cause alot of performence issues

  • I haven't gotten in there to check, I don't think there is anything on it/behind it, but I can't see in to tell I can't see how there wouldn't be if it was there or needs to be there it's probably there, I'd guess a weak spring... I'll check it all out..

question 350x started choking an will die if I give it about 1 12th throttle... — Honda 350x

question, 350x started choking an will die if I give it about 1/12th throttle, past that it picks up like a deamon, so I adjusted the carb, now if I'm putting and pull the clutch to roll down hill or to a stop it will die out.. now if I pull the clutch an keep burping the throttle it will stay running. The other thing is when I start it it will idle for about 5 mins on its own an then dies, starts right up... not sure if this is because I have the high comp piston an cam? Any ideas, I thought abotu changing the plug but not sure if that would be the right place to start, I know it wouldn't hurt, but I don't want to waste time playing guessing games, if anyone has an idea?? Thanks in advance!!

  • I'll take a video of it running and what it does when I get a chance..

Well thinking about buying another atc maybe a 200X or what ever catches my... — Honda 350x

Well thinking about buying another atc... maybe a 200X or what ever catches my eye.. So here's my question for ya guys, how hard/easy are they to find in your area and what price do they usually run, my 350x I posted pics of I got for a steal in my area at just over a thousand dollars. I know in my area they're pretty hard to find in good condition, and a cheap one if you find one, is no less than 800.00 an that's for a nice 185s or something like that, I'd like to find a 250sx but haven't even seen on in the area in oh about 10-12 years..


against my better judgement I m going to turn my 85 into an 86 ordering a new... — Honda 350x

against my better judgement I'm going to turn my 85 into an 86... ordering a new front fender, fork boots, decals, seat cover, and grips.. Thanks to ebay, then going to start ripping it apart and painting from 85 red to 86 white, also still trying to find out why my clutch was slipping last night during a very hard ride, then if need be going to look for a good clutch kit, found a white brothers clutch kit online, have a white bros cam right now, anyone have any expeience with a good clutch kit something that can handle the monsterous torque of a modded X?

  • Are you using Honda approved oil? reason being, you have a wet clutch system, and if you use the wrong oil, you will notice eccessive slippage as well...

  • That could be why, I also adjusted the clutch cable and that seemed to help, someone recomended amsoil.. any suggestions for a good oil for these motors? Going to change it pretty quickly.. Not sure what is in it now, same oil as when I got it, looks good, but not sure what he had in it, I've only got 3-4 20 minute rides on it, about 1 1/2 hours ride time, I usually change oil every 5-10 hours..

John Micallef shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

has any body try out a g-pack on there bike. i would like to put one on and was wondering if any got one..!

  • Gives it A LOT more punch John and doesn't lose much top end at all.

  • Had an SP1, uncomfortable revvy bastards with a terrible front end out of the box. Great above 130mph tho'. Sold it.

  • thanx ash

    I will order it today.

    Were dose is fit in "between the cdi?"

Hey question for all of ya have anyone run into this problem I m having a very... — Honda 350x

Hey question for all of ya, have anyone run into this problem.. I'm having a very hard time taming the x on the hills she keeps lifting up on me.. I've tried rolling the clutch a little more but doens't matter, thinking of going down a few sizes on the rear sprocket, any ideas.. was thinking maybe switching back to thumb throttle would help as well..

any ideas?

  • first, starting out... if I'm on any type of a hill, slope anything other than downhill or flat land it pops up.. I've started rolling the clutch a little more than I should and it's okay, starting to get used to it.. may be because I haven't been on one in so damn long just forgot how to do it right lol

  • Most of the time I use 2nd gear. Don't need much run to get in 2nd and the motor has enough torque to pull it.

  • I'm not talking about while going up a hill, but from a stand still starting out, but I think it's good now... I've just started letting the clutch out a little slower an easing into it, not used to the 350 yet more geared to running the 200x in which I could just open it up an go..

Do dealerships carry sissy bars If not does anyone have a recommendation on... — Honda Shadow Aero

Do dealerships carry sissy bars? If not, does anyone have a recommendation on where to order one?

  • My local one carries Honda and Cobra, both about $265 plus tax

  • Thanks for the info... I called around today and my local dealers don't have anything. I ended up getting on on ebay.

  • I wanted a different one than stock so ebay for me

Saddlemen Profiler Gel seat for Aero. 150. 00 shipped to lower 48 — Honda Shadow Aero

Saddlemen Profiler Gel seat for Aero. 150.00 shipped to lower 48..

  • I want it, but got to sell some sign work first. wonder what it cost to ship to arkansas?

  • It went to cali.. Sold on ebay. I just forgot to delete this post.

  • oh, well, ok then....lol, no problem......im like a little kid now on christmas morning who didnt get my red ryder......lol

Colin Pearson shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi all just purchased a 1998 Firestorm and i must say after only one short run i luv it... glad to be aboard.

  • That sounds to techie for me then Miff, guess I'll put her into the professionals

  • good call

  • My bike has only 9,500 miles on the clock but is 14 years old..runs as sweet as a nut...and the engine braking is fantastic, fingers crossed I'll leave the CCT change until the winter layup....good idea? All I've done so far is add ZX1 to the engine and the fuel tank as i do to all my machines.

How many kicks does it take to get 350x to run after sitting for 2 weeks — Honda 350x

How many kicks does it take to get 350x to run after sitting for 2 weeks?

  • That's because its a Honda!!!

  • one or two kicks all weekend. never let me down

  • 3-4 full kicks, cold 1-3 when hot.. my 200x however 1 kick regardless, 1 day, 1 year, one kick.. that thing was the best..

Has anyone figured out how to get INTO the speedo without tearing it up — Honda Shadow Aero

Has anyone figured out how to get INTO the speedo without tearing it up? the maerial in mine is faded, and is now kind of peeling up. I was going to create my own graphics to put in there but cant seem to get it apart? It sems to be a well sealed unit. any thoughts?

  • Thanx, that looks very helpful.

  • good luck finding a product that wont fade on you

  • Well, I have already tinted the glass. And the backing will be a high calender grade vinyl. Depending on the ease of doing it all, even if it does fade, it can be fixed.

I m getting 13kms to the liter Is this seriously normal If it makes any... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

I'm getting 13kms to the liter!! Is this seriously normal?? If it makes any difference ive got high rise staintunes....

  • 13km/l is good. thats approx 8mile/l .... 7 mile per litre is average, ie mid 30s mpg. before you think that is shite, put it against a ape mille, tuono, ducati 1098 etc.... the firestorm is not that thirsty in the real world.

  • I have mates here that get 250-260ks out of their Buells before needing to think about fueling up and I get around the same , so no worse than most bikes , mines a 2005 so has the bigger tank .

  • Yeah that's about mine, it's 14.7 for long distance take it reasonably easy pace, which would get about 280 in theory but I'm never game to go over 250. Riding hard or traffic it drops to 12 - 13. It's about the same as the ZX7R I had before I switched to V-Twins, so I figure pretty good unless I want to go for a smaller bike, and really I don't care about the efficiency when I hear that beutiful sound :)

Que bujia usa la Honda Rebel 250 del año 87 — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

Que bujia usa la Honda Rebel 250 del año 87 ????

  • ....CR6HSA....deberia ser esa....no tengo el manual a mano, pero las rebel llevan esa...bajate el manual CLYMER

  • ngk iridium de fabrica salen... pero yo le puse las de honda c90 y van muy bien.. el unico problemita es q se empastan mas rapido...

  • Gracias!

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • Thats cool!

  • are those the blinkers

  • Yes, hooked them up with a RTB controller so the are run, turn and brake lights.

My New Toy. Haha — Honda Rebel Riders

My New Toy .. Haha..

  • uuuuhhhhh!!!! beatifull!!!!

  • I like your new toy. What year is it??

  • Mathews Cabot & Tammy , thank you .. Year 2000

  • Nicely polished...get the stickers for the fuel tank la

    Not too expensive, just check out KS Stickerz - he did mine

  • Bro Chong Simple is classic .. Haha..

I ride a 04 Aero pushing round 65 000 miles with no major work I love this... — Honda Shadow Aero

I ride a '04 Aero, pushing round 65,000 miles with no major work. I love this bike!

BTW, I'm in search of a headlight stay, the bracket that mounts the headlight to the forks, if anybody knows where there's a parts bike...

  • Nice ive ridden a lot in nc

  • I seen one on motosport.com it is a a genuine honda OEM part sku # 61311-meg-000 for $36.84

  • Thanks for the welcome and parts info. I'm ordering one online this morning

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Selling my bike. *sniff, sniff* New fuel lines, petcock, water pump/impeller. 15,000mi service done. Paid $3500 - put another $1300 into it....originally asking $3900, just reduced to $3700.

  • take the 3 carry the one. add some singles.. 2 cases of gum.. looks like ol' Lance is shakin it at the strip club again

  • Sorry to hear, hope it hasn't put you off bikes.

  • Nah, I'm just downsizing a lot right now. Selling the house, selling the bike, got rid of the mini-van... I can always get another bike later. :)

Recently I had been getting a little concerned about the about of valve train... — Honda Shadow Aero

Recently, I had been getting a little concerned about the about of valve train noise I had been hearing out of my 750 aero. Its an 18,000 mile machine, that we bought used around 5000 miles ago. Everything I had read in forums and in manuals was leading me to believe that I was about to get enjoy the process of a valve adjustment. But, when I really went back, and thought about all of it, I remembered noticing the increase in noise after the temps outside started rising higher and higher, and worsened with the addition of my wife on the back. Combining the symptoms, it occurred to me, that perhaps it is a simple combustion issue, verse a valve lash issue. The theory was, additional heat outside, and the weight of 2 riders, just might be causing the cylinders to be too hot, causing the lower octane fuel to be less effective. So, on the next fill up, I went with premium fuel, and bang.....problem solved. No more valve train noise, in the heat, under a heavy uphill load, none. No noise at all. Im telling you this for a few reasons...A, to pat myself on the back, B, because other motorheads will appreciate this post, and 3, it just might keep someone else from either having to do, or paying someone to do a valve adjustment. Your welcome....LOL

  • thanks for that, I will keep in mind for the summer.

After. with all Accessories — Honda Shadow Aero

After..... with all Accessories

  • You should be the man who replaces Chavez - you are much more masculine - like Putin.

  • hahahahaha...

  • Hugo should be worried with you running loose on the streets in Caracas ... you will take all his women.

  • hahahaha...I do not think that... I returned to my job here in dubai.

  • Dubai - A Rich Man's Paradise in The Desert.

Yaudat Echtay added 10 photos to 1999 Shadow Aero VT1100 C3 in Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

Finally ready with all Accessories...

  • you know that the air filter is under the seat, so I studied the idea of cutting the engine air intakes and take them to hypercharye, I managed to do this by designing some hoses that conform to the carburetors and hypercharger too. I also work on the carburetors, connected the Bacum of the Hypercharger to the engine air intake. and with a few tests I adjusted the whole mechanism. works great and produces much power.

  • 'll take some pictures and will upload so you can see everything done.

  • Thanks!

— Honda 350x

  • Let me know if you want a extended swingarm for that baby, I make them!

  • thanks would like to see what that swingarm looks like i have another engine 86' and i am thinking of building it into a big bore monster and getting another rolling chassis to put it in... maybe an 86' chassis?

  • There are some photos of my swingarms in the photo gallery here on 350x facebook, look there. I can make up to plus 8 inch

any simple ideas to gain about 1 inch in the rear suspension on a 82 vf750... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

any simple ideas to gain about 1 inch in the rear suspension on a 82 vf750 magna. i have been rebuilding a magna with parts from a sabre and after a few rides noticed that the rear tire is hitting when the suspension compresses. trying to find coil spring helpers that will fit in the coil springs but looking for other options.

  • The stock magna springs do pretty goos,,not sure how the sabre springs are or if they are even the right length,,,if you really want to beef it up get a pair of harley shocks

  • sabre has a mono shock that would take way to much modding to make it work. would have to eliminate lower fuel tank and coolant reservoir. and one of the reasons i went with magna over sabre was the sabre shock needs rebuilt and is more expensive. considering a set of automotive shocks if i can find one with built in coil spring for less than $400. also looking at trying to add some shims to the stock shocks if i can figure out how they come apart. the shims idea seems the best if i can get the shock apart or atleast get an end of the coil spring exposed so i can wedge some shims in.

  • You need to have a matched set,,your magna is shaft drive and when you put power to the back wheel it will want to twist the back wheel ,,,if both shocks are'nt matched your a twist of the throttle from going down hard,,,,you should be able to find a good set on e bay or at a swap meet,,,also both shocks need to be adjusted the same

60 miles an hour with the wind in my face — Honda Shadow Aero

60 miles an hour with the wind in my face

hands up on the grips and my feet up on the pegs

going down the road for a ride somewhere

before I get too far, I say a biker's prayer

won't you watch over me while i'm riding today

send me down an angel to keep me steady on my way

cause you know that i'm not perfect

i'm in need of some salvation

in the meantime let me ride in peace

through this beautiful creation

my women sits behind me, high up in her queen's chair

one arm around my waist, one hand going through my hair

the peaceful countryside is filling up our senses

and the rhythm of the ride it makes my soul break through the fences

For me it's not about the chrome, the leather, or the steel

It's all about connection to something beautiful and real

when you're balanced on two wheels ridin gentle sounds of thunder

rollin past the fields in this spell that i'm under

won't you watch

casue i've gone down so many roads where I never should have gone

and i've done so many things that I never should have done

but every mile that i've ridden. i'd ride'em all again

cause I live to ride and ride to live at peace with what I am


My Bobber from Magna V65 — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

My Bobber from Magna V65

  • Main point was to lower the Magna, other people lowering it just with rear swing arm, I was lowering together with front fork approximately I lowered it on 3 inch, after that for me was not enough and change angle more.

  • And here is my motorcycle with all stuff what I done, problem just one everything in Russian :-)

Paul Rogers shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

I am seriously thinking about retro-fitting my bike with a GE Gatlin Gun .. what do you guys think ?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =yF0JCB24Ld8&feature=player_em bedded

  • I would have the firing button mounted on the handlebars near the throttle so I could press it down with my thumb ....

  • Thought you forgot to turn the blinkers off a lot.. perhaps you would end up with more collateral damage then would be worth with this lol

  • .... definitely more CD ...

Who has upgraded there piston should i go 10 1 4 to 1 — Honda 350x

Who has upgraded there piston should i go 10 1/4 to 1

12 to 1

  • I wouldn't bore it out any more then you had to...not much of an increase in power. Barely notice it and next time you would have to look for a cylinder as well.

  • Its in super and soon it'll be up to 20 percent in all grades. Now figure it will only take a couple of weeks to gum up the Carb rather than a month.

  • ahhh crap