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  • narinig ko sir ok din same lang sa t4

  • Sir How much ng decals na sticker? Tnx

  • 1500 ata sir.

How can you make the bike louder without spending money and pissing the bike up — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

How can you make the bike louder without spending money and pissing the bike up.

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  • I never thought of that Ben, you should give it a go, might give it a unique sound.

  • Peg a playing card onto the front fork and position the card into the spokes... That'll do it!

Just picked up a bike for a song on Craigslist and the title says f7s It s a... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Just picked up a bike for a song on Craigslist and the title says f7s. It's a 1984 bike, it looks like these bikes but how could I be sure? This is my first bike and I'll be working on it, repairs, maintenance and such and already this page has been very informative. Thanks.

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  • I'd think it's not uncommon for bikes of this age to have their model designations truncated on the title. A high powered computer back then may have had 64 or 128K of RAM so they saved wherever they could.

  • Did the DMV even have computers back then????

  • Look on the steering neck for the plate with the model designation (and serial number).

Hi Group — Honda Shadow Aero

Hi Group,

Does anyone have a 98 - 02 VT110C3 with a Cobra Light Bar that can post some pictures of the mount ,headlight, directionals areas? Just some overall pics.

Kicking around some different ideas,

Thanks for the help

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    Does anyone know of a good source for a replacement seat I have a 1999 Rebel... — Honda Rebel Riders

    Does anyone know of a good source for a replacement seat? I have a 1999 Rebel - the seating is starting to crack & I'm also interested in converting to a bobber-style (to lower the seat height)

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    • Sure that's where I got my engine guard and windshield for my 2002 rebel

    • I'll put them on in spring lol

    • Go local Katherine.... Look up a local upholsterer in your area and get them to re-cover it. Wider selection of colours and fabrics, plus you'll be supporting local business

    D — Honda Rebel Riders


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    • Ive got my original sissy bar with damaged pad for £30 plus postage just needs pad recovering

    • cant beat 30 squids on a bike part :D

    • Its not like im using it as mines a custom bobber/chopper look, but still completely standard parts and that,

    Kevin Ross shared a link to the group: Honda CB72/77 U.K. Owners. — Honda CB72 77 U.K. Owners

    Here are some photos I found of a pristine 1964 CB77. Very detailed grouping of pictures. Not mine... just found on line !

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    • Martyn, it is a slow process to get the good photos. From the link above, click on the first photo. When it has loaded, click on it again and you should see 4 icons show up on the upper right of the photo. Click on the magnify glass and yo will see the hi-res photo. Right click on the photo to save. Back arrow and then go to the next photo. Repeat.

    • You may not need to do step 2, click on the photo again, in order to see the magnifying glass...

    • Thanks Kevin Ross done it.

    Photos from Päscu Brügger's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    New Mustang Wide Touring Saddle and Apehanger for my Baby.....looking forward to Spring...can't wait to ride it

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    • Bet that helps the stock seat looks good but sucks to sit on.

    • This one is very comfortable because it has kinda Backrest and it's a little higher than the stock seat

    Bk8 sakn over RPM — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    Bk8 sakn over RPM

    anu po dpt qng gwn. Mga papx.

    Kht. Mba2 na idle. Ei pg hnritan. Q hanggang. 80 over Rpm na.

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    • 16 38 try mo boss

    • Ok tnx. Paps

    • wag 34 msyado high speed.,sa 38 ka lng.,yan kasi stndard..

    Photos from Steve Waite's post — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

    Hi all.if any body is interested in a engine service kit for a mk 1 biffa.it includes honda airfilter 4spark plugs 1oil filter please message me for more details.cheers steve.

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    • Which bit?

    • Would be interested in the service kit - how much?

    • Am looking for £40 plus postage.

    Photos from Paul Guglielmin's post — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

    All the nuts,bolts washers and clamps have spent 24 hrs in Metal rescue and now are ready for either replating,repolishing or replacing.

    Notice the jar of Metal Rescue. it was clear when I started. 42 yrs of grime rust and tarnish came off pretty good.

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    • This is very visually appealing.

    • I spread my parts on the floor too!

      But no where near as neatly as you :-)

    • I don't remember there being that many nuts and bolts in a CB450.

    Opps I ve stumbled on this post Belated congrats to sir Brynn Punay for... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Opps, I've stumbled on this post. Belated congrats to sir Brynn Punay for finishing the 2013-Manila-Matnog-Manila (fondly called M3) on his XR125L! Huli na sa balita, hehe.=) How does one prepare for this 24-hr endurance ride challenge? I read that lady riders also completed the challenge! Riding 1,200 kms within 24 hours? Awesome!

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    • Yes sir Polangui is nice place to visit lalo dun sa may sapa

    • Congrats sir!

    • Thank you po mga Sir

    Cari Amici Amiche Fratelli Sorelle Conoscenti Simpatizzanti Bikers — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

    Cari Amici & Amiche,Fratelli & Sorelle,Conoscenti & Simpatizzanti Bikers...

    Visto il successo della 1° edizione ed il numero elevato di pubblico ed appassionati delle 2 ruote, A.I.P.E ripropone la 2°edizione di BergaMoto, con lo stesso spirito biker e nuove e più ricche attrazioni.

    Anche quest'anno, presso il Centro Fieristico di Chiuduno A.I.P.E organizza la manifestazione dedicata a tutti i bikers che, attraverso un percorso mirato, potranno visionare TUTTE LE TIPOLOGIE DI MOTO, dalle Custom alle Stradali, dagli Scooter alle Off Road. Oltre, naturalmente, all’OGGETTISTICA, all'ABBIGLIAMENTO ed agli ACCESSORI. Appuntamento, quindi il 24 - 25 - 26 Aprile presso il Centro Fieristico di Chiuduno (BG). Un saluto a Tutti da Renegade...

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      hey guys can someone tell me how to replace the ignition cable on a 1990 ct110 — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

      hey guys can someone tell me how to replace the ignition cable on a 1990 ct110. cheers

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      • Thanks heaps fellas this page is pretty useful

      • We wouldn't be here if it wasn't.

        Happy Australia day matey.

      • Haha you too cobba!!

      Wanted. Aprilia Tuono 125 — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Wanted: Aprilia Tuono 125

      Sorry guys I know this isn't strictly an MSX post, however I love my MSX but want a second bike to tweak... Something 2 Stroke!

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      • Tuonos are really hard to find well at least a good one, back a few year ago when RS125's were really expensive people bought tuono's and thrashed them so now there are barely any left. The RS there are still good ones out there but before buying one there is so much to look at otherwise you got a money pit (I had two). If you want a nice two stroke another suggestion would be a DT125 which are great and not as prone to exploding as a RS. However the aprilias are amazing and quiet easy to work on as long as you dont get electrical problems . If you have a full licence there are some amazing two strokes out there over 125cc (mainly older ones) but if not look at the NSR and the Cadgiva Mito which are absolutely beautiful.

      • Thanks!

      Favourite colour or design — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Favourite colour or design?


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      • Open face ain't safe had an accident in October just gone using one thank fuck I landed on the side of the helmet and not front down like

      • Thanks for the safety lesson Joshy, but its what I only asked a colour preference.

      • Hhahahaha you're welcome I'd go bright colours cos it's the highest most visable point on the rider so if it's colourful it's been claimed can be more seen

      Photos from Gavin Greenall's post — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Ok guys we have the first of the Kitaco cams and fuel injection controllers in stock. The full exhaust with the cam and controller adds 1.6bhp. Price for the full system (choice of three cans) with the cam and fuel controller is £510.00 if you already have the system the cam and controller are £250.00.

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      • No Chris Hanna £510.00 is a special package price for all three items the price of the cam and fuel controller on their own if you have a system is £250 a system on its own is £285.00

      • Worth a try eh! ?

      • Always worth a try lol

      — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

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      • No worries bro, it's easy to work out in the future.

        285 / 100 = 2.85.

        2.85 x 10 = 28.50.

        £285 - £28.50 = £256.50.

      • The i map is gr8 ,have it to on my bbk...i took the gp tyga exhaust.

      • Which cam did you buy?

      Jack — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum


      Details for Sunday if anyone's interested:

      • Meet at 12 Whiteways Cafe (Bury Hill, Arundel) BN18 9FD

      • Leaving around 12:30

      • Plenty of 125 bikes possibly larger bikes

      • Weather - Cloudy but dry

      • Always a laugh with the Sussex Bikers

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      • Ok we should be there by 12:00 where we going after

      • Get the coffees in!!

      • Cool, and fuxk knows, do the ride out with the Sussex bikers (since I'm in that group aswell) think that's 45min or so coz some of them don't wanna do a long one ... Then whoever up for staying out and just riding wherever is welcome

      Does the msx have a hazards button so both indicators flash — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Does the msx have a hazards button so both indicators flash.

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      • Ok thanks

      • I might be wrong but I think the jap/tai ones have hazards just European and usa that don't

      • I've seen a video of a group ride in Thailand, some had hazards flashing.

        Not sure if its standard out there or whether it was a mod.

        I'd quite fancy having hazards on my bike, could come in handy.

      Obviously it s not for me but could everyone keep there eyes open for a cheap... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Obviously it's not for me but could everyone keep there eyes open for a cheap ish Msx, my mate Ian wants to join us, cheers luke

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      • Mine stands me in about 4200 haaa!!

      • Or speak to Mark if he's selling his one

      • Mine stands me in 6 lol

      Just heard that ooracing will not be making any parts for the grom as there is... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Just heard that ooracing will not be making any parts for the grom , as there is to many companies making stuff ! WTF

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      • plenty of monkey parts fit. But I can understand them not wanting to do engines, since there are plenty of other places doing them.

      • Yeah but no one in the uk tho !

      Shawn Bittner shared a link to the group: Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre/Magna). — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

      i didnt see this ad listed here, but you should all know: this place was started and is run by people who met on the original V4honda boards, started this store a coupla years ago and offer stuff that they know quite well since they own these bikes as well. Not a huge store, but what they offer is well considered quality. And good peeps too. I guess since i liked the page i get updates on sales of whatever. Only time id endorse such silliness as "liking" something hehe https://www.facebook.com/pages/V4-Market/108854239 149289

      since apparently the pic/link below only brings you direct to their page instead of their FB page, theres a link to them here

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        Chain and sprockets done air box done now just a waiting game for some dollars... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum


        Chain and sprockets done air box done now just a waiting game for some dollars to do the rest just needs a good wash now

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        • Wash it... You're not kiddin!