My Honda rebel — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

My Honda rebel.

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  • es una 2006?

  • 2005

  • muy bonita, yo tengo una 2006, la ando arreglando ya proto subire las fotos, slaudos

I was just checking out the TPC trikes website and I think once I get done with... — Honda 350x

I was just checking out the TPC trikes website, and I think once I get done with school in the next few months, I'm going to have one of those sick 450R's built, anyone have one? Or have had the opertunity to get on one? If so do you think it's worth the 8-10 grand to have one built? They look amazing, seriously sucks they quit building trikes in the 80's Such a waste of a beautiful market!

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  • No kidding, well thank you. If it's not what I want I wont be doing it. 8,000.00 would be okay for a new machine, not used. If it was race built then 8,000.00 seems like a decent price. However, if that's not the case then I'm not wasting 8,000.00 I'll build one when I find the time, or when school, work, and family don't consume my life. Thanks for the info I'll keep the number for if ever I

  • am in the position to build one myself.

  • louis have u built one im prob going to build one as soon as finish someother projects

Does any1 changed the rear disc pad of ZMR if yes i want 2know how many KMS... — Hero Honda Karizma

Does any1 changed the rear disc pad of ZMR?? if yes i want 2know how many KMS when it has gone

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  • its depend on ur breking guys ....

  • nt changed 19000k done

  • It all depends on the rear brake usage. Some people automatically press the rear brake always even when not needed. At slower speeds front brake is enough for stopping, and rear is not needed. And some, accidentally, without knowing, just keep the leg slightly on the rear brake pedal. This will cause fastest wear out, sometimes as low as 3000 kms. My advice, use rear brake only when its absolutely necessary, such as sudden stopping, and stopping from higher speeds. At lower speeds avoid using rear brake. This way, my Dazzler's rear brake pads were still going good at 25k kms, still life of 5k kms is left. Also note, there are Dazzler owners who changed rear pads in just 2500 kms also. :)

— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • .... and lets ride !!!

  • If you're still seeing green lights, then you haven't even hit the "road" yet.

Has anyone made the passenger seat larger Or have you added the aftermarket... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

Has anyone made the passenger seat larger ? Or have you added the aftermarket "comfy saddle" ? My wife wants a bigger seat !

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  • You'll get a great answer there. Join. It's free, and they are a very nice group of riders.

  • yep thanks Bob Garneau, I joined that when I bought the bike this year..just looking to see what others may have done thanks !

  • I didn't do any mods to my Rebel when I had it, so can't really say what you'd need to do to make a larger pillion seat.

Anybody use Vortex chain sprocket on their bike. If so how do you like it — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Anybody use Vortex chain/sprocket on their bike? If so, how do you like it? Any suggestions on good chains and sprockets?

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  • before i sold my bike i put one on, it was good, i gat it from D2 moto for around 55 bucks and it was a o-ring.

  • Good to know. I'm gonna need a new chain very soon.

Any one has white wall tires on their Honda shadow aero I ask and they told me... — Honda Shadow Aero

Any one has white wall tires on their Honda shadow aero ? I ask and they told me that they don't make some for it? If someone does where and how much?

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  • Thank for the info.

  • I think Shinko makes WWWs for the Aero...

  • Shinko 777's,

anyone able to tell me the torque settings for the main big bolt on the folks — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

anyone able to tell me the torque settings for the main big bolt on the folks? Its come loose and have play in the head stock. :(

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  • sounds like a head stem bearing

  • Adam one of the first things any decent mechanic does when pushing a bike they are about to service is rock the bike with the front brake on to check head's a safety check and you should have been made aware it was slack, if they didn't spot it change to another garage in the future.

  • yeah i know but this came bout 2 weeks later after the service when it went in for mot. They said baring will need changing. But this week i noticed i can undo the the nut with my fingers not good! Will simply torquing it up solve the problem? Its never been to any other garage but honda.

my mate is fixing up a postie check out that seat — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

my mate is fixing up a postie, check out that seat

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  • Mmm good animal print, went out with a girl that liked that stuff:-)

  • Looks like a Croc hide to me and as I know you have those rather large "salties" down under, I wonder.

  • weould love to learn how to do one of these up, mines a 1993 model ct110 :)

Found another old fairing I like Im going to make it where they are all... — Honda Shadow Aero

Found another old fairing I like....Im going to make it where they are all interchangable, so I can switch up the look of the bike every so often...

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  • its a wixom, it was on a mid 70's KZ I think.

  • I think that is the best looking fairing I have seen on an Aero.

  • thank you very much.

New seat cowl and bellypan — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

New seat cowl and bellypan .

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  • My pyramid bellypan was the full jobbie and you can also buy sone nice bits for the VTR incl colour coded under tray/hugger/Bellypan painted or black ready to paint from these guys ..


  • looks good in matt black..!

en proceso — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

en proceso

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  • muy buenas las calcos, saludos y te felicito por la maquina

  • gracias amigo la ando armando aun, llevo como el 50% en estos dias subire las fotos de todo el proceso


— Honda Rebel 125 250 450

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Hey there just wondering if anyone has put a big bore kit in their postie — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hey there, just wondering if anyone has put a big bore kit in their postie?

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  • The issue for those riding the Rhonda Treks in Melbourne (37 starters) last event is the OE engine rule. Also these rules are applied to the Postie bike start at Honda Broadford big bonaza this year, my entry already in.

  • The Rhonda Trek started 3 years ago with 14 riders and the 2013 event is going to be limited to 45 entries, they are (ccjmc) running a Great Ocean rd ride to Port Fairy in Feb 2013, but this is social event only with prizes for silliness.

  • Sounds cool

400ex carb is on — Honda 350x

400ex carb is on

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  • "honda" man is local guy been building "hondas" for 37 years.. worked for the local atv dealership for 36 years.. he's the best I know of..

  • Carbs are trial and error. Try that, test it out, then diagnose the problems and adjust needle, idle screw, and jetting from there. 3ww has a great jetting and carb tuning guide.

  • Yeah, it's pretty simple to tune them when you get the jetting right, I've up until now always ran stock machines, so jetting wasn't really an issue, just the tune, which is pretty simple. I tune by ear, throttle response, and the burn on the plug.. the plug will tell you if it's burning to rich or lean.. It's still a pain in the ass every now and again..

My rubber intake boot doesn t reach my carb. Could if have shrunk over time — Honda 350x

My rubber intake boot doesn't reach my carb. Could if have shrunk over time? Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • no leak air or u will lean that out make sure thats tight

  • yes use a blow dryer and heat up rubber that will soften it back up and u should hvae no problem

  • just dont melt it lol

Hi guys really want to put high level cans on my firestorm and wondered if the... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi guys really want to put high level cans on my firestorm and wondered if the SP1 cans and link pipes fit, any mods that are needed i.e. shorter rear pegs etc, hopefully someone can help? cheers, Taffy.

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  • I have SP! Microns and link pipes for sale, but I'm fairly sure the link pipes are a different diameter.......

  • the pipes have rear mounting captive nuts , so no straps required, but you will have top make brackets....

  • No, thinking again, the link pipes and cans fit together perfect. PM me if you are interested.




SHADOW 750 OR 1100???

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  • I'm about the same size as Brian and I really enjoy my 1100 aero, even after going to the dark side and purchasing a HD Ultra Classic, I kept my aero and still feel more comfortable on it than the HD, it handles better, rides better, and feels more balanced to me, but then again I have put a lot of mile on it and probably just a wee bit biased!

  • Lol...right on i hear ya...yea im go 1100 it makes more sense to me...i need that extra from it im 5'9 ill need it especially with a passenger.... "the dark side" lmao

    Yea ive had 1%ers admit to likeing hondas

  • <~~~5'8 255....just sayin

Hi all member s I or We are a Melbourne based motorcycle Club that run rides... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hi all member's, I or We are a Melbourne based motorcycle Club that run rides and events with Postie bikes. Our next ride is the Rhonda trek held the 8th of Sep so for more details post your inq here or

A little bit of fun had at our recent meeting at Broadford track in Victoria

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  • Good stuff. I'm from Newcastle, and only recently rode my postie to melbourne to visit a mate for a week. was a long ride, but throughly enjoyed it. Anyhow i am trying to meet up with someone in my local area who i can go riding with. Does anyone know of any postie clubs up this way or something simular? i love these bikes, and never plan on selling this little beast even if i do eventually get a larger bike (notice how i didn't say upgrade)

  • The trek is a road ride covering about 300k for the day with lunch and dinner stop at a pub, many entrants stayed the night last year.

What tools are best used to change sparks plug. Is it something special needed — Honda Shadow Aero

What tools are best used to change sparks plug. Is it something special needed

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  • Yep.....I'm with lance.....I've never actually inventoried mine, heck, I don't think its ever been off the bike.


  • paperclip and some chewing gum and a rubber band worked for McGeiver

Got my Speedometer done First time many things learned but it turned out... — Honda Shadow Aero

Got my Speedometer done. First time, many things learned, but it turned out pretty good overall.

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  • And you had the opportunity to double the "MPH" to show off and you did not.

  • Hard enough to get em that, wouldnt have wanted to have to do more of

  • I noticed after cracking the case, that now my odometer surface is starting to "crack up" getting harder to see through. Oh well, guess thats what the reserve is

Wow had a scare today went out to start the wheeler and go for a ride and it... — Honda 350x

Wow, had a scare today... went out to start the wheeler and go for a ride and it wouldn't start, ended up ripping the tank off, the carb off, ect... everything checked out.. I knew hte carb being fully new/rebuilt was fine but figured I'd check, turns out it was a bad coil, and thankfully I had a spare one... wow, really woke the ole girl up with the new coil, and plug... but on a serious note, they should have made these electric start... holy cow done hurt my self again kicked back so hard it put a huge bruise on the bottom of my foot, through my boots.. yeah that's when you know you've got proper comp.

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  • or spend 50.00 on brakes, and you'd have saved on a Dr. Bill and the boots.. lol jus sayin'

  • haha yea

  • ouch brian , ive had my both my feet go under the wheels after hitting jumps....hard to go to work on cars the next day when you can hardly walk. you can get cheaper thor mx boots 150 bucks. my X had no brakes at all and they aren't kicking around just its costed more for brakes then the boots and ya.... i like to drive fast too lmao

Any nice 85 or 86 350x s for sale — Honda 350x

Any nice 85 or 86 350x's for sale??

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  • or a honda 250R would be great

  • My buds bot an awesome rider..think he wanted 3k.. perfect shape

  • just did some more work on mine price is up to 2,600.. more I do higher it goes..

looking to get a windshield for my 2009 Rebel any suggestions i have been... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

looking to get a windshield for my 2009 Rebel... any suggestions, i have been looking for some time now ???

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  • Ebay. spitfire is a generic brand that works!

  • Spitfire is what my Rebel wears.

  • sounds like good advice, thanks guys .

going to sell or trade my 350x if anyone is intersted in it let me know — Honda 350x

going to sell or trade my 350x if anyone is intersted in it let me know.. comes with all the extras I have for it... could use a little more to be perfect but overall a very nice built machine, I have another honda seat for it, another set of rear plastics, headlight, stock piston, extra rear bearings, stock sprockets, extra front hub, brake parts, two stock tanks that need a little attention, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting....

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  • I'm not trying to be rude, but why $2300? All OEM 350's I've seen, go for about $2500

  • but mine isn't all OEM... and regardless of what they can go for, what I have in it is what I want out of it... 2,500 is what I'd like to see, if I finish everythign 3,500... as it is now, I'd take 2,300 I'm more interested in seeing someone use it, and enjoy it, than I am with the money..

  • and kaleb that wasn't rude bro, I get what your saying, but as I said, just not in it for the money..

Here s a question I know stock HP on a 350x was like 27HP how can you guess as... — Honda 350x

Here's a question, I know stock HP on a 350x was like 27HP, how can you guess as to what the power output is with the mods you have? I'm trying to figure it out and also trying to figure out what I can add to push a little more power out of it, here's the list...

Bored to 81.5mm

wisco 12-1,

white bros cam,

upgraded valve train,

older cobra pipe,

stock carb jetted,

that's about it as far as power upgrades thus far,

minus fully rebuilt crank all new bearings seals ect..

what else can I add to this to bring out even more power?


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  • yeah, fix that and it will start like a 250... Where I live no one comes onto the property after dark, it's not good for their health to get caught here after dark.. A few people learned that the hard way, 1969 vette sits under carport, keys in it, no big deal.. garage open tools unlocked no worries.. love it..

  • the decompression cable does have a tolerance of play... get it wirhin adjustment range and "yes" it works

  • Yeap, sean is right... it takes some tinkering but once it's right it's a huge improvement... and well worth the time to tinker with it..

final video of completed paint — Honda 350x

final video, of completed paint..

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  • Yeah, well I'm putting the 350x up for sale anyhow..

  • Looking at getting something else? I thought of selling mine for money to complete my banshee engine so i can drive it again but i just couldn' miss er to much

  • Yeah, looking to get a 250R... or perhaps a trx450r or the ltz450r or preditor 500

this is how it came out. still waiting on shrouds — Honda 350x

this is how it came out... still waiting on shrouds.

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  • Yeah I know how to paint. My uncle has a shop. But I was just not to sure how well paint will hold up. I would think just my boot would scratch it.

  • No paint here.

  • I'll let you know if it holds up so far it's okay, I did screw up the paint putting the rear plastics back on but that was my fault... I have a new set of plastics for it, but haven't put them on yet so if it doesn't hold up I have a back up plan.. I think a good outdoor paint meant for plastics would hold up pretty well I'm trying to think of the name of the stuff we used to use, a little pricey but works well...

Project for this winter. it s gonna be PHAT — Honda Shadow Aero


Project for this's gonna be PHAT!!!

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  • thanks for asking them! my bike is more likely a Burgundy color and trying to find such thing fits that color!

  • If I hear of one that color, will let you know, but you are prolly gonna have to paint whatever you get,, these were made in the 70's

  • understood, thanks!!!